Effect of Fertilizing on the Nutritional Status of Helwani Grapevine, (Vitis vinifera L.)

Mahmoud Al-Shihadat*(1)

(1). Horticulture Administration, General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research (GCSAR).
(*corresponding author: Dr. Mahmoud AL-Shihadat. Email: mahmod.h.sh@hotmail.com).

Received: 16/03/2016                           Accepted: 18/04/2016


The research was carried out in Daraa Governorate during three seasons (2008-2010), using ten years old grapevines (Vitis vinifera L.) Helwani cultivar to study the influence of different mineral fertilization NPK, and the way of super-phosphate addition in the presence or absence of manure application on the nutritional status of grapes. Three levels of NPK fertilization were used (75:25:50,150:50:100, and 300:100:200 Kg/ha), in addition to a control without fertilization. Super-phosphate was either broadcasted on the soil surface or added in rows at a depth of 30 cm. Fermented sheep manure was applied at one rate of 30 ton/ha. Split-split plot design with three replications was used. The results showed that addition of manure improved the nutritional status of grapevine throughout increasing nutrient content of their petioles. There was a significant increase in the petioles content of the nutrients (nitrogen 1.33%, phosphorus 0.26%, potassium 1.87%) when organic manure was added compared to control (nitrogen 1.25% and 0.23% phosphorus, potassium 1.81%). A significant increment in petioles content of phosphorus was observed when phosphate fertilizer was added in-depth of 30 cm comparing with the broadcast treatment. There was no effect of the way of addition on the content of petioles from nitrogen and potassium. The third level of NPK was the best in increasing the content of petioles of nitrogen 1.46 %, phosphorus 0.28%, and potassium 1.97%. Therefore, it is recommended to add organic manure in the vineyards for its positive effect on improving the absorption efficiency of minerals. The addition of phosphate fertilizer at a depth of 30 cm is advisable because of its effect on increasing petioles content of phosphorus, which is a good indicator of the nutritional and health status of trees, and for its role in improving production quality and quantity.

Key words: Manuring, Mineral fertilization NPK, Phosphate fertilizer, Petioles, Grapevines.

Full paper in Arabic: Effect of Fertilizing on the Nutritional Status of Helwani Grapevine, (Vitis vinifera L.)