Vol (10) No (5) October 2023

Vol (10) No (5) October 2023 
Effect of the Extraction Rate on the Color of Flour and its Content of Phenols and some Minerals
Rabab Saoud,  Ramez Mohammad and  Sanaa Sara
Effect of Extraction Treatments on Sensory and Physiological Properties and Mucilage Yield from the Root of the Althaea Sp
Afraa Masri *, Rhamez Mohammad and Lina Rayya
Study the Effect of Adding Cheese Whey on Rheological and Technological Properties of Syrian Durum Wheat Flour
Mohammed Dosh Aldaemes
The Effect of Different Concentration of Mannitol in the Growth and Productivity of Potato Plants (Solanum tuberosum .L)
Nasr sleman, Jenan Othman and Hadeel Alshandi
The Effect of Some Plant Extracts on Foliar Spraying with Zinc on the Propagation of Semi-Woody Cuttings of Citrus aurantiifolia
Maher Hasan and Rima Massa
Experimental Study of the Effect of Heat, Cover and Light on Germination of Wild Hawthorn Seeds (Crataegus L.) Common in Lattakia
Nada Othman, Hitham Ismail and Faysal Doway
Evaluating of Some Garlic Cultivars (Allium sativum L.)  Grown in the Coastal Region
Hanaa Suliman, Riad Zidan, Hassan Khojah
Genetic Relationship Among Some Lentil Genotypes Using ISSR Markers
Rehab Al-Mousa, Alaa Alshaal, Shahinaz Abbas , Nabila Ali Bacha , Yanal Al-Kudssi , Khozama Kountar and Tony Saloom
Genetic Diversity of Barley Syrian Varieties by ISSR markers
Yanal Al-Kuddsi, Shahinaz Abbas, Alaa Al-Shaal, Rihab Al-Mousa, Tony Saloom, Khouzama Kountar and Nabila Ali Basha
Monitoring Changes in the Internal Environmental Conditions Inside a Broiler Breeding Hall Using Data Loggers Sensors
Bilal Natiq Abdul-Wahhab, Basim Aboud Abbas and Ammar Talib Dhiab Al-Tememy
Study of the Bioaccumulation of Some Heavy Metals in the Muscle Tissue of Mugil cephalus in the Syrian Marine Waters
Raeda Salah,  Mohamad Hassan, Ali Sultaneh,Ghiass Abbas
Effect of the Number of Twins in Shami Goats During the Perinatal Period on Pregnancy Toxemia Indicators and Body Condition Score
Abdl nasser omer and Yacine Almohsen
Histological Study of Jejunum in Broiler Chicks Fed in the Embryonic Period with Silver Nanoparticles and Exposed to Heat Stress
Hashim Hadi Al-Jebory ,  Elsagheer, M.A.  H.Q. Baqer , Mohammed Khalil Ibrahim Al-Saeedi , Israa L. Al-jeryan and Fadhil Al-Khfaji
The concentration of some heavy metals in different tissues of Mullus barbatus (Mullidae) (linnaeaus., 1758)in the southern part of Syrian Coast and its suitability for human consumption
Yana Soliman, Adib Saad  and Vienna Hmmoud
The Effect of the Pellet and Crushed Diets and Addition of Different Levels of Malic Acid on the Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Male Arabi Lambs
Nadhim Mohamad Jawad Ali, Waleed  Youssef  Kassem, and Amad Falah Hassan
An Economic Analysis of Indicators of Achieving Sustainable Agricultural Development in Diyala Governorate – Iraq
Usraa Tariq Bakr, Abbas Abd Ahmed Al-Tamimi, Omar Ahmed and Hamad Al-Jubouri
The Effect of Diversity and Size on the Cohesiveness of Teams Working on the Scientific Agricultural Research
Maher Shaheen,  Kenda Deeb and Fayez Al- Moqdad
Response of some Growth and Productivity Characteristics of Sweet Corn Hybrid (Dyna) to the Affect of Spraying With Gibberellin Acid
Majd Darwish, Olla Kajo and Ahmad Darwish
The Effect of Zn Soil and Foliar Application on Productivity of the Maize Variety (Ghota 82)
Mohammad Ranjous, Aziza Ajouri and Areej AlKheder
Land Resources Evaluation and Land Suitability Analysis for the Major Cole crops using the Geospatial Technology in the Western Chitwan Region, Nepal
Bikram Bhattaa, Kabita Subedi , Chandeshwar Prasad Shriwastava, Babu Ram Khanala, Santosh Marahattaa
Evaluation of the Economic and Social Effects of the Cedar and Fir Reserve and the Factors Affecting the Satisfaction of the Local Community
Bashar Tobo, Hikmat Abass, Wael Ali, Ahmad Mahmoud and Wael Habib
The Effect of Phosphate and Sulfur Fertilization on the Growth and Yield of the Bean Plant (Vicia Faba. L)
Dawood Salim Fathullah Al Saqal  and Waheeda Ali Ahmed Al- Badrani
Use Green Manure With Sesbania On Soil Irrigated With Treated Wastewater In Salamiah Conditions
Rabe’a ALhayek , Ihab Jnad , Muhammad Manhal Al-Zuobi
Effect of Conservation Agriculture and Supplemental Irrigation on Firmness of Apple Fruits
Raafat Albahloul, Riad Baladiah and Rabei Zeineh
Using Indicators of Bacterial Contamination and Concentrations of some Heavy Metals in Marine Sediments to Assess the Beach of Lattakia City
Ramia Shreba, Badr Al Ali and Hussam Eddin Laika
Effect of Olive Mill Wastewater, Sewage Sludge and Biochar Applications on Production of Freesia Hybrida‘S Essentioal Oil
Rana Kasem, Mazen Nassour and Sawsan Haifa
Effect of Saline Irrigation Water on the Seeds Germination and Growth of Apricot
 Samarah Hmd, Sawsan Haifa and Haitham Ismail
Effect of sewage sludge on sandy soil with saline water and planted with wheat (Triticum aestivum L)
Sawsan Hayfa, Amina Alnesser and Suzan Abdullah
Studying the effect of climatic factors on water requirement for wheat, cultivar Duma(1) by using ET0 calculator model
Ammar Abbas
Effect of Vermi compost Tea Spraying on the growth and yield of Some Vegetables of Chenopodiaceae Family
Hassan Al-Shbatt, Fadi Abbas, Boushra Khouzam and Salwa Saadia
Evaluation of the Efficacy of some Pesticides and Plant Extracts for Controlling of Fig Gall Psyllid Insect, Pauropsyll Abuxtoni (Laing, 1924) (Triozidae
Zakaria Al- naser and  Mohamad Kanouh
First report of Alternaria spp. on Acacia cyanophylla Lendley. in the Syrian Coast)
Afraa Haider
Evaluate the Efficiency of Different Rates of the Herbicide (2,4-D) with different seed rates and the Effect on Planting Properties and Productivity for Maize ( Zea mays L.)
Ozara Alahmad ,Bahaa AlRahban and Aswad Mohemeed
Determination of the concentrations of some heavy metals in the surface soils and their spatial distribution in Banyas (Syria)
Kamel Khalil , Maher Dais and Basel Fares