Isolation and Identification of Root-Fungi (Mycorrhizae) Genera that Symbiotic with Corn (Zea mays) Roots in the Syrian Coast

Mohammad Imad Khrieba*(1) and Sima Zangeneh(2)

(1). Department of Biological Diversity, National Commission of Biotechnology (NCBT), Damascus, Syria.

(2). Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection, Tehran, Iran.

(*Corresponding author: Dr. Mohammad Imad Khreiba. E-Mail:

Received: 02/05/2018                                Accepted: 01/10/2018


The objective of this study was to identify some species of mycorrhizal fungi commensal with Zea mays roots in the Syrian coast. Samples were collected from four sites in two different regions, Latakia (sites: Alhannadi and Fidio) and Tartous (sites: Mayaar Shaker and Hrysoon). Four samples of soil and Zea mays roots were collected from each site and mixed together to form a composite sample/site. Morphological characterization of isolated fungi was based on universally adopted taxonomic keys, and the identification results were approved by the Plant Protection Research Institute of Iran. Three genera of mycorrhizal fungi were identified at the different sites. Paraglomus was present in one site (Alhannadi), Septoglomus was isolated from 2 sites (Mayaar Shaker and Hrysoon), and Glomus was presented in all sites.

 Key words: Mycorrhiza, Zea mays, Syrian coast.

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