Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security and the Role of Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer in Yemen

Ismail Muharram*(1) and Khalil M. Alsharjabi(1)

(1). Agricultural Research and Extension Authority (AREA), Dhamar, Yemen.

(*Corresponding author: E-Mail:

Received: 28/05/2018                                Accepted: 10/01/2019


This study aimed to explore the current situation of food security and investigate the role of farm research and technology transfer in Yemen with special focus on effect of the present war and armed conflict. The study is primarily based upon the secondary data and the information available in the relevant literature.  The systematic review leads to conclude that previously developed strategies of the agriculture sector and food security are no longer valid, viable and sufficient to address the emerging issues; without giving the adequate consideration to the newly emerged pressing realities and developments, it would not be possible to set the new directions to ensure food security. The analysis of agricultural sector, degrading natural resources, depleting aquifers, political un-rest, civil war call for the sound sustainable farming systems to feed the hungry and achieve food security backed by vibrant National Extension Service (NES) in the country.

Keywords: Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security, Poverty, Yemen, Qat, Water resources, War Impact.

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