Vol 4 – Issue 1 – March 2017

Effect of Apple Bagging During Growth Period on Some Quality Parameters at Harvest
Waiel Haddad, Muhammad M. Al Zoubi*, and Wissam Massa

Detection of the Genetic Variation among Grape Rootstock B41 Trees in the Syrian Agricultural Ministry Nurseries using SSR Markers
Waeil Abdelhamid Al-Youssef, Wasim Ismaiel Muhsen*, Rahim Abdelsalam Abu-Aljadael, Noor Ghazzi Alasaad, and Abdullah Farhan Altaher

Estimation of Genetic Parameters of Some Productive Traits in Black Boni Sheep
Abed M. Al-Bial*, Ahmed Al-DousSharf Al-Azazy, and Abdulah Salah

Econometric Analysis of the Cost Functions of Spring Potatoes in Hama Government-Alghab Region
Moammar Dayoub*, Ibrahim Abdullah, Ramez Hamada, and Bassam Ali

Study Some Rheological Properties of Syrian Durum Wheat Triticum durum Desf. Varieties
Abboud Al Saleh, Ebraheem Al-Jouri* , and Wisal Al-hommada

Designing of a HACCP Plan of Lokum Line Production With Pistachio             Saleem Bani Almrjeh*, Fuaad Obboush, and Maytham Galiss

Production of Bio ethanol from Molasses Using Zymomonas Mobilis Bacteria
Nisrine Nakshoo*, Adel Safar, and Ahmad Alebrahim

Evaluation of Afforestation and its Ecological and Tourist Effects in Dahr al-Quseir Area (Homs / Syria)
Issa Noufal, Raed Al Muhammad*, Khaled Fahed, Ahmad Al Mukdad

Isolation of Atmospheric Nitrogen Fixation Bacteria (Rhizobium) and its Effect on Growth and Productivity of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum)
Solaf Hallwm*, Ali Hyadar, Entesar Shabu,and Nahed Nassour
Survey of Pastoral and Natural Plants and Factors Affected it’s Development in Dhamar Governorate (Central Highlands) in Yemen
Mohammed M.Y. Dows*, Ahmed A. Dows, Amin Al-kirshi, Saleh Mouthana, and Karemah Rajeh

Deficit Irrigation Scheduling in Corn and Economic Feasibility Associated with it
Inaya Sh. Kanshaw*, Nidal Jhonny, Rula Ziada, Kowthar Hamed, and Hussien AL Ali

Efficiency of Some Biotical-Fungi against Parasitic Nematode on Peanut Rhizosphere
Sobhya Al-Arabi*, Maymouna Al masri, Rabieaa Al baka, Faysal Al  Farawati, and Mazen Albasaleh

Efficiency Evaluation of Some Nematophagous Fungi Against Root-Knot Nematode Meloidogyne incognita on Cotton Plants in Syria
Maymouna AL- Masri*, Sobhya Alarabi, Rodyna Albaka, Mariam Abed Al kader, and Khaled Al-Assas

The Role of Zero Tillage in Economic Return of Rain-fed Lentils in Al-Qamishli and Al-Malikiyah (Al-Hasakah Governorate)
Alaa Hamo*, Shabab Nasser, and Khaled Sultan

Determining Some Stability Adaptation Parameters for Sugar Beet Commercial Varieties in Summer Sowing
Entessar Al Jbawi*, Thamer Al Huniesh, Zuhair AL Jasem, Nahla Al Mahmoud, and Hussien Al Zubi