Vol(11) No(3) June 2024

Vol (11) No (3) June 2024  
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Study of Some Physiochemical Properties of Grape Vinegar and Pomegranate Vinegar Produced in Surface Method in Vitro
Mariam Banna and  Mohammed. Al-Azem
Effect of Foliar Spraying with Licorice Extract of Glycyrrhiza Glabra and Gibberellin Acid in Growth and Yield of Lettuce
Amgad Farah Rama Aziz and  OsamaAL Abdullah
Morphological characterization of balady cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata L.) genotypes in Baniyas
Rima Almouie and Bassam Alsaleh Alabd
The Effect of Spraying With Fulvic Acid on the Morphological, Specific and Productive Traits of Cowpea Plant (Vigna Unguiculata (L.) Walp) Under the Conditions Of RAQQA
Abboud Aljasim
The Effect of Foliar Spray With Some Nutrients and Citric Acid on the Productive Qualities of the Citrus Paradise Grafted on Citrumelo as Root Stock
Ammar  nbeaa, Ali Dib and Ali Elkhateeb
Effect Of Foliar Spraying With Different Concentrations Of Salicylic Acid On Fruit Quality Parameters Of Two Strawberry Hybrids (Festival And Camarosa )Under Different  levels of Irrigation
Anoud Tena and Hassan Obead
The Effect of Foliar Fertilization Date with a Solution of Boron on the Stages of Growth and Development of Pisum Sativum.L
Anwar ALsayed and   Lubna ALbshi
Effects of Bio-fertilizer Treatment (EM1) on Growth and Yield of Pepper (Capsicum annum L.)
Maram Mohammed and Badie Samra
Effect of Music on the Body Weight and Behavior Performance of Quail in Syria
A study of the effect of adding premix on the Quantity Of Milk interaction with different milking seasons in Friesian cows
Sumaia dabdoub
Productive and physiological response to adding copper nanoparticles and manufactured in a green synthesis to the diet of broiler in some biochemical and immunological traits under heat stress conditions
Mohammed  Khalil Ibrahim and Fadhil Rassol Al-Khfajy
studying the policy of subsidizing the olive crop in Syria using(PAM)
Ismail Muhammad Omran
Economic, Price, and Technical Efficiency of Apricot Production In Homs Governorate
Khetam Edrees, Nisreen Edrees and Roula Ebraheem
Studying the Social Effects of Fires Affected Forests in Lattakia Governorate (Resion Fire Model)
Ghassan Jaqoub, Osama Radwan , and Shahd Sheikh Al-Haddadin
An analytical study of government support for dairy cows production  in Syria During the period (2000-2019)
Faten Karaman , Saer. Barhoum , Hussam Alahmad  and Lana. Alazrone
The impact of the Agricultural Cooperative Bank of Syria loans on some of its financial indicators during the period (2000-2020)
Moroj zreek, Aymana AlAcouch and Mohammad Mahmoud
Studying the Correlation and Path Coefficient for Grain Yield and its Components for Some Wheat (Triticum durum L.) Genotypes
ZainabTadbeer, Tarek Al-Ahmad, Salam Lawand,  Reem Al-Mansour, Ola Kaso and Mohammad Baker Al-Abd Al-Wahed
Effect of planting dates and levels of nitrogen fertilizer on growth and productivity Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.)
Zainab A. Abdel Razzaq, Sundus A. Alabdulla and Kareem H. Mohssen
Influence of treating Arachis hypogaea with dry yeast suspension (Saccharomyces  cerevisiae)  on some growth parameters
Sabah Saker
Determination Of Some Genetic Indicators of Hybrids of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Full Diallel Cross
Muhammad Nael Khattab, Nizar Harba and Orwa Suleiman
Studies on combining ability and heterosis for some morphological and technological characteristics of different tobacco genotypes (Nicotiana tabacum L.)
Qamar Sufan, Boulus Khoury and Nizar Moalla
Genetic divergence and establishment of selective evidence for genotypes of sweetcorn
Maya Ghorra and    Muhammad Nael Khattab
Effect of Foliar Spraying of Bread Yeast Extract  on Yield and its Components of  Two Genotypes of Maize
Wafaa Suleiman Khedr
Response of wheat cultivars (Triticum. spp) to organic and chemical fertilization under the conditions of Raqqa Governorate
Ahmed Al-Ali Al-Khalaf
Determination of Dichlorvos Pesticide Residues in the Soil in the Surrounding Environment of Al-Sin Lake
Deema Okdeh , Ibrahim Sakr and Tareq ARRAJ
Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizer in Some Productivity Indicators and Concentration of some Nutrient in Leaves of Two Cultivars of Maize Grown in Calcareous Soil
Shafika Mkhies, IssaKbibow, Nadim Khalil and Mazen Ashram
Studying The Most Effecting Climatic Factors On Determining Water Requirement Of Maize Crop Using ET0 Calculator.
Ammar Abbas
Effect of Organic and Mineral Fertilization on Some Parameters of Vegetative Growth and Productivity of Valencia Orange
Kinana Omran , Ali Elkhateeb and Mohammad Battha
Comparing between Mechanical Harvesting and Manual Harvesting of Olive
Yahya Al Saleh
Numerical Taxonomy of Erodium spp. distributed in Aleppo, Syria
Abdel Aleem Bello and Aline Batch
Some tomato plant hybrids react to fusarium oxysporum. f. sp. lycopersici causing vascular wilt disease under semi-field cultivation conditions
Dima Ali, Moussah Alsamarah, Ahmad Ahmad and Bushra Rizk
The prevalence of the predator Prolasioptera berlesiana )Diptera-Cecidomyiidae( and its relation to the olive fruit fly Bactrocera oleae and the olive rot disease Camarosporium dalmaticum in Lattakia Governorate- Syria
Atia Arab, Faten Mraisha, Mouhamad Matar and Ali Dibo