Vol (11) No (2) April 2024

Vol (11) No (2) April 2024  
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The Effect of Thermal Treatment on Some Physical, Chemical, and Bacteriological Properties of Orange Juice
Amal Tarrab, Mohammed. Al-Azem and Fadel Kaadeh
Factors Affecting Wheat Farmers’ Adoption of some Modern Agricultural Technologies. Provided by the Food Security Project in the Governorates of Dhamar and Ibb
Abdullah Rizk Ahmed Nasser , Taha Yassin Al-Adimi  and Ali Qasim Ismail
A Study of the Social and Economic Characteristics of the Population and Their Relationship to Encroachment on Forests in Lattakia Governorate
Urwah Suleiman
The Effect of Personal Characteristics of Farmers on the Adoption of Modern Technologies for the Tomato crop in the governorates – Dhamar and Ibb – Republic of Yemen
Mohamed Yahya Daws, Taha Yassin Al-Adimi and Ali Qasim Ismai
Economic Return of Mushroom Seed Production of Both Oyster and Agaricus 
Nour Fadel and  Ibrahim Saker
The Optimal Winter Cropping Pattern that Minimizing Agricultural Irrigation Water Quantities in Hama Governorate
Hani Al-Hassoun and  Fayez Al-Mikdad
The Effect of Foliar Spray with Seaweed Extract on the Growth and Productivity of the Olive Tree Cv. Kaisi
Ibrahim Hafez,Imad Al-Issa and Ayham Asbah
Effect of the Soaking with Gibberellic Acid And Stratification Process on Seed Germination of “Starking Delicious” Apple Cultivar
Georges Makhoul and Rabab Dauob
Studying the Effect of Treatment with Gibberellic Acid (GA3) on the Growth and Productivity of Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.)
Jana Youssef and Badie Samra
The Role of Ethephon and Topping in the Growth and Quality of the Rape Crop, Brassica napus L.
Hawraa Tahseen Abd Ulwahid and Lamiaa M.S. Al-Freeh(1)  
The Effect of Some Environmentally Safe Treatments in Storability of Valencia Orange Fruits
Layla Tabbara, Nazmy. Abdel Hameid and Alaa. Bondok
Characterization and Propagation of the Bay Leaf in Lattakia
Rajab Mazen, Mtawj Wael  and Mahfoud Hafez
Effect of Biofertilizers on Improving Soil Fertility and Morphological and Chemical Growth Parameters of Strawberry Plant
Mohamad Alomar , Roula Bayerli and Hanan Sharaby
Effect of Spray by Fulvic Acid and the Levels of Fertilizer Recommendation in Early Characters and Yield  of Cucumber Under Deir-Ezzor Conditions
Nadia Al khalaf, Abboud aljasim and  Mouhammed ALBalekh
The Effect of Foliar Spraying with Dry Bread Yeast and Plant Spacing on the Growth and Yield of Watermelon Under Deir Ezzor Governorate Conditions
Nada ALAmeir and Mohammad ALSheikh
Monitoring Changes in the Internal Environmental Conditions Inside a Broiler Breeding Hall Using Data Loggers Sensors
Bilal Natiq Abdul-Wahhab, Basim Aboud Abbas and Ammar Talib Dhiab Al-Tememy
Effect of LEDs Color on the Development of Broiler Embryos
Jafar  Mohamad, Ali  Nisafi , Mohamad  Salhab, and Bushra  Alissa
Effect of Adding Different Levels of Nano Methionine -Zinc to The Diet on The Biochemical and Immunological Traits of Broilers Exposed to Heat Stress
Rasha Fajer Al-Jebory and Fadhil Rassol Al-Khfajy
Role of Pelleted Fermented Feed-in Improving Semen Quality of Cocks
Hashim Hadi Al-Jebory ,  Mohammed Khalil Ibrahim Al-Saeedi, Ali Faraon Aobais , Majeed Ajafar and Ali Ahmed Alaw Qotbi
Determination of Variance Components among Local Cotton Strains Selected From Diallel Cross Program
Jamila Dirbas
Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizers Application Time and Methods of Delinting Seeds on the Growth and Productivity of Cotton at AlGhab Region
Hussain Almahasneh, Ammar Zayoud and Wajed Ghanem
Estimation  of the General and Specific Combining Ability, Combine and Adversely Affect Each Hybrid of (Helianthus annuus L.) Using Full Cross-Crossing
Muhammad Khattab,  Nizar Harba and  Orwa Suleiman
Evaluating the response of some bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes to tolerance water stress during different growth stages
Zainab Tadbeer, Ayman Taha, Ayman Ouda, Razan AL Najjar,Ola Kaso and Mohammad Baker Al-Abd Al-Wahed
Effect of Organic Fertilization on Some Morphological and Productivity of Durum Wheat (Ttriticum durum )
Ammar Abbas, Boshra Khozam and Jamil Abbas
The Effect of Nitrogen Levels and Dates of Application in some Morphophisiological and Quantitative Traits of Zea Maize
Mageda Alrwily, Areej Alkheder, Sameer AlAhmed, Muhammad Manhal Alzoebi, Thamer Hnish, Samar Alali, Fadi Aji, Wael Mali
Productivity and Quality of Sugar Beet (Beta Vulgaris L.) under Different Environmental Conditions in Syria
Manal Othman, Fadi Abbas, Thamer Al-Henish, Ahmad Al-Ali, Gaidaa Alesha and Hiba Shams Al-Deen
Effect of Foliar Spraying by Organic Fertilizers on Some Growth Characteristics, Productivity and Quality of Soybean (Glycine max L.) Under Coastal Area Conditions
Majd Darwish Nabil Habib and Sandy Al-Sabga
Effect of Biofertilizer on the Morphological Characteristics and Productivity of Coriandrum sativum L. Plant.
Hala Mohammad and Yasser Hammad
Estimating Reference Evapotranspiration Values According to Penn Man – Monteith Modified(FAO n65 publication) and Comparing with some other Empirical Equation
Ammar Abbas, Ghonwa Khaddour, Ammar Askariam and Nisrin deeb
Quantitative hydrological analysis of the Slunfeh Basin
Jamil Abbas, Kamel Khalil and Lubna Badour
Influence of Alternate Irrigation (Fresh-Salt Water) on Some Soil Characteristics and Yield of Triticale Crop in the Lower Euphrates Basin
Lubna AL­-Bashi, Tamim AL-Assi, Saleh AL-Moustafa, and Abdulmnem AL- hamid
Identification the sources of Surface Soil Pollution with Some Heavy Metals in Baniyas City By Employing Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Hierarchical Cluster Analysis (HCA)
Kamel Khali, Maher Dais andBasel Fares
Susceptibility of some Chickpea Cultivars /Inputs Against Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. ciceris Under Field Conditions
Laila Alloush, Sabah AL-Maghribi and Basima Barhom
A Study of the Effect Several Sowing Dates of Cotton Variety Aleppo 124 on some Morphological and Productive Characteristics Under Hama Conditions
Abdulghani Alkhaldi and  Monier Alnabhan
Evaluating the Performance of Some Milk Production Traits of A Herd of Foreign Breeds of Dairy Cattle in Southern Yemen
 Naji Qaesm A.M. Shaddad , Hossam El-Din Rushdi , Emad Mahamoud Ayasrah , Mohammed Ali  Alashwal and Ahmed Abdou  S, A, Alhdad
Marketing Efficiency of Strawberry in Lattakia
 Mosa Marhij and Ibrahim Hamdan Saker and Fouad Ali Slman