Vol (11) No (1) February 2024

Vol (11) No (1) February 2024 
Effect of Using Different Proportions of Gelatin on the Physical and Sensory Chemical Properties of Fermented Milk
Mostafa Zangl , Adel Mehio, Fouad Nehmeh and Mahmoud Abdel Karim
Genetic diversity among cultivated mulberry Morus nigra cv. Al-Shami depending on morphological characteristics.
Hussam Baroudi , Georgous Makhoul, Wafaa Choumane and Khaldoun Tiba
Preparing Maps of the Potential Spread of Pests that Infect Olive Trees, and the Prevalent Varieties in the Governorates of Aleppo and Idleb According to GIS Programs
Rachid Al-seid Omar, Ghada Kattmah, Reem Abdel Hameed, Mohammad Habou, Firas Al Gammaz, Fersa Azam, Hazem Al-Zailaa,   Jan Abdoush,   Abdallah Farhoud, Ali Al- Dahouri,  Nour Alkaim
A study of the Effect of Foliar Spraying with Boron and Zinc Sorbitol on the Vegetative Growth Characteristics of Three Cauliflower Hybrids.  Brassica oleracea var. botrytis
Othman Khalid Alwan and Shahad Mohammed Turki
Detection of Genetic Variation in Mutants Potato Clones Using RAPD Primers
Wael Mtawj , Mazen Rajab and Hassan Khojah
Effect of Potassium Humate and Cotton Waste Addition to Oyster Mushrooms Pleurotus ostreatus Substrate on the Quantity and Quality of Production
Yazan Ali , Riyad Zidan, Jehan Mtawj , and Jenan Othman
Effect of Adding Fenugreek Seeds to Feed Mixtures on some Productivity Indicators of Broilers
Ahmad Sardini and  Adel Jammoul
The Effect of Electric Current on the Survival and Behavior of Several Species of FishAbeer jubily, Boulos Khoury and Mazen Rajab
Amir A. Jabir, Kadhim H. Younis,  Fawzi, M. alkhwaja; Qusay, H. Al-Hamadany , Ghassan A. Al-Naja,  Abdul Amer R. Jassim
Morphometric and Meristic Characters and Length-Weight Relationship for Three Species of Tilapia that Recorded in Al-Muthanna Governorate, Southern Iraq
kareem Zaayr Negaud
Effect of Using Proso Millet Produced in Syria in the Diet on Production Parameters of Broilers Produced from Parents Fed on Millet
Melad Anwar Khalil, Hasan Tarsha and Ryad Kussaibati
Effect of Adding Different Levels of Proanthocyanidin to the Diet of Laying Hens in Some Physiological Characteristics of Blood Serum and Oxidation Indices of Produced Eggs
Nebras Kadhim Abbas and Nihad Abdul-Lateef Ali
Serological Studies of Some Pathological Infections of Awassi Sheep in Hama and Rural Damascus countryside (Syria)
Abdel Nasser Al-Omar,  YassinAL Mohse, Zuhair Salam, Hussein Al-Sulaiman, Nabil Al-Hallaq and Mazen Dib
A study of the comparative advantage and the impact of government support for the citrus crop in the Syrian coast
Ismail Imran
Using Mobile Phone by Extension Workers in Transfer Information to Farmers in Khartoum State- Sudan.
Omeima Khalid, Taha Mohamed and Saifeldin Ibrahim
An Economic Study of the cost and Return of Basma Tobacco Production In Lattakia Governorate
Ziad Sarhil
Evaluation of Drought Tolerance Selection Indices in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)
Ola Moustafa, Safaa Rahmon and Houssen Mahasne
Effect of Nitrogen and Potassium fertilization on some chemical characteristics of Eruca sativa Mill
Muhammad Abdul Aziz, Hussam Eddin Khalasi, and Ghadeer Al-Houshi
Effect of addition levels and size of Biochar on Growth and Yield of Wheat (Triticum durum L.) cultivated in sandy soil
Jamal Saeed Deryag and Fathallah Mohammed El-Madani
Study of some genetic indicators of cultivars of sweetcorn (Zea mays L. saccharata) under the conditions of Lattakia Governorate
Muhammad Nael Khattab and Maya Ghorra
Response of Some Morphysiological, Productive and Qualitative Characteristics to the Treatment Effect with Different Levels of Phosphate and Potassium Fertilizers in Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.) Witty Cultivar
Majd Darwish
Genotype-Environment Interaction and Yield Stability Parameters of Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.) Cultivars in Syria
Manal Othman, Fadi Abbas,   Entessar Al Jbawi,    Ahmad AL-Ali, Gaidaa Alesha
The Response of Soft Wheat (cv. Sham 10) to Phosphorus Fertilization: Growth and Productivity Traits
Ghiath A. Allous, Osama Hatta, and Ali Yousif
Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles and Study its Effect on Improving Celery Seed Germination Indicators
 Iman Ibrahim, Najwa Muslmani, Imad aldeen ALKhalaf and Abeer alramo
Effect of adding different levels of Olive Mill Waste Water on the growth and development of Pomegranate plant (French Category)
Bassel Akeel, Sawsan Haifa and Haitham Ismail
Response Of Maize Plant to Slow-Release Phosphates Fertilizers Prepared Using Surfactant-Modified Nano Zeolite
Batool Salameh,Leila Habib,  Areej Adra and Zyad Hatem
Study of Growth and Productivity of Cilicia Fir Trees
Abies Cilicica (Ant. & Ky.) Carr. in the Reserve of Cedar and Cilician Fir of Syria

Bashar Tobo,  Hikmat Abass, Wael Ali and Ahmad Mahmoud
Effect of Nitrate and Ammonium Nutrition on N-uptake, Metabolism and Tomato Growth in Hydroponic Culture
Bushra Alajoze and Ghiath Alloush
The effects of some soil physical and chemical characteristics on the spread of helminth eggs in the municipality of Ghenieri- Jableh
Bushra Hasan and Amal Dayoub
Precipitation trends in the Syrian Badia during the period 1970-2020
Riad Qara Fallah and Rasha Khaddam
Evaluating the Efficiency of the Spatial Distribution of Green Spaces in Al. Assad Suburb by Using GIS
Riham Khozam, Ghassan Shoura andRosa F. Karmoka
Effect of Sandy Soil Treatment with Different Levels of  Hydrogel on  Eggplant Growth and Production
Sffana Al- Kousa, Mona Barakat and Sawsan Suleiman
Response of Forage Chicory Cultivars (Cichorium intybus L.) to Increasing Levels of NaCl: Germination, Growth, and Mineral Nutrients Uptake
Ali Yousif
Determining the Basic Parameters in Calculating Basic Evaporation Transpiration ET0 in Latakia Using ET0 Calculator Model
Nagham Allan, Emad Koubaily and Wael Ali
Physical assessment and social judgement of wind erosion and possible restoration in the drylands of western Sudan
Noha Mutwali, Mohamad Ballal, and Adel Farah
Evaluation of Water Consumption and Decrease in Productivity of Maize Crop Using Cropwat.8
Neven Hassoun ,Ali Kinjo, Jamil Abbas and Rabeea Ziena
Study of the Effect of Potassium Fertilization on Yield, Content of Protein and Content of Some Nutrients in Quinoa Plant in Al-Gab Area
Hanny Mahfod Akram Alblkhy and Wassem Adela
Study of Temperature Change in Damascus and its Association with Global Concentration of CO2
Walaa Tahhan , Safaa Al Kilane, Salah Kawas and Mahmood Abbas