Vol (10) No (4) August 2023

Vol (10) No (4) August 2023  
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Effect of Coating with Carboxymethyl Cellulose and Carboxymethyl Cellulose Nanoparticles Films Enhanced with Mulberry Fruit Extract (Morus rubra L.) on Some Properties of Cryopreserved Beef
Kadthim H. Abdul Sayed , Alaa G. Al-Hashimi and Kareema M. Ziadan
The Impact of Social and Economic Factors on the Knowledge Level of Organic Farming Practices for Grapevine Farmers in Homs Province
Ruba Al qasem, Talal Razzouk and Khetam Idris
The Effect of Soaking with Some Natural Extracts on the Rooting and Physiological Properties of Hardwood Hazelnuts Cuttings Under Mist Irrigation Conditions
Abdul Rahman Al-Khani , Mahmoud Baghdadi, Sattam Al-Khalil
Effect of collecting time on some productivity traits of ALkhalili thyme (Origanum syriacum L.)
Soulaiman issa , Roula jacoub and Ali zayak
The Using of Cluster Analysis to Select the Best Areas for Cultivating Citrus Varieties in Lattakia Governorate
Ramy Mahmoud , Mahmoud Alio and Georges Makhoul
Evaluation of Some Imported Lines of Cherry Tomato Under The Covered Planting Conditions in The Syrian Coast
SehamWannous, Shaza Mayhoub , Ali Dayyoub , Itaf blal-Nada Yousef, and Nisreen Moustafa
Influence of Extracts of Some Species of Thyme on Preserving Stored Apple Fruits
Soulaiman issa , Roula jacoub and Ali zayak
Determination of genetic diversity of Shamii cattle using ISSR-PCR
Hassan Ahmed Muhdi , Ismaeel Al-Saleh, Mansour Ahmed, and Al-Mu’tasim Billah Al-Daqer
Effect of Temperature and Moisture Mash in Breaking and Some Physical Properties Feed Pellet for Chickens
Basim Aboud Aabbas
Study of Milk Production and Some Growth Traits of Local Goats: A Review
Muthanna Fathi Abdullah and Safwan Luqman Shihab
Morphological Maturation Stages of the Gonads and the Relationship of Length – Weight of Migratory Goatfish Fish Parupeneus forsskali (Fourmanoir & Guézé, 1976) (Mullidae) in the Syrian Marine Waters
Waad Sabour
Compare the effect of horizontal and vertical culture system on growth and yield of saffron (Crocus sativus L.)
Lorin Ahmadand Alaa Soubh
Morphological and Genetic Diversity of Berries (Morus nigra L.) in the Southern Region of Syria
Alaa Aboud, Faisal Hamed  and   Fahed Al-biski
Behavioral Evaluation of 5 Genotypes of Maize (Zea mays L.) Under Drought Stress Conditions Using Drought Tolerance Indicators
Muhammad Nael Khattab , Nizar Harba and Elena Saleh
Using Timber of Eucalyptus camaldulensis  Dehn. Trees in Carbonization in Mrdash Village- Al-Ghab region- Hama  Governorate
Bashar Tobo
Effect of Bio and Organic Fertilization and Phosphogypsum on Some Microbial Groups of Planted Soil with Chrysanthemum(Chrysanthemum grandiflorum,euro)
Hussam Hdaiwah, Mazen Nassour and Issa Kbybo
Analysis Changes in Cupressus sempervirens̛’s Ring – Width in Ain ALkroom-ALghab Using Dendroclimatology
Fedaa Wanos, Zuheir Shater And Ali Thabeet
Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization Levels and Boron Application on Productivity Traits of Maize (CV. Salameh 1) under the Condition of Al-Ghab Area
Haider Hasan, Ghiath Alloush, and Waseem Adlah
The Effect of Biological Treated for Olive Mills Wastewater in Same Soil Properties
Daowd Al-Sayed
A Comparative Study Between Different Types of Turb, Bovine Manure and Poultry Extracts as A Source of Foliar Fertilization in Securing Iron Sufficiency for Tomato Plants
Randa Almehrez and Ali Zedan
Propagation of Athel (Tamarix aphylla) Trees Vegetatively by Stem Cutting in Polyethene Bags and Under Plastic Tunnel Conditions
Ahmed M. Eed, and Abdullah H .A. Al-hajj
Isolation of Strains of Atmospheric Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria from Hamima Soil in Aleppo Governorate and Testing their Effectiveness in Fixing Atmospheric Nitrogen
Ghufran Hujaira, Omiema Nasser , and Nabila Kreidi
Studying the Effect of Biofertilization (Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria) and Organic Fertilization on the Availability of Some Nutrients in the Soil and the Growth of the Potato Crop (Solanum tuberosum L .)
Merfat T. Ben Mahmud
The effect of Irrigation with Magnetized Water of Varying Salinity on Some Chemical Properties of the Soil and Leachate of Kaskeis Area (Aleppo governorate)
Yousef Khalaph,  M. Khaldon Dormish , M. Hossam Bahlawan and Wafaa Issa
Evaluation of Fiber Quality in Brown Cotton Lines
Jamila Dirbas , Ahmed Aljuoma and  Saleh Almustafa
The Effect of Coating Cotton’s Aleppo118 Variety Seed with Useful Microorganisms on Growth Measurement and Enhancing Resistance for Cotton’s Insectial Pest and Improving Growth Measurements
Ziad Aleisa , Mohammad Nayef Alsalty, Moneer Alnabhan and  Ahmad Algomaa
Genetic Study of Early Indicators and Productive Characteristics of Cotton Genotypes
Manal Madarati Mohammad Jamal Hamandosh and Ahmad Aljouma
Use Morphological Description to Petition Between Wheat Genotypes by Adopting IPGRI Guide
Ahmed Malek , Mohamad Al-Husaini, , Shams aldeen Al-Muntaser
Estimation of Heterosis and Inbreeding Depression for some Important Traits in Okra
Reham Nbeaa, Bassam Abo-Trabi and Ehab Ahmad
Study Some Indicators Physiological and Chemical for Model Crunchy Peanuts (Arachis Hypogaea )Under the Effect of Potassium Fertilization and Methods of Adding Bread Yeast
Mohamed Abd EL-Aziz, Wassem  Adla  and Zacaria Alahmad
Role of Mineral Fertilization and Spraying with Licorice and  Moringa Leaf Extracts Yield and Quality of Wheat  (Triticum aestivum L.)
Sundus Jaber Mohammed and  Sundus A.M.Alabdulla
Principle Component Analysis, Correlation and Path Coefficients for Some Yield Traits in  Soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill)
Ghrood Al-Aswd, Taha Ahmad Al-Arefi Ibtisam AbdulAziz Al-Abed, Thamer AL Hniesh and Mhmoud Sedo
The Effect of Spraying with Potassium Fertilizer and Glycine Betaine on Some Productive and Quality Characteristics in Tobacco (Nicotiana rustica L.)
 Majd Mohammad Darwish, Nizar Ali Moualla and Ali Sami Foiti
The Effect of Foliar spraying with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) in Tobacco Tolerance to Drought Stress Induced by Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)
Majd Mohammad Darwish
Survey and Determination of Coffee Wilt Disease and Microorganisms Associated In Coffea Arabica in Sana’a Governorate – Yemen
Mahmoud Ali Abdallah Elmoflehi , Ali Abdallah alqathy, Hesham Abdaraqib Alaiany and  Zakaria Hossin Algithy
425- 432
The Effect of Chemical and Biological Control on Early Blight Alternaria solani on Potato and its Reflection on Growth and Production
Alisar shaabow, Nisreen Dib, Majida Mofleh,  Riad Zidan, Amal Haj Hasan, Ammar Askaria, Lina Adra and Nirmin Sakoor
Efficiency of Trichoderma viride and T.koningii in Increasing Tomato Plant Resistance to Alternaria alternata that Causes Alternaria Spot Disease
Hadeel Chasib Abbas and Abd al-Nabi Abd al-Amir Matroud
Study of the allelopathic effect of dry leaves powder of sticky fleabane  Inulla viscosa L. on the growth of branched broomrape Orobanche ramosa L. on tomato Lycopersicum esculentum L. in green houses   
Mary Hosh , Samir Tabbache , Dina Haddad (2) and Hanan Habak
Influence of Environmental Region and Collecting Time (Growing Stage) in the Percentage of Essential Oil of (T.vulgaris)
Soulaiman issa , Roula jacoub and Ali zayak
Effect of Organic and Bio Fertilization on Growth and Productivity of  Sesbania aculeata (Willd) Pers. Grown in Soil of Al-Salameh Area. And the Production of Root Nodes in it
Shereen Aladas,  Mohamad Kurbesa and  Manhil Alzuabi