Vol(10) No(2) April 2023

Vol (10) No (2) April 2023  
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Assessment of the Vital Force and Physico-Chemical and Sensory Properties of Banana Flavored Soy- Yoghurt
Enas AlMghawesh, Samer Slik and Hussam Okkou
Study of the Rheological Properties of Flour Produced From Some Varieties of Syrian Wheat and their Mixtures Using Mixolab
Rabab Saoud, Ramez Mohammad and Sanaa Sara
Detection of some Heavy Metal Elements in some Types of Spices Sold in the Local Market
Camellia Halabi and Fouad Salman
Strategic and Descriptive Analysis of the Reality of Agricultural Extension by Applying the SWOT and Attitudes Methods in Syria
Tayseer Hatem, Fayez Al Mekdad, K.Kamal deen, Khetam Edress, Yehya Sharaf , Safwan Abo Assaf, Reeman Shaleesh
The Effect of Method And Date of Grafting and Some Biological and Genetic Indicators of Scions on the Success of Grafting Ceratonia Siliqua L. Seedlings and on Some Vegetative Characteristics of Produced Seedlings
Fadi Kazngi
Enhancing an In Vitro Shoot Formation of Ixora coccinea L. Using Silver Nitrate
Rania Ahmed Hassan Onsa, Igbal Abd Elgadeir Abd Ellatif , Magdoleen Gamar Eldeen Osman
Oil Percentage and its Content of Fatty Acids for Some Olive Varieties Cultivated in Coastal Region
Reem Abd El-Hameed, Ghada Kattmah, Ali Hjeiz, Bassam Okla, Redwan Badr Eldeen, and Maysaa Al Sayed
Testing of Solar Drier Design for Dried Agriculture Products (Peas Seed)
Saker Algadban
Evaluation of Genotypes and Inversely Effect of Full Diallel Traits of Hybrid Cherry Tomato
Othman Kalid Alwan and Mohammed Salman Mohammed
Effect of some Pruning Levels on Vegetable Growth, Fruit Production, and Quality of Three Pomegranates Cultivated Grown in Al Nayrab Area
Mohammad Wati and Ahmad Marouf
First Record of Kuhnia scombri (Monogenea: Mazocraeidae) on the Gills of Mackerel Scomber scombrus in Syria
Shade Gnede , Mohamad Hassan and Amal Dayoub
The Effect of Adding Syrian Zeolite to the Broiler Litter on the Concentrations of Ammonia (NH3) Gas in the Indoor Air of the Barn During the Winter Season
Berna Krikor Jilenkerian , Ali Nisafi, Ahmad Kara Ali and Bushra AI-Eissa
Effect of Selenium and Zinc Supplementation Alone and Their Mixture on the Carcass Characteristics of Kurdi Lambs
Zirak M. R. Palani, Khalil, W.A, Hamid E. I. Kutaibani, and Faraidoon A. M. Amin
Study the Efficiency of Some Medicinal Compounds Against Infection with Ringworm in Camels Under Intensive Breeding Conditions
Abdel Nasser Omar and Yasen Almohsen
Study of the Genetic Phenotypes of the Gene for Growth Differentiation Factor (GDF9) and its Relationship to some Reproductive Traits of Domestic Male Goats During the Summer
Amal Hamdi Jassim and Salih Hassan Al-Azzawi
Response of some Productive and Earliness Traits of the Cotton Variety Aleppo 118 For Foliar Spraying with Some Micro- Nutrients
Mohammad Noor AlAssaf and Abdulghani Alkhaldi
Effect of some Mycorrhizal Isolates on Wheat Response to Water Stress in Field Conditions
May Ayyash , Hassan Kaur , Abdul Mohsen Al-Sayed Omar and Yasser Al Salama
Evaluation of the Chemical Composition, Physical, Rheological, and Sensory Properties of some New Improved Bread Wheat Cultivars Cultivated in Yemen
Yaser Aljwafi, Muneer Alsayadi, Hazem Al ashwal, Khaled Al-rahi, Aref Al shamiri
Modeling Growth and wood Productivity of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehn. Trees in Al-Ghab region
Bashar Tobo
The Effect of Treatment with Bio-Fertilizer(Trichoderma harzianum) in some Morphological and Productive Traits of Potato Plants ( Solanum tuberosum .L)
Jenan Othman, Mohammad Imad Khrieba, Shorouq Barbahan
The Effect of Irrigation with Magnetized Water of Varying Salinity on Some Physicochemical Properties of Gypsiferous Soils in the Maskana (East of Aleppo Governorate)
Yousef Khalaph , Khaldon Dormish , Hossam Bahlawan and Wafaa Issa
Temporal and Spatial Changes of some Heavy Elements in the Lower Part of the Northern Great River
Sawsan Haifa, Aziz Assad and Rafah Fares
Study the Adsorption and Kinetics of Ammonium on Syrian Zeolite Ore
Suliman Younes , Leila Habib and Ghiath Alloush
Using Water Evaluation and Planning Model (WEAP21) to Evaluate Water Deficit in Agriculture Sector of Orontes Lower Basin
Ammar Abbas, Boshra Khozam and Jamil Abbas
Using the leaves of Nerium oleander L as a bioaccumulator to assess the contamination of some heavy metals in the city of Jableh (Syria)
Kamel Khalil , Hajar Nasser and Salim Mahmoud
Evaluation of Total and Exchangeable Cadmium Concentration in Soils of Marren Alsaleeb Dam (Hamah) and its Relationship with Principal Soil Characteristics
Mohammad Haddad, Sawsan Hayfa and Ibrahim Nisafi
Bioassay of Lepidopteran larvae resistance Cry gene in transgenic zea mays
Esmail Al Daham and Fateh Khatib
Genetic Diversity of Dodder Using ISSR
Ammar Jassim Al-Khaz’Ali, and Khudair A. Salman and Ahmed Sh. Ahmed
Induction The Systemic Resistance in Tomato Hybrid Plants Againsttomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus in Protected Cultivation by Using The Local Bacterial Isolate Bacillus subtilisB.Ra.217
Hala Ghanem , Ensaf Akel, Qusay Al-Rhayeh and Imad Ismail
Identification of Honeybee Prevalent in Iraq According to the Geometric Morphometry Front Wing Using the Computer Program (identifly)
Muslim Ashor Al-Etby and Ayad A. AbdelKader
Test the Pathogenicity of Isolates from Fusarium oxysporum . f. Sp. tuberosi on the Root and Stem of the Potato Plant (Solanum tuberosum L.)
Emad Altinawi, Fahed Albiski and Jaoudat Faddoul
Effect of Some Ethanol Plant Extracts and Pesticides on Aphid Insect (Brevicoryne brassicae)
Mohamed Haji , Dahs Aiz Al- Din , Zakaria Al –Naser
New Record of Hymenopteran Parasitoids from Larvae of Tomato Leafminer Tuta absoluta (Meyrick, 1917) from Syria
Rawa Youssef , Nabil Hasan Abo Kaf ,Rafeek Aboud