Vol (9) No (6) December 2022

Vol (9) No (6) December 2022  
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Effect of Essential Oil of Wild Thyme (Thymus Vulgaris) on Growth and Activity of Some Pathogenic Bacteria in Soft Cheeses
Roula Hamoui, Naim Al-Husien, Rasha Taouz, Yehia Khamary, Rand khayata, George Janji , and Mohamad Alazem
Optimization of Glucose and Nitrogen Feeding Rates During Saccharomyces cerevisiae biomass Production Under Fed-Batch Fermentation from Grape Juice by Using The Response Surface Methodology
Sawsan Mahmood, Ali Ali , Mohamad Ayhem Darwesh, Wissam Zam
Comparison of Avocado Seed Extracts And Study of Their Antioxidant Properties and its Application in Food System
Alya Jameel Ali
Effect of adding conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) on some chemical properties of frozen-stored burger meat
Abdulla Farid Zaid and Asraa YaCoob Yousif
Effect of different weed management practices and row spacing in yield and yield attributing characteristics of green gram (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek)
Bhuwan Bohara , Bikram Bhatta , Rajeev Joshi , and Kabita Subedi
Effect of some antioxidant spray on biochemical compounds of Portulaca oleracea L. in Polluted Soil with lead
Qasim jasim. Athfua, Abass M. Jasm, and Awatif. N. Jerry
Detection of Coxiella Burnetii in Ticks Infesting Sheep and Goats By PCR in Some Syrian Governorate
Abdul Naser Al-Omar, Morshed Kassouha, Ashraf Alsaleh
Study of some Genetic Parameters for Fruit Quality traits of Melon (Cucumis Melo L.) Inbred Lines and their complete diallel F1 Hybrids
Faten alsafadi, Abdel Mohsen Marie, Ramzi Murshid and Hesham Alatwani
The Effect of Administration Methods on Infectious Bronchitis Vaccine for Levels of Immunity in Broiler’s Chicken
Alaa Assi
Levels of Some Insecticide in (Alburnus mossulensis )In Eeast of Hor Al-Hammar Marshes , Iraq
Balqees S. Al-Ali , Hamed T. Al-Saad, and Abdulaziz M.Abdullah
The Effect of Fertilization on The Growth of Grass Carp Fishes (Ctenopharyngodon idella) juvenile Reared in Floating Cages
Khalid William M. Farnar
Contribution To The Study Of Some Vital Enemies Of (Fishes – Amphibians- Reptiles- Mammals ) In The Lake Dam 16th Of Tishreen
Razan Balloul , Mohamad Ghalyah, and Adib Zieni
Genetic Parameters of Some Blood Traits In The Brown Local Quail and Their Relationship To Some Egg Production Traits
Samawal Sadi Abdullah Al-Tikriti
Analysis and Description of Sheep Production and Marketing System in Al-Hasakah Governorate
Alaa Hammo
A Study of the Effect of Some Variables on Agricultural GDP in Libya
Fouzi Salih Faraj
Study of Vegetative Growth Indicators of Zea Mays.L Plant Under the Influence of Chromium
Aya Azzam , Aya Kanawaty, Imad aldeen AlKhalaf
Evaluation of several varieties of soybean (Glycine max L.) under the influence of water stress
Mohamed Khattab , and Youssef Mohamed , and Basil Hashish
Evaluation of the Performance of Some Strains of Grass Pea in Different Environments
Safaa Rahmoun, Walaa Ammar, Thamer Al- Henish, Catherine Naseer
Study of the Correlation Coefficient and Regression Among-Capitalize of Each Word Yield and Productivity Factors of Sorghum Under the Influence of Different Agricultural Treatments
Fatima Antar, Ammar Zyoud , and Muhammad Abdel Aziz
The Effect of Drought Stress Induced by PEG 6000 During Germination Stage On 10 Lentil Genotypes of Lentil (Lens Culinaris Medikus)
Catherine Nseir, Mohamad Housam Bahlawan, Ahmad Majar, and Fadi Abbas
Effect of Growth Media Composition and Nutrient Solution Concentration on Rosemary Growth and Productivity Parameters (Rosmarinus officinalis L.)
Marwa Rhban, Badi Malakh, and Hassan Obaid
Evaluation the productive efficiency of some broad bean (vicia faba L.) genotypes
Walaa Ammar, Safaa Rahmoun, Thamer Al Huniesh, and Mohamed El Helou
Response of two wheat cultivars (soft and hard) to different levels of nitrogen fertilizers under the conditions of Damascus countryside
Areej Alkheder, Mohammad Manhal Alzabi, Samer Al Rabee, Ababil Hamoud, Rasha Al Jarad, Gada Neama
Effect of Adding Starter and Tree Leaves to Poultry Droppings on Biogas Production
Tofek Othma, and Omaima Naser
The Effect of Pollution With Different Levels of Oil on Ph Buffering Capacity of Some Soils in Al-Hasakah Governorate / Syria
Omar Abdulrazzak, Rami Kaba, and Wasim Qarmo
Evaluation of the tree species used in urban afforestation of jableh city (Al-Amara Street as a model
Talal Amin , Maher Laffah, and Raneem Hassoun
Importance Of Preparing Database in Sub-Basin Managemaent. Case Study: Al-Kabis Alshamali Basin in Syrian Landsl
Ammar Abbas and Ghonwa Khaddour
The side Effect spraying glyphosate herbicides in Solanum elaeagnifolium fields on Physicochemical CharacStudying the ability of both species, (Capparis spinosa L) and (Vitex agnus – castus L) to accumulate Lead and Copper near Marren Alsaleeb dam (Hamah) teristics and total microbial in soil
Mohammad Haddad, Sawsan Hayfa, and Ibrahim Nisafi
Efficacy of Some Plant Extracts and Pesticides Fluopyram and Nemakick in Controlling Nematoda Larvae Meloidogyne Incognita L in Laboratory.
Qutiaba Hassoud
A Study of The Sensitivity of Some Locally Grown Hybrids of Capsicum to Infection with Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus in the Conditions of Protected Cultivation in the Syrian Coast
Reem Hamdan, Imad Ismail , and Ensaf Akel
First Record of Elm Leaf Beetle (Xanthogaleruca Luteola) in Aleppo City and Its Natural Enemies
Ziad Aleisa
Life Table of Red gum Lerp Psyllid Glycaspis brimblecombei and its Biological Parameters
Sinan Sleman, and Nabil AboKaf
Survey of ladybird beetles (Coccinellidae: Coleoptera) from different host plants, of agricultural system in Basrah province, south of Iraq
Shurooq Abdullah Najim, Hussain Ali Mahdi, and Dawod Salman Hamid
The Effect of Adding Thyme Meal on Some of the Chemical, Microbial , and Sensory Properties of Syrian White Cheese
Camillia Halabi , Foaud Slman , Ali Sultana , Ahmad Kara Ali
Effects of the Manufactured Bacterial Preparation on Microbial Characteristics of Broilers
Ahmed A. Al-Salhi , Sabah M. Al-Shatty , and Mohammad A.Elsagheer