SJAR Research of the 13th Conference for GCSAR 2022

The 13th Conference for GCSAR 2022  
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Field Evaluation of Promising Chickpea Genotypes Reaction in Al-Ghab Region and Aleppo Province, Syria
E. Essa; N. Asaad; A. Katnaji; N. El Hosien and M. Al Debss
Identification of selection indicators for local wheat Lips and some wheat varieties (Triticum durum) under varying environmental conditions
Ahmed Qasim, Mohammad Shafik Hakim and Abdallah Al-Yossef
Genetic behavior of some grain yield traits in Barley Genotypes Using Half-Diallel Cross
Saleh Saleh, Abdullah Al-Yousef, M.Shafik Hakim, Ahmad Shams Aldien Shaaban
Evaluation of Some Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) Genotypes of Water Stress under Lab and Field Conditions
Fadi Abbas, Thamer AlHunish, Entessar Al-Jbawi and Manal Osman
Evaluation the Relevance of Application of Conservation Agriculture In Improving Wheat Productivity And Soil Fertility Properties
Hussain Almahasneh and Jamal Saleh
The impact of the characteristics of the organizational structure for industrial facilities on the worker’s performance
(Case study: Ugarit business facility)

Abo Al Alaa Zarka , Nadine Mohamed Asaad , and Tayseer Fouad Hatem
In –Silico Genomic Analysis for Mining, Characterization, And Validation of Simple Sequence Repeats (SSRs)
Razan Hallak and Naim al-Husien
Faunastic study of phytophagous mites and their natural enemies associated with apple ecosystem in Latakia Governorate, Syria
Mahran Zeity (1)*, Majda Mouflh(2), Rawa Youssef
Determination of Some Hematological and Biochemical Blood Parameters in Jabali Female Goats During Pregnancy
Al-Moutassem Bellah ALdaker, Mansour Ahmad,Hounada Alerksousi, Mohammad Amin, Ali Alhawarin, and GawadSharaf
Impact of Using Soluble Fertilizers N.P.K and Foliar Application by Micronutrients on the proportion of oil and Productivity of Olive trees (Kaisi cv.)
Amani Berawi , Abd Al-Gani Khorchid , Mahammad Manhal Al-Zoubi, Ayham Asbah, Saher Al-Bakeer
Effect of Adding Different Levels of Nano Boron to The Diet in Some Blood Parameters of Broiler Chickens Ross 308

Nihad Abdul-Lateef Ali and Nebras Kadhim Abbas
Study of Total and Available Iron Content in Some Soil of Aleppo Governorate and Methods of Feeding the Bean Plant
Badr Alden Jalab, Mustafa Mazen Otri, Faisal Khalil and Fatema Abdelrahman
Study the Effect of Forage Mixtures on the Productivity and Quality of Hay under the Conditions of the Syrian Coast
Baraa Aswad, Nizar Harba, and Walid Alrahmoun
Chemical Composition and Antifungal Activity Against Some Candida Food Spoiling Yeasts of The Essential Oils Extracted from The Peels of Sweet and Bitter Orange
Bassam Al-Oklaa , Radwan Badr Al-Deen , and Nour haj Msoud
Plant Biodiversity Study and It’s Role in Eco-tourism at Tartous Governorate (Amrit Site)
Mustafa Beda, Abeer Ali, Ghina Jawhara, Noma Muhammed, and Leen Almukaddem
Study the Content of Four Cultivars of Wheat Grains and their End-Product from Protein Content and Some Main Minerals Under Non-Irrigation Condition
Jaber Alaani, Abdullah Alyosef, Naiem Alhussen, Rolla Hamwi, Fatema Abdul Rahman
Heterosis and Combining Ability for Earliness and Yield in Cotton Hybrids (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Jamila Dirbas and Ahmad Al Jouma
Detection of Some Vegetable-borne Viral Pathogens Using RT-PCR
Georgette Fattal, Abdul jalil Ghrewaty, Fateh Khatib, and Naim Al-Husein
Study the Effect of Different Types of Cheeses
on The Appearance of Some of the Bitter Taste Indicators in The Spreadable Processed Cheese

Mohamad Alshehabi,Sayah Abou Ghorrah, and Faten Hamed
The Effect of Silverleaf Nightshade (Solanum elaeagnifolum Cav.) Fruit Resduies on Germination and Seedling Growth of Durum Wheat (Triticum durum)
Nada Albarni and Baha Alrahban
Survey and detection of Cuscuta sp. Host plants and the possibility of biological control
Hanan Habak, Magda Moufleh and Bahaa El-Rahban and and Nader Asaad and Ertyad Isaa and Mohammad Ahmad
Effect Genetic Resistance, Sowing Date and Chemical Control Of Yellow Rust For Yield Traits of Bread Wheat.
Muhammad Nor Al assaf, Muhammad shafik Hakim, Abdullatef ALassaf, Abdulla ALyossef
The Effect of Olive Fruit Fly Infestation and Fruit Storage Period on Olive Oil Quality in The Syrian Coast
Atie Arab , Ruba Mouallem, Nizar Essa,and Aziza Gareeb
Determination Of the Proper Date of Consumption Maturity of Some Pear Varieties Under Sweida Governorate Conditions
Samer Abou Hamdan and Bayan Muzher
Study The Effect of Applying Different Persints of Volcanic Tuff ( Scoria) on Some Properties of Vertisols in As-Suwaidaa Mohafazate Ant Its Porosity Size Distribution
Saoud Sarboukh, Sulaiman Saleem ,Muhammad Saied El-Shater
And Sami Al_Hinnawi
Study of Properties of The Compost Garbage Germination and Breeding of Some Plants
Shafak Harfoush, Saosan Haifa, and Hasan Alaa Aldeen
Influence of The Treatment Tobacco Plant Burley Variety By Bion® To Induce Systemic Acquired Resistance SAR Against The Black Shank Disease and its Effect on the Yield and Some Physical And Chemical Characters of Dry Leaf
Mahmoud Hasan, Ramez Mohammad, and Tarek Hasan
Study of Self-Incompatibility for Some Introduced Italian Varieties of Almond. (Prunus amygdalus L.)
Talal Fozo and, Iman Almatar
Performance Evaluation of Cotton Variety Aleppo 124 (New) (Gossypium Hirsutum L.) Different Levels of Nitrogen Fertilization and Water Requirement
Abdulghani Alkhaldi, Monier Alnabhan, and Yaser Almohammed
Correlation and pathway analysis of some morphological and productive traits in Vicia faba L. bean varieties and breeds in the northern region of Syria
Hasn Al-assaf, Abdullah Al-youssef, and Khald al-mohammad
The joint impact of local bacterial isolation with rizolex pesticide in the management of Stem Canker on the potato caused by Rhizoctonia solani Kühn
Abdo Abo bakr and Mohammad Abou Shaar
Studying Physico- Chemical Characteristics and Triglycerides Composition of Shami Goat Milk Fat
Afaf Masmas, Ahmad Haddal, and Faten Hamed
Study of the General Chemical Composition of Mucilage from Jujube Fruits and The Effect of Its Addition as A Stabilizer on the Sensory Properties of Ice Cream
Afraa Masri , Ramez Mohammed , and Fadel Alkaiem
Fruit Maturity Development of Orange (Washington Navel 141) Grafted on Different Citrus Rootstocks
Alaa Ibrahim, Najwa Ali, Aminah Issa, Abeer Habib, and Ghadah Ballol
Study The Relationship Between Productivity and Some Quantitative Indicators of Drought Tolerance for Several Types of Soft Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under protected conditions
Mohamed Abd Elaziz , Hussam Khalasi , and Lubna Barhom
Collection, Characterization and Cultivation of Some Syrian Wild Strains of Oyster Mushroom Pleurotus spp.
Luna Ahmad , Ramzi Murshed, Mouwafak Jbour, Fahed Albiski , Hijazi Mando(3), and Hana almfeshi
An Analytical Study of Food Security Indicators for Farm Households in the Coastal Area
Leen Almukaddem , Wael Habib , and Jamal Alali
Testing the efficacy of some pesticides Supplied with summer oil on Females of Dactylopius opuntiae in Al-Sweida Governorate
Mazen Bufaur , Bhaa Alrahban, Mohammad Alallan, Rami Bohamdan, and Waed Ghanem
The efficiency of Preparing Biochar By Local Technology At the Farm Level From Different Sources of Biomass
Mohammad Ibraheem and, Ali Zidan
Applications Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System GIS/RS Technique in Potential Mapping Ground Water in Masayf Catchment Du to Supported Water Resource Management Strategies
Mouhiddine kalkha, and Ali.AL-saram
The Effect of Some Agricultural Treatments on The Development of Whitefly Bemisia Tabaci Infestation on Cotton Native Varieties
Munir Al-Nabhan, Firas Asaad, Ahmed Fahd Al-Rai, and Ziad Al-Issa
Molecular Detection of Some Resistance Genes for Slow
Rust in Durum Wheat Genotypes

Naim. Al-Husien, Reham Abo -Alkanj and Ghenwa Lababid
Using the Tissue Culture Technique in studying the Response of some Phylloxera Resistant American Rootstocks to Water Stress
Wasim Mohsen , Khzama AL-kountar , and Maysa Amer
A Study of The Laboratories’ Reality in The General Commission For
Scientific Agricultural Research According to The Requirements Of
ISO 17025:2017 A Case Study of Al-Henady Research Station’s Laboratory

Yamen Maksoud , and Tamim Alia
Evaluation of Tolerability of Some Promising Lines of Durum Wheat to Drought Stress Using Some Morphological and Biochemical Markers
Naim. Al-Husien and Reham Abo -Alkanj