Vol (9) No (5) October 2022

Vol (9) No (5) October 2022  
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Impact Adding Different Percentages of Potato Starch on the Physiochemical Properties of Boiled Luncheon
Batool Ozone, and Fatah Abdul-Alhli
Study Of Some Chemical and Microbial Properties of Some Raw Materials Used in Preparing Locally Manufactured Sausages
Alaa Al-Khyrat, Abd-ulhakim Azizieh, and Nessren Naksho
Extraction Of Flaxseed Gum and Study of its Chemical, Physic, And Functional Properties
Ghufran Ali Hassan, and Somaya Khalaf Badawi
Isolation and Identification of Fungi Associated with Wheat Grains And Rates of The Presence of Mycotoxins
Mohanad M.Al-Talib, and Moafak M.Ahmad
Evaluation of the Use of Flax Gum and Arabic Gum in Ice Cream
Ghufran Ali Hassan, and Somaya Khalaf Badawi
The Impact of Small Enterprises on Empowering Rural Women in Masyaf Region(Hayalin Village Model)
Rawa’a Salama , and Ghassan Yaqoub
Effect of some Fertilizers and Citric Acid Spray on Yield and Some Fruit Characteristics of Valencia Orange Trees Grown in Calcareous Soil
Hanan jnad , Georges makhoul , Abd-Alaziz boeissa , and Dr.Ali Elkhateeb
The Effect of Stem Pruning and Spraying with Some Organic Extracts on Productivity and Seed Quality Traits of Tomato
Hassan Khojah
The Influence of Foliar Spray with Growth Regulators on the Sex Expression of Al- Shami Mulberry Trees in AL-Qunitera Government
Hussam Baroudi , Georgous Makhoul , Waffaa choumane , and Khaldoun Tipa
Genetic Study of Yield and Some of its Components in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)
Ali Izzo, Hassan Khojah , Abdel Mouhsen Marie
Effect of Gibberellic Acid and Zinc Sulphat Sprays on the Improvement Of Production Quality and Quantity of Plum Prunus Domestica L. Cultivar “Jubileum
Ali Khalil Deeb, Fahed Sahiony , and Ammar Nasir
Effect of Humic acid Spray of on Several Vegetative and Productive Characters of potato Spunta Under water stress
Hadia Hassan ,Sawsan Suleiman, and Maher Dais
The Effect of Foliar Spraying with Organic Calcium and Ascorbic Acid Pre- Harvesting on Some Quality and Productivity Properties of The Pear Tree (Pyrus communis L.)
Heba kadi, Mahmoud Baghdadi, and Zakaria Hassani
The Effect of Foliar Application with Boron and Zinc on Some Growth and Production Indicators for Two Varieties of Soybean
Wafaa Aboud, Bashar Hayias, Mahmoud alhamdan
Study Of Reproductive Biology of Horse Mackerel Trachurus Trachurus (L.1758) in the Syrian Marine
Ranim Othman, Mohamad Galiya, and Zohair Almajed
Estimation of some genetic parameters of egg production and quality Traits in Inbred Local quail birds
Allaa Abed Al-Razak Al-Haj
Effect of three commercial fish feeds on growth performance and feed conversion of 1758) fingerlings, Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus
Qusay Al-Hamadany, Abd Alkareem Yesser,andShaymaa AAl-Jumaiee
Evaluate the response of four barley cultivars for different levels of nitrogen fertilizer depending on some Morphological and Productivity Traits associated with improving the grain yield
Amani Alhaiji
Determination Of the Best Date for The Cultivation of Panicum Crop (Panicum Maximum Cv. Mombasa] And Comparing Green Yield with Millet (Pennisetum Glaucum)
Saud shehab, Thamer Alhenish, Khakid Esmaeel, Razan Al Njar, Ryad Baleesh, and Mohamed Ali
Effect of Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide on some Growth Parameters of Sunflower Plants (Helianthus annuus L.)
Mohamad Al -Ahmad, Najwa Muslmani, Imad aldeen ALKhalaf, and Aya kanawaty
Evaluation of the properties Paper pulp made from pruning wastes of Pinus brutia Ten. and Eucalyptus camaldulinsis Dehn.
Fatima ALBarram, Maisaa Kakeh, Kheir Eddine KURDI, and Muhammad Zain Alddin
Studying the Ability of Syrian Nano Zeolite Ore Modified By (HDTMA-Br) to Adsorb Phosphate from Aqueous Solutions (Adsorption Study)
Batool Salameh, Leila Habib, and Areej Adra
Construction and Validation of Height Curves and Estimation of Standing Wood Volume Of Pinus Brutia in Baloran Region (Latakia –Syria)
Dima Shareef , Wael Ali, and Wala’a Adra
The Effect of Anaerobic Digestion of Olive Mill Wastewater Combined with Cattle Manure on Biogas Production and Residual Digestate Quality
Sokrat Ahmad, Muhamad Manhal Alzoubi, and Issa Kbaybu
The Role of The Level And Split Application of
Nitrogen Fertilizer On The Concentration of N, P , K , Forage Yield And Quality of Sudangrass Hybrid (Sorghum Vulgare Var. Sudanense)

Safa B. A.AL-Aboudy, and Sundus A. Alabdulla
The Effect of Adding EM1 Biofertilizer and Forest Litter Extract on Some Chemical Properties, Fertility and Formality of Faba Bean Plants
Kais Ali , and Issa Kabibou
Effect of Soil and foliar Fertilization of Boron Element on Productivity Pistachio Trees Cuitivar Nab Aljamal
Walaa kashkash, Rashid Kharbotli, and Fahd Sahyouni
The side Effect spraying glyphosate herbicides in Solanum elaeagnifolium fields on Physicochemical Characteristics and total microbial in soil
Faten Bakor, Anwar Almouemar, and Zakaria Al Naser
Efficacy of Some Antagonistic and Symbiotic Fungi Against Black Scurf Disease Caused by Rhizoctonia Solani Kuhn on Potato.
Muataz Haidar, and Jaoudat Faddoul
Effect Of Some Chemical Pesticides and Plant Extracts on Strawberry Spider Mite Tetranychus Turkestani Under Laboratory Conditions
Ali Abeedo, Mohamad Kanouh, and Haifa Alsayeda
Population Dynamic of Two Spotted Red Spider Mite Tetranychus urticae Koch on Cotton Crop in Al Hassakah Province, Syria
Ammar Daher, Ziad Barbar, and Ismail Al-Mohammed
Feeding of Oithona nana (Giesbrecht, 1892)Order Cyclopoida (Copepoda) in the coastal waters of Baniyas City
Wassim Mahmoud Mayya, and Kamal Salem Al-Hanoun
Importance of Preparing Database in Sub-Basin Management. Case Study: Al-Kabis Alshamali Basin in Syrian Lands
Ammar Abbas and Ghonwa Khaddour
Effect Of Adding Yeast To The Diet On Productive Performance Of Broilers
Ali Abbas Ahmed Al-Arami