Vol (9) No (3) June 2022

vol (9) No (3) June 2022  
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Studying the Effect of Replacement Sucrose with Different Types of Molasses on the Chemical and Organoleptic Properties of Functional Biscuit
Rawaa Tlay
Optimization of Nutrients Addition to Cheese Whey as A Fermentation Medium for Lactic Acid Production by Locally Isolated Lactobacillus paracasei
Adnan Alkazah, Abdulwahab Meri and Bassam Aloklah
Effect of Adding Lemon Peels Oil to Gelatin-Sodium Alginate Films on Some Microbial Properties of Storage Chilled Chicken Breast Meat
Nisreen Qurabie , Abdulhakim Azizieh Abdul-Wahhab Merai , and Nizar Issa
Determination of Some Bioactive Compounds and Antioxidant Activity in Persimmon Fruit and their Processed Products
Hala Khaled and Bassam Al-Oklah
Effect of Foliar Spray with Some Growth Regulators and Nutrients in The Physical and Chemical Properties and Storability of The Orange Fruits of the Valencia Variety
Aulfat Hasan, Ali Dib , Ali Elkhateeb and Ali Ali
Effect of Foliar Spray with Boron and Ascorbic Acid in Content of the Leaves of Total Chlorophyll and Mineral Elements and Quality of The Fruits of Apple Cv. Starking Delicious
Issam Bilal ,Ali Dib , and Fahd Sahyoni
Effect of Salicylic Acid and Petruscine on Fruits Storage of Plum Prunus domestica L.Cultivar “Jubileum”
Ammar Nasir , Ali Deeb and Fahed Sahione
Effect of Feeding with Potassium Humate and Salicylic Acid and Some Micronutrients (B, Mn, Zn) On Quantity and Quality of Essential Oil That is Extracted from Tuberose Flowers.
Nermen ahmad , Mazen Nassour , and Sawsan Haifa
Manufacturing Properties of Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes) Silage
and its Impact on Feed Awassi Lambs

Osama Yosef, Imad Alhorani, Michel Nicola, and Shaza habib
Productive and Economic Efficiency of The Production of Rainfed Almonds in Homs Province
Rana Al-Mansour, khetam Idris , and Jamal Al-Ali
The Optimum Size of non-irrigated Grapes Farms in Swedaa Governorate
Shaza Turkmane , Iskandar Ismail , and Kena Kamal Al-deen
Livelihood Diversification and its Impact on Food Security Status for Farm Households Case Study: The Coastal Area
Leen Almukaddem, Jamal Alali, and Wael Habib
Farmers’ Perception of Climate Change: An Analysis of Annotated Bibliography
Nour Shahin
Effect of Spraying with Bread Yeast on Some Productive and Qualitative Characteristics of Coriander Plants coriandrum sativum L
Hala Mohammad
Improving the yield attributed characters in some Bread Wheat varieties in Syria
Mohammad Noor Al-Assaf , Khaleed kheder, and Maryam Shawi
Role of Leaching Requirement and Tillage Depth in Reducing the Irrigation Water Salinity Effect Improving Some of The Soil Properties and Wheat Plant Growth (Triticum aestivum L.)
Hussain Abdul Wahid   and Mohammed M. Yassen
Effect of Organic and Chemical Fertilization on some Morphological Characteristics and Grain Yield for some Bread and Durum Wheat Varieties
Ahmed Al-Ali Al-Khalaf , Muhammad Manhal Al-Zoubi, and Thamer Al-Henish
The Effect of Organic Matter, Soil Texture, Type and Quantity of Nitrogen Fertilizer on the Amount of Mineral Nitrogen Leached From the Soil
Gilan Hosin, Sherif Abu Dan, and Hammoud Sakir
Effect of Organic Fertilization and Phosphpgypsum on Growth and Production of Chrysanthemum (Chrysan-themum Grandiflorum، Cv. Euro)
Hussam Hdaiwah , Mazen Nassour , and Issa Kbybo
Changes in Mean Annual and Seasonal Potential Evapotranspiration in AL Raqa During The Period 1975-2005
Hanan Abdo and Michael Skaf
Studying the Effect of Different Levels of Nitrogen (urea) Fertilizer on the Growth and Productivity of Wheat (Doma 1)
Fatema Abdul Rahman, Mustafa Mazen Otri, Abdullah Alyusef, Badr Alden Jalab
Effect of Organic and Mineral Fertilizers on Pomegranate Tree Morphological Characteristics and its Yield
Falak Shirm
Study The Effect of Climatic Elements on The Thickness of The Annual Growth Rings of Pinus brutia Ten. In Baniyas Region (Syria) Using Dendroclimatology Techniques
Ali Thabeet, Kamel Khalil and Diana Hamad
Studying the Pinus brutiaTen. forest fire behavior in Lattakia (Syria)using Geographic Information System
Lama Ehssan, Ilene Mahfoud, Wael Ali , and Ahmed Saidi
Effect of Mineral Fertilizers and Spraying with Humus on some Productivity Traits of Maize (Var. Ghouta 82)
Haya AL-shumari, Akram Albalkhi, and Muhammad Manhal Alzoubi
The Effect of Augmentative Release of Predator Chrysoperla Carnea (Steph.) on the Development of Its and Its Prey Community in the Cotton Field
Baraa’a Hawis, Ziad Chikh-Khamis and Monir Alnabhan
Additional mite records (Acari: Mesostigmata, Sarcoptiformes, Trombidiformes) from Syria
Rania Ebraheem, Aghnar Khador, Yousef Hanna, Lujain Dwya, Ghaith Nakoul, Ziad Barbar
Effect of some plant extracts in Inducing Systemic Acquired Resistance to Peacock Leaf Spot in Olive
Kenan naema, Mohamad tawel and Basima barhoom
Classification of the Scolytus species that attack fruit trees in the southern region of Syria
Abeer alabdallah, Wajih alKassis and Abdulnabi Basheer
Determining the Primary Inoculum Source of Fusarium solani Causing Pistachio Seedlings Death in Nurseries and Testing the Effectiveness of Some Control Methods
Abeer Ghanem and Walid Naffaa
Economic Analysis of Sugarcane Crop Production in Elguneid Scheme,Sudan (1997-2017)
Elsayed E.M. Elnagarabi and Ghada A.B.E. Tarab
Influences of Some Ectoparasites on Vitamin B12 and Iron Levels of the Local Goats (Capra hircus)
Bawan Abdalrahman, Bahzad Mustafa, Sarwar Sadq and Karzan Ahmed
Efficient Use of Different Levels of the Primary Nutrients (N, P, K) on the Yield and Quality of Cotton (Aleppo 124) in Hama and Ghab
Samia Alshbib, Abd alghani Khorshid, Ahmad Aljomaa, and Abd alghani Khaldi