Vol (9) No (2) April 2022

vol (9) No (2) April 2022  
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Study the Physiochemical, Functional and Rheological Characteristics of Wheat Flour Fortified with Flaxseed Flour
Tahani Al-idee and Maysam Jalees
Study of Bioactivity, Anticoagulant and Antioxidant of Ruta Chalepennsis L. Growing in Syria
Malaz Albasha
Study the Effect of Solar Drying of Apple Slices on their Color and Content of Ascorbic Acid and Phenolic Compounds
Nour Zien Alabiden , Ramdan Utra and Mohamed Massri
Effect Of Foliar Spray with Some Growth Regulators and Nutrients on Vegetative Growth Properties and Fruiting of The Valencia Orange Trees
(Citrus Sinensis L.Var. Valencia)

Aulfat Monzer Hasan, Ali Khalil Dib and Ali Essa Elkhateeb
Effect Of Foliar Spray with Cycocel, Salicylic Acid, And Silicon on Specifications and Productivity of Cucumber Plants (Prince) Under Salinity Stress in Green- House Conditions
Rama Mansour, Sawsan Suleiman , and Maher Daies
The Maps of Olive Distribution, Spread Pests, And Suitable Varieties in The Syrian Coast by Using Geographic Information System GIS
Rachid Al-seid Omar, Reem Abdel Hameed , Ghada Kattmah ,Mohammad Habou, Firas Al Gammaz , Fersa Azam, Hazem Al-Zailaa , Jan Abdoush , Abdallah Farhoud,   Ali Al- Dahouri and Nour Alkaim
Effect of Adding Different Levels of Nettle Leaf Extract (Urtica Dioica) To Drinking Water on Some Biochemical Blood Parameters of Broilers
Ahmed Ali Kadhem Al-Salhi
The Production Efficiency of Using Panicum Mombasa in Awassi Lambs Feeding
Mohammd Anas Hashemi, YahyaAljbili , Muhannad Muna and Nidal Haj Omar
Effects of fathers and some non-genetic factors on milk production in improved Awassi Ewes
Ghaidaa Jakish ,Abd Al-Hadi Hatabi and Abdel Nasser Al-Omar
Study of the Marketing Margin and Efficiency of Oranges in Lattakia Governorate/Syria
ALmouthana Aziz Hasan
An Economic Assessment of Irrigated Barley Production and Price Policy Effect in Hama Governorate
Ahmad Al-sahwan, Darwich Cheikh and Nerouz Ferdawi
The Level of Application of Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Date Palms Production in Jordan Valley
Muad A. Kiyyam, Mohammad A. Alnaeem and Mohammad S. Tarawneh
Defining the Optimal Size and Structure Flock of The Sheep in Homs Governorate
Khetam Edrees , Ghassan Al Abdallah , Nisreen edrees and Mohammad Anwar Abdul ghani
Study the Main Factors Affecting the Yemeni Agricultural Output by Using the Path Analysis Method
Khaled Kassem Kaid Saleh
Evaluation Of Agricultural Policie and The Effect of Changing the Exchange Rate on Wheat Production Comparison of The Used Irrigation Methods in Iraq for The Season 2019-2020
Issa AL-Hachami
Comparing The Quality of Some Short-Term Forecasting Methods of The Hierarchical Time Series Data for Bread Wheat Production in Syria
Falak Alsataihi , Mohamad Taher Anan and Amjad Masso
The Impact of Rainfall and Strategies for Agricultural Accommodativeness on Sesame Crop Productivity Under Mechanized Rain-Fed Sub Sector in Al-Jabalain at The White Nile State, Sudan
Intisar Abdalrahman Awad Alseed Fadl Allah
Study of Variation, analysis of correlation and regression in varieties of sweet corn (Zea mays L. saccharata)
Razan khoury, Bolus Khoury and Mahmoud Alio
Effect of Laser (He-Ne) on seed germination and seedling growth of sesame (Sesamum indicum)
Rima Ghafari, Najwa Mouslemanie , Abdullah Katta and Imad-Aldeen Alkhalaf
Screening of 15 Chickpea (Cicer Arietinum L.) Genotypes to Osmotic Potential Induced by Polyethylene Glycol (PEG6000)
Reem Hamid, Faisal Bakkour and Fadi Abbas
Effect of Potassium Fertilization Under Different Levels of Irrigation on Pistachio Seedlings (P.vera)
Ibrahim Al abdullah, Muhammad Ayman daire, Mohamad kardoush and Mahasen Tawaklna
Using Copper Oxide Nanoparticles in Improving Quantitative Traits in Faba Bean (Vicia Faba L.) Genotypes
Ahmed H. Abdullah Anees and Qahtan A. Kareem Mohamad
Study of the pollution of the water of the Queiq river below the sewage treatment station for the city of Aleppo with some heavy metals
Aleppo with some heavy metals

Joud Mahnaya, Nada Altonji, Muhammad Manhal Alzoubi1 and Abdulghani Alkhaldi
Application Effects of Different Levels of The Primary Nutrients (N, P, K) On Some Growth Parameters of Cotton (Aleppo 124) Grown in Hama and Ghab
Samia Alshbib, Abd alghani Khorshid, Ahmad Aljomaa and Abd alghani Khaldi
The Effect of Mineral and Biological Fertilizer (EM1) on Some Productive and Qualitative Characteristics of Peanuts in The Syrian Coast
Ghzoan saeed, Nazih Rukeie and Issa Kbaybu
Morphological and Biochemical Response of Two Varieties (LOBNA And KARMA) of Pepper Plant Capsicum Annuum L. Under Lead Stress
Mohammd Bilaal, Walid Alsaid and Imad aldeen Alkhalaf
Air Pollution and Its Effect on Rain Fall Quality in Governorate Hasakeh
Mustafa Beda, Rami Kaba , Yasser Kert , Sherin Alfttah , Daoud Daoud and Lubna almawali
Taxonomic Study of The Wild Bee’s Genera in Basrah Province – Southern Iraq
Muslim, A. Al-Etby, Iyad, A. Abdel-Qader and Labeed, A. Al-Saad
The Effect of Feeding with Natural Food Media as Alternatives to Pollen on The Activity of Apis Mellefera L. Honey Bee Colonies and The Chemical Content of Workers’ Bodies in Winter
Samar Bashir Taha and Mohamed Shaker Mansour
Evaluation of Genetically Modified Cotton as Influenced by Nitrogen Fertilizer and Winter Season in Sudan
Abubaker Haroun.M.Adamand Jamela M. Hamedr