Vol 2 – Issue 2 – December 2015

Using Grape Pruning and Apple Trees Pruning Residues With the Addition of Nutrient Solution in Feeding Growing Jabaly Goats, Syria.
Rana Alshohefe, Ali Alhawarin ,Wathek Takea and Jawad Sharaf

Epidemiological and Clinical Study of Clinical Mastitis in Awassi Ewes at Jedrin Station, Syria
Abd Al-Naser Al-Omar ,Mohamad Rokbi, Sameer Al-Shareey ,Abd Al-Fattah Hamada

The Relationship Between Dry Period Length and The Subsequent Daily Milk Yield in Holstein Cows Under Syrian Intensive Production Conditions
Obyda Al-Masr Majed AL-Dakkak Mansour Ahmad Mohammed Amin  and Kahtan dayyop

The Effect of Socio- Economic Variables on the Safety Environmntal Practices of the Rural Woman in Damascus Countryside Governorate
Kenan Fawazkamal Aldeen

Effect of the Type of the Starter and Inoculation Rate on the Characteristics of Labneh Made in a Direct Method Compared with the Traditional Labneh
Mohamad Alshehabi, Faten hamed and  Sayah Abou-ghorrah

Effect of Potato Variety and Pre-processing Treatment on Potato French Fries Quality
Mouwafak Jbour, Widad Badran, Ghassan Shareef  and Ahmad Abdo

The Effect of Water Stress on Some Physiological Characteristics of Two Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.)  Monogerm Hybrids
Entessar AL-Jbawi and Fadi Abbas

Contribution of Awn in Grain Yield of Durum Wheat Under Drought Conditions
Abd Al Razzak Soud Mamoun Khaity  Sami Al Ghazali  Fadi Abu-Rukba and Moead Almeselmani

Performance of Some Primitive Wheat Genotypes and Correlation Coefficient of Some Yield Components Under Rainfed Condition in Syria
Maysoun Muhammad saleh and Dyab Salem Moussa

Effect of Drip Irrigation Methods (Mulched, Without Mulch) on Water Use and Production of Tomato Crop under Organic Farming
Abd Al-Kareem Jerdy, Bassam Oudeh, Haitham Al-Abdalla, Tallal Al- Abdo,and Boshra khozam

The Effect of Natural Syrian Zeolite on the Availability of Some Minerals in the Soil and Productivity of Wheat and Cotton in Gypsum Soils
Helal Gayerly ,Samer Bregle ,Muhamad Manhal Al Zubi, Yahya Ramadan, Khaled Al Shebli, Amira Al Hafez and Mayada Fattoum

Preliminary Study of Parasitoid Bracon sp. (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) on The Leafminer Tuta absoluta (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) and Plodia interpunctella H. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
Rafeek Ali Abboud, Magda Mofleh, Hanan Habak, and Mohamad Ahmad Ahmad