Vol (9) No (1) February 2022

Vol (9) No (1) February 2022  
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Pollen Viability and Germination of Some Sweet Cherry Cultivars  (Prunus Avium L.)
Ammar Askarieh, Sawsan Suleiman ,  and Mahasen  Tawakalna
Response of Some Tomato Hybrid (Lycopersicon esculentum L.) in Green Houses to Induced NaCl Salinity in Nutrient Solutions
Ali Yousif, Ghiath Alloush, and Ahmad Jaloul
General and Specific Combining Ability and Heritability of Some Melon (Cucumis Melo L.) Inbred Lines and their F1 Hybrids
Tharwat Redwan , Hafez Mahfoud, and Mazen Nassour
Application of the BLUP Indexing Method and Selection Models for Estimating Genetic Parameters of Average Daily Gains In the Local Goat Population
Najari Sghaier , Atoui Ahlem and Abdennebi Moldi
The Relationship between the Shape and Type of the Udder and the Measurements of the Teats with the Production of Milk and Some of its Components in A Herd of Baladi Goats
Abdul Hadi Hatabi
Field and Laboratory Study for Necrotic Enteritis Infected Chickens Caused by Clostridium Perfringens
Mamon Alamir and Samer Ebrahim
The Effect of the Colour of Plumage and Generation on Some of the Productive and Reproductive Traits of Two Lines of Japanese quail (Brown and Gold)
Haitham Rajab Manhi Al-Kaisi(1)* and Samawal Saadi Abdullah Al-Tikriti
The Economic Efficiency of Bee Honey Production in Lattakia Governorate
Mohammad Ghoush and Mahmoud Alio
Risk analysis of laying Poultry breeders in Aleppo Governorate
Zeinab Hasso , Maher Yousef and Nerouz Ferdawi
An Economic Study of Tobacco Cultivation in the Sheikh Badr District – Tartous Governorate
Suzan Moualla and  Ghassan Yaqoub
Financial Evaluation in for the Broiler Breeding Projects in the Swaida/ Syria
Maya Al-Abdala, Safwan Abou Assaf and Afraa Sallowm
The Use of Databases in Monitoring Productive and Financial Indicators of for Poultry Layers Farms /an Applied Study on the Domesticated Germaceae
Yasmine Ghandour ,Mahmood Alio andOmar Farousi
Identification of selection indicators for local wheat Lips and some wheat varieties (Triticum durum) under varying environmental conditions
Ahmed Kassem, Mohamed shafiq Hakim and Abbdullah al Youssef
Response of zea mays to Graduated Concentrations of Chromium
Aya Azzam, Aya Kanawaty and Imad aldeen AlKhalaf
Combining Ability for Grain Yield and Some Secondary Traits of Genotypes of Corn (Zea mays L.) Under Drought Stress
Reem Al-mansour, Thamer Hnesh, and Zenab Tadber
Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the Drinking water of Al-Zafaraniya District – Baghdad Province
Ansam Mahmood and   Khlood Abid-Alelah Mohamad
Relationship between Hydrological and Meteorological Drought in in the Basin of Mrqyieh River /Syria
Bouchra Ali and Wadieh Khoury
Effect of Mineral Fertilization and liquid Biogas Digestate on some vegetative and productive characteristics of peanuts
Tofek Othman and Omiema Nasser  and Haitham Eid and Mohamed Manhal Alzoaby
Estimation of total and exchangeable form of Cadmium in agricultural land in the Banias area subjected to the impact of thermal station emissions and their Association with Soil Properties
Sawsan Hayfa , Amina Alnesser and Suzan Abdullah
Using Remote Sensing Data to Micronutrients Prediction in Basalt- Developed Soils in Misyaf Region-Hamah Governorate
Alaa Khallouf , Sameer Shamsham and Younis Idriss
Effect of Roller Shape on Germination, Productive Quality of Lentil Yield, and Some Physical Properties of Loamy Soil
Ali Al-haj Akeel, Muhammad Nour Al-dean Al-tenbi and Youssef  Khoudary
Study mobility of lead and cadmium in Safraqiah’s dam soils in Qurdaha city – Lattakia
Ghiath Abd-al Hameed and Ibrahim Nesafe
Using Transplanted Lichen Parmelina Pastillifera as Bioaccumulator to Determinate the Concentration of (Pb, Cd) Heavy Metals in Different Sites in Latakia City (Syria)
Kamel Khalil, Mahmoud Ali and , Lubna Hassn
The Effect of Foliar Spray with Increased Concentrations of Boron on the Growth and Productivity of Pea Plants (Pisum Sativum L.) within the Conditions of the Lower Euphrates Valley
Moeen Najm Al-Abdullah, Lubna Al-Bashi and Anoar alsed
The Effect of Some Properties of Soil in Iron Availability in Soils of Some North of Aleppo Countries
Mohannad al-ebrahim al-ghajar
Survey and classification of the wild plants in Tal Shihan, Alswayda, Syria
Yasmine Alewi,Kinan Abo jahjah, Morhef Abo Ein and Waddah Alsayed
The Effect of Cucumber mosaic Virus Infection on Indicators of Vegetative Growth of Some Pepper (Capsicum Annum L.) Hybrids in Lattakia Governorate
Hala Al-alagouria, Imad Ismail Badea Samra, and Fahd Soheoni
Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Rhizoctonia Solani Isolates Causing Black Scurf Disease to Potato in Some Regions of Syria
Sally Abo Akel, Walid Naffaa, and Mohammed Jamal Mando
Taxonomic study of three species Anax spp. (Odonata: Aeschnidae) in Al-Marj region, Libya.
Youssef Mousa Zayeid and Altaib Noah Altaib