Vol (8) No (6) December 2021

Vol (8) No (6) December 2021  
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The Enzymatic Interesterification of Mixtures of Sunflower and Coconut Oils
Roula Hamoui , Mahmud Dahan, and Faten Hamed
The Impact of Wet Method for Removing Saponins on Sensory and Taste Properties of (Chenopodium Quinoa) Seeds
Mohammed Dosh Al-daemes
The Effect of Altitude on Yield and Qualitative Characteristics of Some Genotypes of Damask Rose (Rosa Damascena) in Lattakia.
Tharwat Redwan ، Hafez Mahfoud and Mazen Nassour
Determination of the Environmental Requirements of Chilling Hours and Date of Consumption Maturity of Conference (Pyrus communis var. conference) under Sweida Governorate Conditions
Samer Abou Hamdan and Bayan Muzher
Study of the effect of some agricultural substrates on the growth and development seedlings of Myrtus communis L.
and Biota orientalis L.

Samer Naser
Effect of Foliar and Soil Fertilization with Fe-EDDHA on Some Physical, Chemical and Productivity Traits of Pear Trees Pyrus communis L. var. Coscia
Mohamad Bishr Dababo, Mahmoud Baghdadi, Safaa Kelani,
and Moustafa mazen atri
Study of the effect of paper and plastic bags on the physiological and chemical characters of pear fruits during cold storage
Wafaa Abedo
Effect of Foliar Application with Iron and Some Antioxidants on Flowering and Fruiting of Peach Trees (Prunus Persica. L. cv. May Crest)
Ali Deeb, Fahed Sahuny, Mahasen Tawakalna, and Yahya Yosef
The Effect of the Direction of the Magnet Poles on the Growth and Productivity of the Okra Plant
Abdulkareem M Abd , Asaad R. Al-Hilphy, and Haider I. Ali
Effect of dietary Dried Cultivated Barley on some Blood Parameters of Broiler
Afrah Jeratly, Sami Al-agha, and Majed Mousa
The Effect of Using Different Levels of Crude Protein and Acetic Acid on Production Indicators of Japanese Quail
Hassan Muhammad Taleb
Effects of Milk Yield and Birth Season on Some Milk Components of Syrian Buffaloes
Anass Ahmed Al-Muhaimid , Kamel Fattal, Yahiya Al-Jubaili , and Mahmud Marwan Alsbbia

Economic and Financial Analysis of Bee Keeping Projects in Hama Governorate
Mustafa Haj Hmaidi and Mohammad Naser Al-Murai

Applying ARIMA Models and PCA technique for Forecasting the Production and Area of Citrus Fruits in Syria
Ibtesam Jasem and Mohamad Anan

The Economic and Social Study Impacts of Forest Afforestation and Logging in Some Forest Areas Affected By Fires in Lattakia Governorate
Urwah Suleiman , Nidal Darwich, Zuheir Shatter and Ghaydaa Barakat
Evaluation Yield and Quality Traits of Some Sesame Sesamum indicum L. Genotypes under Syrian Coastal Condition
Ghassan Naaseh , Fadwa Kilo and Saleh Kbali
Evaluation of the Performance of Some Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) Genotypes under Drought Stress Conditions Based on
Morphophysiological and Productivity Traits

Hussam Khalasi and Mohamed Abd elaziz
Yield Estimation of Coriander (Coriandum sativum) Treated with Yeast Using Remote Sensing
Nasser Ibrahem, Mohamud Abd-Alaziz and Yahua Mohamad
The Effect of Irrigation Water Quality and Nitrogen Fertilization Levels on Some Chemical Soil Properties and Wheat Groth CV. Sham – 6)
(Triticum Aestivum. L)

Irfan Aswad Al-Hamd and Abdul Razzaq Jarbu
The Effect of Sulfur with Organic Matter on Improving Some Properties of Calcareous Soils
Qasim Al-Faraj
Water Use Efficiency when Supplementary Irrigation is Applied Using Furrow Method on Potato (Solanum tubrtosum L. cv Spunta)
Marina al Ali and Jamil Abass
Impact of Nutritional Balance by NPK on the Productivity of Wheat (Cham 6Variety) By Applying Diagnosis and Recommendation Integrated (DRIS) System
Mohannad Al-Ghajar
The Efficiency of Using Water by Drip Irrigation on some of the Productive Characteristics of kiwi fruits ” Hayward “
Ali Kanjo, Jamil Abbas(1), Rabiaa Zaini and Neven Hasson
The First record of strain from Aspergillus sp. as Entomopathogenic Fungi on Cotton Aphids Aphis gossypii Glover in Al-Gab Countryside
Ziad Al-Eisa , Mohammad Nayef Alsalty, Ahmad Algomaa and Moneer Alnabha
Field Survey of Earias insulana (Bosid.) on Okra in Coastal Region and Assessment the Susceptibility of Some Local Genotypes Against it
Ola Salman, Atia Arab, Mohammad Ahmad , Yosef Wajhani and Osama Mohra
The Effect of Eucalyptus Spp. and Thuja Orientalis L. Leaves Extracts on Potato Tuber Moth Phthorimaea Operculella (Zeller)
Firas Al-shehawy *(1), Mohammad Nahaal (2) and Basma Afraa
Evaluation of Some Wheat Varieties towards the Infestation of Wheat Stem Sawfly (Hymenoptera: Cephidae) in Hama Governorate
Laila Aldahak, Bashar AL sheikh, Ahmad Elkhalf and Feras Mhamed Asaad
Evaluation of the Efficacy of Bio-Synthetic Nanoparticles by an Edible Mushroom Pleurotusostreatus A2019 in Controlling Wheat Root Rot Disease.
Saif saad allah Hassanand Abdullah Abdul krim Hassan
Effect of Different Salinity Concentrations on the Performance of Maize Hybrids
Omar Khattab
Testing the Efficacy of Wasal Flowers Extracts on Phytopathogenic Bacteria and Fungi
Zenib Suliman , Nwara Mohamed and Khaled El-Mir