Vol (8) No (5) October 2021

Vol (8) No (5) October 2021  
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Study the effect of site Difference on some Chemical Components in Foeniculum vulgare
Muhammad Abdul Aziz, Muhammad Nael Khattab and Yara Zarba
Effect of Irrigation Water Quality and Sheep Manure on Some Chemical Soil Properties, Growth and Productivity of wheat
(cv. Sham 6)

Al- Muthana Subhi Al- Diwani and Irfan Aswad Al-Hamd
Effect of Organic Fertilization on Growth and Oil Percentage of Thymus vulgaris L.
Lina Rayya and Manal Saleh
Effect of Soil Compression at Different Contents of Organic Matter on Some Soil Physical Properties and on Growth and Productivity of Maize
Osama kadro, Jihad Ebrahim and Rabiaa Zaini
Evaluation the Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Water Wells used for Drinking in Some Poultry Farms in Rural Safita, Syria
Ammar Mahmoud Mostafa , Ali Hassan Nisafi and Fahim Ali Abdelaziz
Phyto-Extraction of Lead and Cadmium from Random Landfills Soils at Homs City, Syria
Aber Muhammad and Shorok Saad
Molecular Characterization of Wild Apple Malus trilobata (Lab) in Jable and Kerdaha Mountains Using RAPD Technique
Eyad Dannoura, Hafez Mahfoud and Ali Deeb
orphological Characterization of Some Species of Genus Malva (Family: Malvaceae) in Different Locations of Rural Jableh, Syria
Muhammad Abdul Aziz, Muhammad Nael Khattab and Ghadeer Al-Houshi
In vitro-Selection of Salt Tolerant Lines of Two Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Varieties
Rima Massa, Fahed Al-Biski and Khalil Al-Maarri
Effect of Cutting the Apex of the Main Roots of Carob (Ceratonia siliqua L.) Seedlings Grown in Minirhizotron
Samer Naser
Effect of Aqueous Extract of Stem Euphorbia helioscopia on Mitotic Division of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)
Fatima Alzhraa Enjrini, Imad Aldeen Alkhalaf and Walid AlSaid
Economic Development and its Affected by Environmental Changes During the War on Syria
Khaym Al-zzabi
The Obstacles that Prevent Rural Woman from Doing her Effective Role in Rural Development in Jableh Region
Siba Said
A Comparative Study of the Impact of the Citrus Subsidy Policy before and After the Creation of the Agricultural Production Support Fund
Ismail Omran, Ghassan Kalil Yacoub and Mahmoud MostafaAlio
Factors Affecting Poverty Economically During the Syrian Crisis
Fayez Al-mokdad, Wael Habib and Hani Hasson
The impact of some good agricultural practices on the efficiency of date palm production in the New Valley governorate
Mahaba Abd El Moety ElSayed Ahmed Mahaba
Effect of Boiling on the Chemical Composition of Broiler Thigh and Breast in the Local Market, Aleppo Governorate
Mahmoud Abdulkreem and Suha Habeeb
Estimate of Quantity Aflatoxins in Some Syrian Wheat Varieties Storage in Concrete Silos
Mohammad Dosh Aldaemes
The Effect of Enzymatic Treatment (Tannase) on the Quality of Pomegranate Juice
Muhammad Hasan, Suhiel Ibrahim Basha and Mohammed Kassem
The chemical interesterification of mixtures of sunflower oil and coconut oil
Roula Hamoui, Mahmud Dahan and Faten Hamed
Effect of Sowing Date and Addition Method of Humic Acids on Growth and Yield of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Under the Conditions of Deir Ezzor Governorate
Abd AL-Hakeem AL-kasham
Molecular and functional analysis of Glutathion transferase gene in lentil Lens culinaris Medik.
Fateh Khatib and Tasneem Khayata Bsata
Effect of Birth Type and Sex of Lamb on Weights and Growth Rates of Awassi Lambs
Hasan Emad Almasri
The Effect of Using Different Levels of Crude Protein and Dry Yeast on Productivity Characteristics in Japanese Quail (Fattening )
Hassan Muhammad Taleb
Estimating the Genetic and Environmental Variations of Some Milk Traits in Shami Goats
Kamel Fattal, Abdalhady Hattaby and Rama Bakry Zalat
Effect of Lentil Seed Rates on the Competitiveness of Wild Mustard (Sinapis alba L.) and the Critical Economic Limit for its Control
Mouzahem Mohammad ALDahoul, Samir Mohammad Tabbache, Bahaa Ahmad Al-Rahban and Gassan Abdalrhman Al-Lahham
Isolation and Characterization of Some Genus of Rhizobia that Symbiosis with Chickpea (Cicer arietinum) Roots
Manal Al-Dos, Mahmoud Abo Ghourra and Aida Jalloul