Vol (8) No (4) August 2021

Vol (8) No (4) August 2021  
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Effect of irrigation intervals and humic acid application on the chemical composition of blue panic plant (Panicum antidotale).
Awad alaswad
Micro Propagation of the Wild Apple Malus trilobata Lab (The Stages of Growth and Multiplication)
Eyad Dannoura, Hafez Mahfoud and Ali Deeb
Effect of different levels of fertilization and foliar spray with gibberellic acid on productivity and fruit quality traits of Diospyros kaki var Hachyia.
Jawa Daoud, Rashid Khrboutly and Amjad Badran
Effect of Potassium Nitrate and Gibberellic Acid-GA3 Treatments on Some Growth and Production Parameters of Pepper (Capsicum annum L.)
Ibrahim Akram Mhanna, Fahd Ahmad Sahyouny and Badie Mohammad Samra
Performance of Some Pepper (Capsicum annum L.( Genotypes in Response to Salinity Stress
Zobaeda Ali Hussien ,Bassam Fahad Al Atalah and Nedal Jamil Sofan
Introducing Water Hyacinth Hay In The Feeding of Awassi Sheep and its Effect on Growth Characteristics
Imad Alhorani
Association of αs1-Casein Gene Polymorphism with Milk Yield and its Composition in Awassi Sheep
Hasan Emad Almasri , Abdul Rahman Al-Darwish and  Hiba Albadee
Effect of age and weight of ewe on the growth rates of Awassi lambs
Hasan Emad Almasri
Study the Prevalence of Endoparasites Infections in Two Production Lines (Milk, Meat) of Awassi Sheep in Salameia Research Center, Syria
AbdulNaser Al-Omar, Morshid Kassouha, Mohamed Zuheir and Salam, Mai Almaghout
Taxonomic study of Some Ciliatic Species of the Order Hymenostomatida) Family: Parameciidae) in Qoiq River at the North of Syria
Zainab Badenjki
Inducing Systemic Resistance in Tomato Plants Against Tomato Yellow leaf Curl Virus TYLCV Under Protected Cultivation
Ensaf Hassan Akel, Hanan kawas, Qusay Al-Rhayeh, Rehab Hamdan and Imad D. Ismail
An assessment of changes in drought intensity and frequency in Syrian Aljazeera region (AlHassaka and AlQamshli) during the period 1957-2012
Rama barakat and  Michael skaf
Effect of Adding Different Washing Water Quantities on Wet Construction of Harji Area Soil in Deir Ez-Zor
Al- Muthana Subhi  Al- Diwani  and  Irfan Aswad Al-Hamd
The Application of COREIN Model to Estimate Soil Erosion Risk in the Basin of Mrqyieh River, Tartous, Syria, Using Geographic Information System (GIS)
Rawan Khatib,Bouchra Ali and Wadieh Khoury
Effect of Chemical Interesterification on the Properties of Some Lipids and its Mixtures
Roula Hamoui, Mahmud Dahan and Faten Hamed
The Effect of Using Carboxy Methylcellulose, Carrageenan and Boiling on the Chemical Composition and the Physicochemical Properties of Chicken Meatballs
Mahmoud Abdulkreem
Study of the Microbial Characteristics of Fermented Sausage Using Local Isolates of Lactobacillus plantarum
Iman Askoul, Abdul Wahab Merai and Abdulhakim Azizieh
Economic Efficiency of Olive Oil Marketing at the Producers’ Level in the Coastal Region of Syria
Ghasan Baddour, Gahasn Yacoub and  Mahmoua Alio
Using Factorial Analysis to Study the Factors Affecting the Production of Fruit Trees in the Syrian Coast
Mahmoud Amoudi and Talib Ahmed
Feasibility Study of Apricot Cultivation In Lattakia Governorate
Adham Ryad Alhayek, Mohsen Jahjah and  Omar Farosi
Prediction of tobacco crop production in Syria using (ARIMA) model analysis
Majd Namaa, Ghassan Yacoub and Ayman Achouch
The Impact of Economic Liberalization Policy in the Productive and Economic Indicators of the Citrus Crop in Syria
Ismail Mohamad  Omran, Ghassan Kalil Yacoub and Mahmoud Mostafa Alio