Vol (8) No (3) june 2021

Vol (8) No (3) june 2021  
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Dual Purpose of Two Triticale Lines (X. triticosecale Wittmack) Under the Effect of Different Levels of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Clipping Dates
Nizar Harba, Nabil Habib and Taimaa Saud
Combining Ability for Some Earliness Indicators in Cotton Hybrids (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
Ahmad Al Jouma and Jamila Dirbas
Effect of Irrigation Levels on Some Morpho-Physiological and Quality Characteristics of two Arachis hypogaea L. Varieties (Sory1 and Sory2) in the Syrian Coast
Yousef mohammad ,  Rabie zaineh and  Muhammad zalikha
Comparison of Some Pecan Nuts Carya illinoinensis (Wangenh.) K. Koch Genotypes in Oil and Protein Seeds Content in Lattakia Governorate
Mahasen Tawaklna, Safaa Sabbouh, Wael Mtawj and Ammar Askarieh
Effect of sowing dates and plant spacing on morphological characteristics and productivity of cucumber
(Cucumis sativus L.)

Ziad Al-Hussein, Abboud Al-Jassim and Waleed Al-Nasser
Estimating Broiler Meat Production Efficiency Using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) in As-Swaida Governorate, Syria
Maya Al-Abdala, Safwan Abou Assaf , Afraa Sallowm
Investigation of Escherichia coli Infection in Some Broiler Farms in Tartous Governorate
Alaa Afef ,  Ali Nisafi,  Abd alnaser Al-Omar and Sheiam Sulaeman
The Effect of Treatment of Tobacco Plant cv. Burley with Trichoderma harzianum Against Tobacco Black Shank Disease
Mahmoud Hasan, Ramez Mohammad and Tarek Hasan
First Report of Black Dead Arm Caused by Botryosphaeria obtusa (= Diplodia seriata) on Grapevine in Syria
Samir Mahfoud and Ghazela Louafi

The Effect of Cucumber mosaic virus Infection on the Light Pigments of Some Pepper Hybrids (Capsicum annum L.) in Lattakia Governorate
Hala Al-alagouria, Imad Ismail, Badea Samra and Fahd Soheoni
Detection Phytoplasma Using Anatomical Methods and Searching Prevalence on Some Plants in Syrian Coast

Mais hijazia, Salem Rai and Jamal al ahmad
The Evaluation of Some Tomato genotypes Against Tomato leaf Miner Tuta absoluta Merrick. Insect under tow Sowing Dates
El Ahmed and M. K. Nahhal
Effect of levels of organic fertilizer and biochar on productivity of potato plant (Solanum Tuberosum L.).

Mohammad Ibraheem, Ali Zidan and  Haitham Ead
Mapping Fire Severity and its Area Using Satellite Imagery Sentinel 2A (Case Study: Farzala Fire 2019)
Ola Ali Merhej ,Mahmoud Kamel Ali, Ali Saker Thabeet , Yunis Mohammad Idress and Lama Saleh Essa
Study the Quantity and Intensity Relationships of Potassium in Some Soils in Syria
Rami Kaba  , Omar Abd AL Razzaq and   Hussien Al Sulieman
Effect of Humic Acid Application and Different Irrigation Intervals on Growth and Productivity of Blue Panic (Panicum antidotale)
Awad Mahmoud Al Aswad
Using Principal Components Analysis and Neural Networks for Improving the Prediction of Weather Parameters
Noura Alhussein , M. Taher Anan and Yahia Mohamad Fareed
Using Remote Sensing in the Estimation of Pinus brutia Ten. Groups Forest Parameters in Jableh Region
Ilene Mahfoud and Suha Nbeaa
Sheep Residue and Nitrogen Fertilization Levels and Their Interaction on Some Growth and Yield Characteristics of Wheat Plant (Triticum aestivum L.) (cv. Sham 6)
  Irfan Aswad Al-Hamd  and  Abdul Razzaq Jarbu
Morphological characterization of some species of Thymus spp. spread in Lattakia’s  forestry

Malak Saboh and Talal Ameen
Propagation of Cupressocyparis leylandii (A.B.Jacks and Dallim.) by Stem Cuttings on Some Agricultural Medium
Hazar Wakil, Hasan Alla Aldin and Talal Amin
Effect of Some Treatments on Rooting of Laurus nobilis L. Wild Genotypes Cuttings in Latakia Governorate
Ammar mouhammad said , and Talal Amin
Effect OF Preserving, Storing and Peeling Method on Some Chemical Properties of Canned Tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum)
Mahmoud Sheikh Muhammad, Omar Al-Naser and Mohammed Al-Azem
Extraction of pectin from some fruits and vegetables and studying their chemical properties and diagnosis by FTIR
Mariam.A.Auribi, Lina S.Mohammed  and Nawal K. Zben
Economic Analytical Study of Agricultural
Wastes in Latakia and Tartous Governorates

Adelina Sbh, Ghassan Kalil yacoub and Mahmoud Mostafa Alio
Estimation of Demand Functions for Nitrogenous and Phosphate Fertilizers of Cotton Crop in Aleppo Governorate (Deir Hafir Area)
Redwan Al-gasem, Maher Yousef and Mustafa Haj Hmaidi