Vol (8) No (2) April 2021

Vol (8) No (2) April 2021  
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Performance, Combining Ability and Gene Action in Single Hybrids of Maize (Zea mays L.)
Evaluation some Selection Criteria in Chickpea(Cicer arietinum L.) Mutants Using Correlation Coefficient
Abeer Jubilee Boulos Khoury and Mazen Rajab
Effect of Some Treatments on Break Seed Dormancy of Date Palm Phoenix dactylifera L. Cultivar Al-Barni
Ziad Jalal Al-Hussin, Mohammad Morshed Akkad Al-Dhaher and AlHasan Ali Al-Humedi
Effect of Foliar Application with Naphthalene Acetic Acid (NAA) and Boron on Physical and Chemical Fruits Traits of Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck (Washington navel)
Raed Jafar, Fahed Sahuni and Ali Deeb
The Effect of Morphological Characteristics of Shami Cow Breast on Milk Production in Syria
Eyad alkhaled, Samouil Moussa and Khaled Najjar
Length-Weight Relationships, Condition Factor and Sex Ratio of Tristramella simonis (Gunther) in the Basin of Nahr AlKabeer Alshamali
Fadia Dib, Adib Saad and Abdellatif Ali
Impact of Feed Withdrawal in Different Period of Times on Physiological Traits and Immunity System on Both Sexes of Broiler Chicks
Sarood Samal Shawka, Salwan Mahmood Abdulateef, Mohammed Ala Al-Bayar and Zhina Abbas Mohammed(1)
The Effect of Herbicides and Sowing Rates on the productivity and quality Traits of Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.)
Mouzahem Mohammad ALDahoul, Samir Mohammad Tabbache, Bahaa Ahmad ALRahban and GhassanAbdalrhman Al-Lahham
Effect of tillage type with different depths on some Soil Hydro- Physical characteristics and potato productivity (Solanum tuberosum.L)
Shaza Ahmad Asaad
Locating and designing a dam in Salqin Basin (Orontes Basin) using GeoMedia professional 6.1
Wadie Khoury
Monitoring Vegetation cover changes and Estimation of factor(C) using Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) at AL-Abrash River Basin in Tartous, Syria.
Ali jouhra, Mona Barakat, Mohamad AL- Abed and Ezaldeen Hasan
Effect of different levels of organic fertilizer on growth and yield of chickpea ( C icer arietinum L.) under conditions of Deir Ezzor Governorate
Abd AL-Hakeem AL-kasha
Effect of the space between contour stone bunds on runoff and soil moisture content: Samandeel – Lattakia
Taher Cheikho, Ahmed Zalita and Linda Droobi
Effect of saline stress of chloride and sodium sulphate on growth and productivity of Atriplex leucoclada and Atriplex cancecens
Dalia, A. Khalouf, Awad, M. Al-Aswad, and Goson, Al-Rajab Aga
Using the Pruning Residues of Apple Trees in Solid Fuel Industry
Bassam Al Atalah, Jwad Sharaf, Safwan Abu Assaf, Remal Saab, Ali Alhwarin , Samer Kiwan, Wassim Mohsen and Awad Alflah
Determining the Optimal Requirement of Nitrogen for Growth and Productivity of Irrigated Wheat Triticum eastivum (cv. Cham 7)
Fatema abdelrahman, Abdulgani Khorshid, Badralden Jalab and Mustafa mazen Otri
Production Pectinases from Aspergillus by Liquid state fermentation and determination of Optimum Parameters for production
Rasha Taowz, Adib Faleh, Fateh Kateeb and Muhammad Alazm
Economic estimate of the Supply and Demand Functions of Wheat Crop in Syria
Alawee Ali
Attitudes of Benefit from The agricultural Media and The extent of Communication with Extension Activities of Vegetable Farmers in The Jableh Region
Maha Ali Abedo and IbrahimHamdan Saker
The Use of Panel Models Techniques in Estimating the Grain Production Function of Several Arab Countries During the Period 2014 to 2016
Suha Al Ahmad, Mohammad Taher Anan, Mustafa Haj Hmaidi and Yaeseen Karmota
Economics of Scale for Broiler Projects in Swaida Governorate, Syria
Maya Al-Abdala, Safwan Abou Assaf, Afraa Sallowm
Study the Current Reality of Green Marketing Culture in ALGhab Region, Hama Governorate
Lugin Ajep and Ghassan Yaqoub
Analysis of Syrian Foreign Trade Flows of Awas Sheep Using Gravity Model
Shabab Nasser, Ali Abdalaziz, Naji AL-Fraj and Alaa Hamo
Effect of Salt Stress (NaCl) on Proline and Chlorophyll Content of Potato (solanum tuberosum L.)
Wael Mtawj, Mazen Rajab and Hassan Khojah
Effect of Nutritive Medium and Change in Gene Expression of Tropinon Reductase I and Tropinon Reductase II on the Growth Dynamic and Production of Hyoscyaimine and Scopolamine in Callus Culture of Hyoscyamus aureus L.
Shaza Hasan Besher