Vol (7) No (6) December 2020

Vol 7 No 6 December 2020  
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Effect of Beans and Clover Leaves Addition to the Diet of Layer Hens on Some Eggs Characteristics
Hasan Youssef Hoseen, Tawfik Dalla and Fahim abd al aziz
Usage of Different Concentrations of Oleic Acid and Sodium Hydroxide NaOH in Reducing the Bacteria Load of Broiler Skin
Alaa Hasan, and Sheiam Sleyman
Prevalence and Determination of Species of Ticks in Camels at Wady Al-Atheeb Research Station
AbdulNaser Al-Omar, Morshid Kassouha
A Study on the Prevalence of Subclinical Mastitis and Determining its Etiology in Dairy Cows in Damascus Countryside Governorate (Syria)
Mouhamad AL Masalam, and Abeer Haddad
Pathological Assessments of Ovine Liver Abscesses in Basra Abattoir
Sanaa K. Kadhim, and Jihad A. Ahmed
The Effect of Early Feeding Using Technically Modified Diets on Live Body Weight and Blood-Immune Parameters of Newcastle Disease in Broiler
Bashir Alboshi
Effect of Adding Different Levels of Biotin to The Diet in The
Productive Performance of Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix
japonica) Exposed to Oxidative Stress

Ibrahim Hamza Yasser Al-Awadi, Nihad Abdul-Lateef
and Ali Al-Nadawi
The Effect of Fortifying Yoghurt with Sesame and Flax Oils and
their Effect on Starter Bacteria and Probiotic Bacteria and their
Relationship to E. coli

Azhar Ibrahim Shukur, Tariq Zaid Ibrahim and Sumyia Khalaf Badawi
Land Suitability Evaluation of Olive Cultivation Using Parametric Methods at Misayaf Area in Hamah Governorate
Alaa Khallouf, Reem Abdul Hamid and Waseem Almesaber
Effect of Culture Medium, Mechanical and Chemical Treatments on Germination and Growth of Walnut (Juglans regia L.cv.AlAgami) Seedlings
Wafaa Abedo 
Effect of grain type on the mycelium colonization period and productivity of oyster mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus on wheat straw substrate
Louna Rizk Allah Kasoha
General Trending and Forecasting of Climate in Homs Meteo Station
  Eissa Nofal, Maan Daud and Boshra khozam
Using Box-Jenkins (ARIMA) Models to Forecast Syrian Olive Oil Production and Estimate the Losses Resulting from the Climate Changes and Syrian Crisis
Wael Habib, Fayez Al-Mikdad and Mohammad Ghoush
Accumulate Lead and Copper Elements after Treatment with Sulfur and Organic Matter
Kaies Sami Muhamed, and Ammar Fakhree Khdeer
Using  Zeolite and Granule Activated Carbon Combination for Remediating Landfill Leachate-contaminated Groundwater in Permeable Reactive Barriers
Waseem Yousef Daoud
Persulfate Catalyst for Removing Methylene Blue
Alaa Mohamad Soubh and Mohamad Ghalebizade
Association of Perilipin Gene PLIN1 Polymorphism with Body Weight and Abdominal Fat Weight of Hybrid Broiler Ross 308
Rusul Tawfiq Ali and Sajida A. Al-Shaheen
Use of Principal Components Analysis and R Programming Language to Study Changes in NDVI Values for Forestry Cover in Afrin, Syria
Mohamad Hamza Istanbuly and Mustafa Nur Istanbuly
Evaluation of Tree Species and Estimation of their Idealism in Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed Street in Lattakia City
Osama Radwan
Determination the Concentration of Heavy Metals in the Bark of Citrus aurantium, Ligustrum vulgaris and Melia azedarach Trees Planted in Tartous City, Syria
Kamel Khalil, Nour Aldin Youssef and Assem Hamd
stimating of Consumer Demand for Honey Bees in Lattakia Governorate
Mohammad Ghoush and Wael Habib
The Effect of Deficit Irrigation on Some Yield Traits of Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus)
Saoud Sarboukh , Faten Al-Safadi, Baraa Bodakka, Safaa Bodakka and Amjad Abo Mogdeb
Preparation of Water Erosion Risk Map of Al Thawra Dam Basin Soils Using Corine Model
Hadeel  Mammar and Mona Barkat
Study of Heterotrophic Bacteria Changes in a Freshwater of Several Locations of Al Kabeer Al Shamali River
Issa Nour al-Din Kabibou, Jamil Ibrahim Abbas and Anje Amin Mahmoud
The Effect of Organic Fertilization on the Productivity and Quality Traits of Olive Al-deibli cv. Oil in Homs Governorate, Syria
Abd-Al-Karim Hashem Jerdh , Bassam Ibrahim Oudeh, Ossama Naeim Murra and Wafaa Hashem Abboud
The Response of Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.var. Burley21) to Water Stress and Different Levels of Nitrogen Fertilization under Tartous Governorate Conditions
bdullah Rajab Ahmed , Majd Mohammad Darwish and Nazeeh Rokiah
Heterosis and Inbreeding Depression of Gossypium hirsutum Hybrids
Ahmad Aljuoma and Jamila Dirbas
Behavior of Some Bean Genotypes Vicia faba L. Under the Environmental Conditions of Eastern Aleppo
Hasan Al-Assaf, Khald al-mohammad , Abdullah Al-youssef
Influence of Plant Density and Cucumber mosaic virus Infection on the Morphological Traits of Beans Vicia faba
yousef mohamad, Emad Daoud Ismail and Khaled Farid Al-Janad
Survey of Soil Fungi Causing Roots Rot of Evergreen Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) Seedlings in the Forest Nursery
Komait Al-Htra and Abdul Rahman Khafteh
Effect of (PGPR) Bacteria on Some Morphological and Qualitative Traits of Pepper and (CMV) Infection
Mohammad S .Ibrahim , Yaser A. Hammad and  Salim Raahe
Detection the Ability of Some Local Fungal Isolatesin the Secretion of Hydrolysis Enzymes and Indol-3-Acetic Acid Growth Regulator
Zahra Ibrahim El-Gali and Amina Abdul-Hamied Saad
Effect of probiotic supplementation (Emotic) on some productive traits of fattening Awassi lambs and the economic efficiency
Muhannad Muna, Faisal Maya and Osman Kaheel