Vol (7) No (4) August 2020

Vol 7 No 4 August 2020
Pages Contents
1-12 -Effect of  Spraying Salicylic Acid and Zinc Element on Cherry Tomato Solanum lycopericum L. Characteristics Under Greenhouse Conditions
Dhufr Gheni Omar, Othman Kalid AL-Mafargy* and Hussien Aziz Mohammed
13-26 -Response of Apple Rootstock Sukary Alswieda Produced by Stool Bed to Deficit Irrigation in the Nursery
Ola Tawfeek Al-Halabi* Bayan Mohammed Muzher, Samer Ghaleb Abou Hamdan, and Saoud Sarboukh
27-34 -The Effect of Fruit Location on the Crown of Orange Tree (Washington Navel) and Growth Cycles on Fruits Quality Traits 
Ali Deeb and Ammar Nbeaa*
35-41 -Effect of the Method of Using Three Seaweed Extracts on Growth and Yield of  Abelmoschus esculentus L.
Qasim Jasim Athafua*
42-54 -Effect of Benzyl Adenine (AB) Treatment on Growth and Flowering of (Matthiola incana)
Mazen Ali Nassour*
55-64 -Effect of Imbibe, GA3 and Planting Date on Germination of Red and Orange Pyracantha coccinea Seeds
Maher AlAbrash* Yahia Kamari and Mahmoud Khudour
65-77 -The Effect of Water extract of mistletoe (Viscum album L.) on seeds germination of Almond (Amygdalus spp.)
Mohammed Jalal AlKhaleel* Walid Mansou, Yahya Kamari and Nowras AlAbras
78-98 -The Perception of the Farmers about the Level of Accountability in Agricultural Extension in Jordan and the Impact of Their Social and Economic Characteristics on this Perception
Mohammad Salem Altarawneh* Radi Abdalmajeed Altarawneh, Ebraheem  Suliman Altahat and Ali  Abdullah Gharaibeh
99-119 -Using ARIMA Models in Forecasting for Economic Variables of Maize in Egypt
Moataz Eliw Mostafa Ahmed* and Mohamed. A. Elsamie Abd Elsayed
120-134 -Economic Assessment of Tomato Production Costs Under Protected Agricultural Conditions During the Long Season in Banias Region, Syria
Ibrahim Hmdan Sakr, Ryad Tawfik Zidanand Mosa Marhig*
135-148 -The Effect of the Density and Location of the Rearing Hall on the Productive Performance of Broilers
Bilal Natiq Abdul-Wahhab,Ammar Talib Dhiab Al-Tememy, Basim Abboud Abbas*
149-163 -Prevalence of Ticks infection in Awassi Sheep in Hama Governorate (Syria)
Abdul Naser Al-Omar* and Morshid Kassouha
164-174 -Effect of Some Non-Genetic Factors on Chemical Composition of Awassi Sheep Milk
Hasan Emad Almasri, Abdul Rahman Al-Darwish and Hiba Albadee*
175-191 -Determination of Chemical Content, Antioxidant Efficacy and Isolation of Flavonoid Luteolin Compound from Syrian Achillea Falcata L.
Malaz AlBasha*
192-205 -Comparing Chellatic and Sulfuric Fertilization by Fe and Cu Treatments on Lentil (Lens culinaris L.) Productivity Grown in Calcareous Soil
Mahmoud Khateeb, Aziza Ajouri, Yousef Khoudary and Ahmad Shams Aldien Shaaban*
206-220 -Study the Genetic Similarity Using RAPD Technology and Genetic Behavior for Some Genotypes Produced from Partial Diallel of Triticum durum Desf.
Ahmed Hawas Abdullah Anees* and Tamadher Adil Ahmed Abdulsatar Al-Dulaimy
221-231 -Effect of Gibberellic Acid on Germination Percentage and Growth of Maize (Zea mays L.) cv. (Ghouta 82) Seeds Under Salt Stress
Iftikhar Khalaf Abbas Aga*
232-248 -The Response of Some Productivity and Quality Characteristics of the Sweet Corn (Zea mays var. saccharata) Hybrid (Golden Sweet hybrid) to Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Amino Acids Treatments 
Wajiha Kassem Al-Shar, Suleiman Salameh and Majd Darwish*
249-259 -Factors Affecting Natural Regeneration of Pine Nuts (Pinus pinea L.) in Some Plantation Sites in Latakia
Hekmat Abbas, Ousama Radwan and Amal Asaad Sakkour*
260-273 -Evaluation of Tree Species and Estimation Their Idealism as Street Trees. Study Case: Al-Maghreb Al-Arabi Street in Latakia City
Belal AlSayed* and Ousama Radwan
274-295 Effect of Various Sources of Humic Substances on Soluble Calcium and Available  Phosphorus of Two Calcareous Soils
Jamal H. Yaqoub* andMohammed A. budalkareem
296-310 -Distribution Pattern of Soil Map and Environmental Sedimentation of Some Soil Series in Greater Mussaib Project, Iraq
Hameed K. Abdul-Ameer,and Gehan J. Jomaa*
311-329 -Simulation of Soil Moisture Distribution Patterns under Alternate Furrow Irrigation of Zea mays
Hazem H. Al-Ashwal * and Mohamed M. Alsanabani
330-340 -The Effect of the Exposure on the Total Phenolic Contents in Leaves and Fruits of Sorbus torminalis L. in the Core of the Cedar-Fir Protected Area (Slenfeh-Latakia)
Zainab Amran* Mahmoud Ali, and Rim Salame
341-353 -Comparison of the Productive and Morphological Characteristics of Two Cotton Varieties Under Different Levels of Water Deficit with two Irrigation Methods (Surface and Sprinkling)
Nisreen Soudah, Abdulnaser Aldarir and Abdulghani Alkhaldi*
354-364 Determination of Heavy Elements (Pb, Cr and Mn) in Meat and Poultry Products in Sudan Using X-Ray Fluorescence
Mohammad Hassaan* Ahmad Elfaki, MMubarak Abdallah, AlSadek Mohammedand Mohammad Yousif
365-382 -Comparison of Iraqi Clay Mineral Adsorption with the Attoplgite and Zeolite Minerals for Some Heavy Metals
Mohammed M. Yassen* Salwa  J.  Fakhir, Ola S. Qasim
383-396 -Determination the Flow of Drainage Wells and the Exudation Distance in Relation to the Variability of the Permeability Coefficient, and Compare them with Dupuit’s Equation Results
Marwan Alhaj Houssein*
397-407 -The Efficacy of Trichoderma harzianum and Some Pesticides on the Development of Some Fungi that Cause Wheat and Barley Root Rot
Bachar Aldakil*
408-421 -In vitro Study of Antagonistic Activity of Local Isolate of Trichoderma harzianummAgainst some Phytopathogenic Fungi 
Amina Abdul-Hamied Saad and Zahra Ibrahim El-Gali*
422-432 -Effect of Bio-Synthetic Nanoparticles of pleurotus eryngii on Inhibition of Pythum aphanidermatum  that Caused Damping off Disease
Saif saadallah Hassan and Abdullah Abdulkrim Hassan*
433-445 -The Effect of Bacterial Strain Bacillus subtillis FZB27 FZB27 to Induce Systemic Resistance Against Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) in Pepper Plants Under Green House Conditions
Mai Moaalla* Ahmad Ahmad, Omar Hammoudi and Imad Daoud Ismaeil
446-454 -The Effect  of Bees  Feeding on Different Concentrations of Ginger Extract on Some Biological Aspects of Artificially Fertilized Queen Bees Apis mellifera
Ahmed J. M.  AL-Shammary, Hikmat  K. Jassem, Haithim A. Saeid* and  Ahmed S. Sajit
455-466 -Terrestrial Plants as Indicator of Pollution in Basrah, Iraq
Amal A. Mahmood* Luma J. Al Anber and Amal M. Eassa
467-477 -The Impact of Syrian Crisis on the Forestry Areas in North Latakia Governorate
Ilene Mahfoud*
478-485 – First  Record of Abudefduf vaigiensis (Quoy and Gaimard, 1825) (Teleostei: Pomacentridae) in the Syrian Coasts (Eastern Mediterranean)
Adib Saad* Ahmad Soliama and Hasan Alkusairy
486-491 -A New Record of Blastodacna libanotica Diakonoff, 1939 (Lepidoptera, Agonoxenidae) on Pear Trees in Latakia Governorate, Syria
Mahran Zeity* Bayan Muzher, O
la Al-Halabi, Saher Al-Halabi, Raafat Albahlool and Majeda Mofleh
492-498 -The Effect of Seaweed Extracts Spray on Some Productivity and Quality Traits of Fodder Beet (Beta vulgaris L.)
Entessar Mohammad AL Jbawi* Hiba ShamsAlDeen, and Samir Shamsham
499-509 -Effect of Pre-Harvest Application of Maleic Hydrazide on Growth, Yield and Bolting of Radish (Raphanus sativus cv. Tokinashi) During Late Winter Season under Terai Condition of Rupandehi, Nepal
Janjit Adhikari* Purushottam Dhodary, Manoj Joshi, Ram Dhan Tharu, Ashok Mandal, Rukmagat Pathak and Puspa Raj Poudel