Vol (7) No (3) June 2020

  Vol 7 No 3 June 2020
Pages Contents
1-7 Effect of Sowing Dates and Different Concentrations of IBA on the Multiplication of ‎Dodonaea viscosa
Aysar Mohammad Salem AlMeaamari* and Alaa Hashem Younes AlTaai
8-22 The Phenotypic Characterization of Some Damask Rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) Genotypes Distributed in Latakia Government.
Tharwat Saleem Redwan*, Hafez Mohammed Mahfouz and Mazen Ali Nassour
23-35 In Vitro Micropropagation of Seedlings of Ceratonia siliqua L. with Micro-Cuttings
Fadi Kazngi* Talal Amin and Hafez Mahfoud
36-46 The Effect of Different Levels of Poultry Manure on the Production of Pistachios var. ‘Ashouri’
Mohammed Al Doeames* Rashid Kharbutli and Rashid AlSaid Omar
47-59 The Effect of Indole Butyric Acid IBA Concentrations on Rooting and Growth of Stem Cuttings of Thymus spp. Which Spread Naturally in Latakia Governorate
Malak Sabbouh* Talal Amin and Hafez Mahfoud
60-72 Effect of Foliar Spraying with Different Concentrations of (Huzone) Nutrients and Pruning Methods on Growth of Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus L.)
Fawaz Al-haji Abboud, Ibrahim Nada Al-Shetewi and Nada Huseen ALAmeir*
73-82 Effect of Adding Different Levels of Nano Boron to the Diet on Some Biochemical and Lipid Profile of the Broiler Ross 308
Nebras Kadhim Abbas and Nihad Abdul-Lateef Ali*
83-92 The Education Impact of the Farmer Field Schools of Almond Trees At Shahbaa Region In Al-Suwayda Governorate
Jalaa Kanbar*
93-106 Analytical Study of Cherry Production in Latakia Governorate. Case Study: Al-Haffah Region
Samah Mohammad Ahmad* and Ghassan Yacoub
107-123 Production Efficiency of Some Vegetable Crops Under the Protected Agriculture System in Egypt
Diaa ElHaq Ibrahim Ibrahim, Moataz Eliw Mostafa Ahmed*
124-136 Effect of Different Blanching Methods on the Activity of the Peroxidase Enzyme and the Quality Characteristics of Frozen Carrot Slices
Batool Alansari* and Abdulrahman Hasan Laftah
137-152 Production of Lactic Acid from Whey Using ImmobilizedMixed Culture of Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus
Sahar Adnan Sheetand Waleed Ahmed Mahmood*
153-171 Predicting the Quantity of Agricultural Wastes Using WEKA Application
Abdulwahed M. Aboukarima* Samy G. Hemeda,Mohamed S. El- Marazky, Riham El_Oliemy and Ibrahim S. Tabash
172-183 The Effect of Plant Density on the Morphological and Production Traits of Some Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd) Varieties
Entessar Al Jbawi* Manal Othman, Doaa Homsi, Nahla Al Mahmoud, Entessar Hasan, Thamer Al Huniesh, Mu’adAbdu-Latif Kiyyam and Mohammad Ali
184-194 Combining Ability and Gene Action in Single Crosses of Maize (Zea mays L.) Using (Line×Tester) Method
Reem Saleem Ali Samir AL-Ahmad,   Bolous Khoury
195-208 Selection of Wheat Genotypes of Triticum Durum Desf. Tolerant to Drought under Rainfed Condition Using Carbon Isotope Discrimination Technique
Abdulwahid A Saif* Aref alshamiri,  and Ammar Wahbi
209-224 Estimation of Combining Ability, Dominance Degree and Heterosis in Some Single Crosses of Bread Wheat (Triticum eastivum L.)
Mohamed Baker AlAbd AlWahed * Ayman Alarfi   and Jalal Abboud
225-231 Study the Tolerance of Durum Wheat (Triticum turgidum subsp. durum) Mutations at M3 Generation to Salt Stress
Mokhtar Baraket*  Hassine Marwa, Olfa Ayed Slama, Trifa Youssef, Hajer Slim Amara and Karmous Chahine
232-245 Role of Conservation Agriculture in Increasing Wheat Productivity and Soil Organic Matter Content in Southern Region of Syria
Manal Othman*  Ayman Shehada AL-Ouda and Muhammad Manhal AL-Zoubi
246-258 Climate Changes and its Impact on the Productivity of Some Economic Crops In the Republic of Yemen
Abdulwahid A. Saif* Hazem H. Al-Ashwal and Mohammed A. Al-Khorasani
259-278 Effect of Gibberellic Acid (GA3) and Balanced Fertilization (NPK) on Some Productive and Quality Characteristics in Sweet Corn (Zea mays var. saccharata) (Merit Hybrid) Under Salt Stress
Mais Daher, Majd Darwish* and Sawsan Haifa
279-292 Selection of Tetraploid Primitive Wheat Genotypes Tolerant to Drought Stress
Yaman Jabbour* Mohammad Shafik Hakim, Filippo M Bassi, Abdallah Al-Yossef,  Maysoun M. Saleh, Ahmad Shams Al-Dien Shaaban
293-314 Relationship between Rainfall and Surface Soil Moisture within Time series in the Syrian Coast Using Remote Sensing Data
Nada Wafik Mohammad* Waseem Al Mesber and Eyad Ahmad Al_Khaled
315-330 A Hydrological Climatic Study for Tal Al-Tot Watershed in Hama, Syria
Jamil Abbas and Hafez Mahmoud AlSalman*
331-343 Taxonomy of Imported Medicinal Plants Used in Traditional Medicine in Aleppo
Abdel Aleem Bello* and Tawfik Al-Boshi
344-355 Estimation of wooden Stock and Total Above-Ground Biomass of Calabrian Pine (Pinus brutia) at the Eastern Foothill of the Coastal Mountains in Syria
Ali Thabeet*
356-371 Effect of Phosphate and Potassium Humate on Growth and Productivity Traits of Maize (Zea Mays L.) Cultivated in Calcareous Soil
Osama Hatta, Ghiath Alloush* and Rabee Zainah
372-384 The Effect of Soil Treatments with Different Concentrations of Sulfuric Acid on Some Vegetative Growth Traits of Tomato (Lycopersicom esculentum L.) Under the Conditions of DerAzzur Governorate
Maain Najem AlAbdallah and Mohammed Ahmad AlSheikh*
385-391 Study the Effect of Some Microorganisms in Biocontrol of Fusarium Tomatoes Wilting (Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici) under Lab Conditions
Bachar Aldakil*
392-400 Isolate and Identify of Storage Fungi in Two Varieties of Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) and Detection their Ability for the Toxins Secretion
Magida Younis El-Kadi and Zahra Ibrahim El-Gali*
401-414 Effect of Carbendazim and Thiophanate Methyl Fungicides on the Conidia Spores Germination and Mycelial Growth of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici Causing Tomato Wilt in the Coastal Region of Syria
Mais Alkbaily* Mohamed Tawil and Sabah Al-Maghribi
415-433 Effect of planting Date, Seed Rate and Location on the Incidence of Luteoviruses Affecting Chickpea under Natural Infection in Syria
Nader Assad* Safaa Kumari, Amin Haj-Kassem,Salah Al-Chaabi and Attia Arab
434-440 Assessment the Effect of Aqueous Extract of Peganum harmala Seeds on Fertility of Male Mice
Samira Musa ELghul* Nagia Musa Sasi and  Ebtesam Mohammed Ahmed
441-448 The Application Effect of GA3 on Plant Growth, Yield and Quality Attributes of Tomato (Lycopersicom  esculentum Mill.)
Kamal Krishna Mistry* Kazi Farhad Iqubal and Shyama Prasad Bapari
449-453 First Report of Polymorphism of Hippodamia variegata(Goeze)(Coleoptera:Coccinellidae) in the Coastal Area of Syria (Latakia Governorate)
Mohammad Ahmad, Majeda Mohammed Mofleh and Hiba Makhlouf*
454-466 Carcass Characteristics in Three Lines of Quail (Coturnix coturnix spp) and Their Crosses II- The Percentages
Shekhmous H. Hussen*
467-479 Impact of Certain Insecticides Against Pink Bollworm Pectinophora gossypiella, Sucking  Pests, and Their Associated Predators in Cotton Fields
Mohammed E. M. A. Hegab* Ahmad A. T. Zaki, Ali A.A. El-Sayed and Adel A. Amer
480-489 Variability, Correlation and Path Coefficient Analysis for agro-morphological traits in lentil (Lens culinaris) Genotypes
Dinesh Ghimire* Aatish Gurung, Sushmita Kunwar, Archana Paudel, Rajendra Prasad Poudel and Ganga Ram Kohar