Vol 2 – Issue 1- June 2015

Self-sterility in some olive cultivars and its Influence on Parthenocarpic fruits “shotberries” formation
Mohammad Mhnna, Faisal Douay and Fadel Al-Qaiem

Evaluation of Some Atriplex Accessions under Salt Stress Conditions and their Molecular Characterization Using ISSR Technique
Basem Alsamman,Yousef Wjhani, Marwan Cheikh-Al basatneh and Wael Yousef
 Genetic Studies of Some Local Syrian Bread Wheat Using RAPD
Nedal Jerodieh, Yousef Wjhani, Fakhri Al mousa, Wafaa Reda and Ossama Mouhra

 The Impact of Some Social and Economic Factors on the Farmers Adoption of Fodder, Feeding, and Breeding Technologies in the Middle Area of Syria
Mohammad Mardini ,Mohammad Al-Abdalla ,and Toni Talab
 Effect of Planting Method in Some Productivity and Quality Traits of Tow Sugar Beet Varieties Grown in Summer Season in Syria
Entessar Al-Jbawi ,Thamer Al Huniesh , Zuhair Al Jasem ,Nahla Al Mahmoud ,Ziad Al Ibrahim  and Ahmad Al Abdallah
 Effect of Seeding Rates on The Productivity of Durum Wheat in Climatic Zone B in Hama Governorate
Ola Moustafa, Fadia Guniem, Abdu Al-Latif Al-Shami, Osama Al-Houmsi, Adil Mshoulbeh, Adnan Al-Naser and KawtherAlhamed
 Estimation of Some Genetic Parameters and Heritability for Earliness and Seed Yield Traits in Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.)
Ghrood Al-Aswd, Mahmud Sabbouh, Waleed Alek and Samir AL-Ahmad
 Regression Between Number of Productive and Quality Components of some Primitive Wheat Genotypes under Rainfed Condition
Maysoun Saleh, Yousef Wjhani and Mokhles Shaherli
 The Effect of Salinity Irrigation Water on Improving Qualitative Characteristics of Tomato Fruits Under Different Potassium Fertilizer Levels
Ayman Mustafa and Riad Baladia
The Effects of N and P Fertilization Rates on Wheat Yield and some Soil Properties under Conservative Agriculture System in the First Establishment Zone
Rami Kaba, Awhadis Arsaln, Mohamad Kher Saadon, Nabeel Mohamad, Mohamad Hamo & Sherzad Yosef
Effect of Ethyl Acetate on the Number of Red Palm Weevil Rhynchophorus  ferrugineus Olivier (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) Cached in Dark Red and Yellow Aggregation Pheromone Traps
Ahmad Hussen AL-Saoud
Population Changes of Pear Psylla Cacopsylla pyricola (F.) (Psyllidae:Hemiptera), and Monitoring of Natural Enemies in Homs, Syria.
Bassam Oudeh, Wajeeh Kassis and Randa Abu-Tara