Vol (7) No (1) February 2020

  Vol 7 No 1 February 2020
Pages Contents
1-13 -Effect of Planting Date and Plant Density on Growth and Yield of (Daucus carota L.)  plants in Hama Governorate
Ahmed Mohamed Jarjanazi*
14-25 -Molecular Characterization and Genetic Diversity in Prunus ursina KY Genotypes in the Syrian Coast
Wafaa Choumane, Haytham Ismael, Safaa Sabbouh* Mazen Rajab, and Ammar Amran
26-35 -The Contribution of Plant Improvement to the Color Change of Flowering Ornamental Plants Throughout History
Fatema Abdrahman* and Mohammed Hisham AlNasan
36-45 -Diagnosis and Detection of Infectious Bronchitis Virus Using RT-PCR Technology in Broiler Farms in Syria
Tamara Ahmad Al-Jallad* Fahim AliAbdelaziz, Mohamad Jamil Salhab, and Anouar Mohamad Dib Alomar
46-59 -Effect of Some Non-Genetic Factors on Milk Production and Length of The Lactation Period in Awassi Sheep
Rehaf Ibrahim Al-Shaar* Ali Deeb, and Abd Al-Naser AL-Omar
60-71 -Constants Estimation of Milk Curve in Shami Goats under the Effect of Some Factors
Hadeel Obaid* Hassan Emmad Al-Masri, Kamel Fattal, and Abdel Nasser Al-Omar
72-82 -The Effect of Rain Fluctuation and the Strategies of Agricultural Accommodativeness of Millet Crop in Umm Kaddada Locality, North of Darfour, Sudan
Khalid Mansour Yousif Mansour* Ahmed Abualgasim Abdulrasoul, and Mohammed Amer Ahmed Mohammed
83-99 -Analytical Economic Study of the Production of Cut Flowers in the Syrian Coast (Gypsophilla Model)
Ziad Sarhil* Mahmoud Alio and Abdul Hadi Rifai
100-114 -An Economic Study for the Recycling of Forest Waste in Latakia Governorate
Lina Kharma* Ghassan Yaqoub and Walaa Adra
115-130 -Evaluation of Agricultural Policies of Most Important Crops in Egypt Using Policy Analysis Matrix (PAM)
Moataz Eliw Mostafa Ahmed*
131-145 -Using Exploratory Factor Analysis to Define the Most Important Problems Facing the Poultry Sector in Al – Swaida Governorate
Maya Al-Abdalla* Safwan Abou Assaf and Afraa Sallowm
146-157 -The Chemical Composition of Pollen Date Palm Phoenix dactylifera L. var. Samisemi Males Trees
Ibtihaj H. Al Temimi*
158-168 -Determination of the Physical, Chemical and Sensory Properties of Gluten-Free Biscuits by Mixing Different Proportions of Anbar Rice Flour and Quinoa Flour
Resala Husain Al-Lami Raghad Salman Mohammed* and Raghdan Hashem Muhsen
169-184 -Comparison of Chemical Composition and Antibacterial Activity of Laurus nobilis L. Leaves Essential Oil Collected from Different Locations
Sandy Douba* Ahmed Shams ElDien Shaaban, Nawras AlAbras and Yahya Kamari
185-197 -Characterization of Fatty Acids and Determination of Vitamins A and E in Carp Fish (Cyprinus carpio) Viscera Oil Extracted Using Infrared Radiation 
Asaad R. S. Al–Hilphy, Sabah M. H. Al-Shatty* Atheer A. A. Almtury
198-214 -Some Factors Affecting Lactic Acid Production from Cheese Whey Using a Mixed Culture of Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus
Sahar Adnan Sheet and Waleed Ahmed Mahmood*
215-227 -Study of Changes in Fatty Acids Content (ω3 and ω6) When Freezing the Fish (Liza aurata, Risso, 1810)
Rana Mostfa Mohamad* Adib Ali Saad   and Moufid Yassin
228-245 -General and Specific Combining Ability for Some Fodder Components Yield Traits of Pearl Millet Single Crosses [Pennisetum glaucum )L.( R. Br.]
Ghassan AL Lahham* Elias Aweel, Saoud Shehab, Majeda  AL Rwely, Razan AL Najjar, Reem AL Mansour, Ali  Wannous,  Thamer AL Hniesh
246-261 -Estimation of Some Genetic Indicators of Sunflower Helianthus annus L. Varieties Growth and Production Characteristics under Different Plant Densities
Mohamed Nael Khattab* Waseem Adla, and Erwa Suleiman
262-275 -Estimation of Genetic Parameters for Yield and its Components in Some Maize Zea maiz L. Genotypes Using Factorial Mating System
Ahmed H. A. Anees* and Watheq H. M. Thiaib Al-Gaisi
276-286 -Evaluation of Groundwater Quality and Effect of its Use for Irrigation on Surface Soil Salinity in South East of Syria (Alyaaroubiya Area)
Rami Kaba and Ahmad Majar*
287-297 -Designing a Computer Software to Calculate Plant Water Requirements
Mazen Dougouz, Mahammed Haqqoun, Ayman Hijazi* and Hadi Nasr-Allah
298-309 -Evaluation of Land Suitability for the Cultivation in A Chosen Area in Al-Hasaka Using GIS and LAMIS Program
Rukea El-Hassan* Othman Hamal and Younes Idris
310-322 -Height–Diameter Models of Pinus brutia Ten. at the Coastal Mountains of Al-Ghab in Syria
Somar Khalil, Ali Thabeet* and Wadie khoury
323-335 -Trends of Daily Temperature Extremes in the Coastal Region of Syria, 1986–2016
Heven Bouzo and Taher Cheikho*
336-350 -Studying the Dendrometric Characteristics of the Forest Stands in the Protected Area of Cedar and Fire in Slenfeh – Syria
Abeer Ibrahem* and Samaher Damserko
351-366 -Specific Composition of Fauna Fishes in the Lower Part of Alkabir Alshimali River (Latakia)
Issa Barakat* Adeeb Saad, Abd Allatif Ali, and Taher Sheikho
367-384 -Irrigation Scheduling of Maize Crop Under Different Levels of Sprinkler Irrigation and the Correlation with Some Productivity Traits
Ali Kinjo, Jamil Abbas, Rabee Zaina and Neveen Hassoun*
385-394 -Effectiveness of Kaolin, Silica and Zeolite Dusts Against Cowpea Beetle Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) Under Laboratory Conditions
Ziad Chikh-Khamis, Ebraheem Al-Jouri* and Rehab Esber
395-409 – Spot Diseases Survey on Barley in North Eastern of Syria and Evaluation the Response of Some Varieties Against Spot Blotch
Alan Remo*
410-424 – Influence of Plant Density and cucumber mosaic virus Infection on the Productivity Traits of Beans Vicia faba L.
Yousef Mohamad, Emad Daoud Ismail, and Khaled Farid Al-Janad*
425-432 -Host Susceptibility of Some Eggplant Cultivars Planting in Syria to Root-Knot Nematode Meloidogyne incognita
Maimounh Almasri * Sobhia Alarabi, and Roudaina Albaka
433-441 – First Report of Fusarium torulosum Associated with Root and Crown Rot of Wheat in Syria
Laila Zidan Walid Naffaa* and Dana Jawdat
442-457 -Genetic Analysis of Some Productivity Traits and Earliness in Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
Rawaa El-Shiekh Attiea*
458-464 -The Effect of Feeding Chrysoperla carnea Steph Adults with Some Nutritional Diets on Some of its Life and Reproduction Characteristics
Ammar Jloud* Nawal Kakeh, Nayef Alsalti, and Munir Alnabhan
465-470 -First Documented Record of Dogtooth Grouper Epinephelus caninus (Valenciennes, 1834), Perciformes, Serranidae, in the Syrian Marine Waters
Adib Ali Saad* Ahmad Kamel  Solaiman and Hasan Haitham Alkusairy