Vol. 6 No. 2 June 2019


Vol 6 No 2 June 2019

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1-15 -Generate Identification Key of Some Wild Trifolium L. Species Distributed in Syria Using Decision Tree

Aya Kanawaty*, Naseh Olabi and Ali Shehadeh

16-29 -In vitro Conservation of Guava (Psidium guajava L.) var. Al-Baladi

Rehab Al Mousa*, Neveen Hassan, Ramzy Stino and Amina Gomaa

30-44 -Growth Characters and Dynamic of Some Apple Genotypes Selected as Rootstock

Ola Al-Halabi*, Bayan Muzher and Faisal Hamed

45-53 -The Effect of Summer Pruning on the Production and Quality of Golden Delicious Apple Fruits in Dahr Al-Qusair Region-Homs

Wael Haddad*, Rashid AlSayed Omar and Wessam Massah

54-69 -Effect Potassium Chloride Addition in Different Proportions to Drinking Water on the Production Performance of Broilers During Hot Summer

Ahmad Ibraheem AL–Banki*

70-80 -The Effect of Selenium on the Digestion Factors and Their Relationship to Egg Production Chains of Local Quail (Coturnix coturnix)

Ahmad Omar Etaki*(1) Mostafa Ahmed ALJader(1) Rabab Hassan Absi(1) Adnan Adeeb ALMarrawi

81-94 -Assessment of Some Milk Production Traits on Shami Cattle under Rearing Conditions in Syria

Khaled Al-Najjar*, Abdulla Nouh, and Ali Badran

95-105 -Isolation and Determination the Causes of Ringworm Infection in Camels, Syria

Abd Alnasser Al-Omar*

106-116 -Anatomical Changes Associated with Severe Toxicity of Levamisole in Broiler

Mai Al MaghoutWade Shadid and Samer Hamud

117-130 -Effect of Adding Peppermint Oil to Layer Hens Diet on Some Hematological and Physiological Parameters

Nashwan Majeed Ali* and Walla Hussein Ali

131-144 -Econometric Analysis of Oranges Production Function in Latakia Governorate

Almouthana Aziz Hasan*,  Mahmoud Mostafa  Alio and  Ibrahim Mohammad Abdullah

145-162 -Analysis of the Competitiveness Capabilities of Syrian Cumin Product in the International Markets

Tayseer Fouad Hatem*

163-170 -Demand Functions Estimation of Syrian Potatoes in the Jordanian and United Arab Emirates Markets

Mohammed Maary*, Maher Yousef, Mustafa Haj Hmaidi and Bashar Nenneh

171-188 -Export Constraints of Egyptian Potatoes Crop

Moataz Eliw Mostafa Ahmed*, Osman Ali Ismail and Mohammed El Din Osman

189-199 -Studies on Antioxidants and Antibacterial Activity of Anthocyanin Extract from the Red Cabbage) Brassica oleracea var. capitata)

Khalid Hassak Abdulhasan*

200-211 -Glycemic Index Determination of Some Traditional Yemeni Bread Types

Adnan Abdo Mohammed Al-kubati, Abdulmageed Bagash Abdullah* and Abduljalil Ghaleb

212-220 -Detection of Microbial and Heavy Metals Contamination in Cooked Poultry Meat and Displayed in Local Markets in Basrah Governorate, Iraq

Ghaidda Ali Makka*

221-230 -Extraction and Identification of Carnosine from Goose Breast Meat Using Different Techniques

Lena Samir Mohammed*, Aum-El-Bashar Hamid AL-Mousawi and Rawdha Mahmoud Ali

231-241 -Genetic Behaviour and Heterosis of Grain Yield of Single Maize (Zea mays L.) Hybrids Under Different Salinity Levels

Ahmad Elali Elkhalf*, Ahmed El-Shaih Kador, Mohammad Jamal Hamandouch, and Abed El Karim El Gasem

242-253 -Estimation of Potence Ratio and Heterosis for Some Quantitative Traits in Single Hybrids of Yellow Maize

 (Zea Mays L.)

Reem Saleem Ali*, Samir AL-Ahmad and Bolous Khoury

254-269 -Study of Genetic Variability and Traits Correlations in Some Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Genotypes under Wet and Dry Conditions in Syria

Abdullatef Ahmad Al-Assaf* Mohammad Shafik Hakim Mohammad Fadi Basmaji(1) and Stefania Grando

270-284 -Using Carbon Isotope Discrimination Technique as a Selection Tool for High Water Use Efficiency Genotypes in Wheat

Abdulwahid Abdullah Saif*, Hazem Hezam Alashwal, Aref Abdulbaqi Alshamiri and Ammar Wahbi

285-297 -Combining Ability Estimation of Earliness Traits and Yield Components in Some Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Genotypes

Saleh Saleh, Mohammed Shafik Hakim, Abdullah Al-Yousef*, and Ahmed Shams ElDien Shaaban

298-307 The Effect of Planting Date on the Morphological Traits of Some Sweet Corn Genotypes (Zea mays L. saccharata. sturt)

Loubna Nasr  Haidar*

308-324 -Individual Selection in a Local population of (Zea mays L.) for the Most Important Economic Characteristics under Saline Stress Conditions

Mohammed Nael Khattab* Majd Darwish and Alaa Merhej

325-335 Confronting Climate Changes by Detecting New Planting Dates of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in Algeria

Yaseen BouBazin*

336-349 Growth and Biomass Study of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehn. in Merdash Location, Al-Ghab Province

Bashar Tobo*, Hikmat Abbas and Osama Radwan

350-368 -Effect of Biofertilizer, Humus Spraying and Magnesium Fertilization on Quantitative and Qualitative Characteristics of Volatile Oil of Parsley (Petroselinum crispum Mill)

Mazin Mossa Abid Ameen and Jamal Ahmed Abbass*

369-384 -Production of Biogas from the Co-Fermentation of Sweet Sorghum Sorghum bicolor L. and Animals Waste

Husein Al Zubi*, Fawaz Al Azma, Rahim AboAl Jadayel, Nour AlAsaad, Nabila Ali Basha, and Mowafaq AbdAlRahim

385-394 -The Effect of Some Topographic Factors on the Total Phenolic Content of Arbutus andrachne L. Fruit (Jableh District)

Diana Hmaidosh*, Mahmoud Ali, Rim Salame, and Aziza Youssef

395-404 -Effect of Mineral Fertilizers Application on Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Soils and Tomato Plant 

Naseer Abdul-Jabbar AlSaadie, Adnan Shibar falih, and Raghaa Mouhamad*

405-414 -Influence of Number of Boron Foliar Spray on the Productivity and Qualitative Traits and Leaves Content of Boron in Golden Delicious Apple Cultivar in Sweida

Sami Hennawi, Adnan Skaker, Talaat Amer, and Samer Kiwan*

415-429 -Morphological Characterization of Some Carob

 Certaonia siliqua L. Genotypes Naturally Dispersed in Al-Bassit Area (Latakia -Syria)

Samer Nasser* Talal Ameen and Hafez Mahfoud

430-438 -The Effect of Water Deficit on Peanut Yield Using Drip Irrigation Method

Shaban Sulaiman*, Ayham Asbah, Hussam Almuhamad, Nidal Aljouni and Ahmd Zleta

439-449 -Evaluation of Natural Regeneration of Cedrus libani A. Richard in Some Afforested Sites in Tartous, Syria

Abeer Ibrahem*, Imad Qubaily, Ali Thabet and Samaher damserko

450-466 -Hydrologic and Climatic Study of Al-Sanaober Watershed – Coastal Basin, Syria

Ammar Abbas*

467-477 Studying the Relationship Between the Characteristics of the Plant and the Diversity of Birds in Fronloq Protected Area Latakia

Basima Alcheikh  and Maher Dayyoub*

478-489 -A Survey of Barley Spot Diseases in North East of Syria and Evaluation the Sensitivity of Some Barley Varieties to Tan Spot Disease

Alan Ramo*

490-501 The Effect of Biological Control of Two Spotted Spider Mite

 Tetranychus urticae Koch by Using the Predatory Mite

 Phytoseiulus Persimilis Athias-Henroit on Growth and Productivity of Some Climbing Beans Cultivars

Riad Tofik Zidan, Mohammad Ahmad Ahmad and Alisar Nadim Shaabow

502-508 -Preliminary Study of Decay and Death Phenomenon in Kiwi Trees in the Syrian Coast

Abd Alrahman Khafta*

509-514 -The First Record of the Parasite Zombie fly (Apocephalus borealis Brues) on Honey Bee Apis mellifera in Syria

Menos Assad*

515-522 The Effect of Gamma Rays and Different Levels of Nitrogen Fertilizer on the productivity of Wheat

Ahmed Moursy* and Mazen Ismail

523-533 -The Effect of Planting Dates and Varieties Interaction on Productivity and Some Morphological and Qualitative Traits of Fodder Beet (Beta vulgaris var. crassa)

Ahmad Mohanna Entessar Al-Jbawi* and Julnar Mansour

534-547 -Limestone Dust as an Abiotic Disease Factor Affecting Vegetables and Olives in Palestine

Hazem Sawalha* Lamya Shalabi and Anan Hussein and Nasser Sholi

548-554 -The First Record of crossopriza maculipes (Araneae, Pholcidae) in Iraq

Shurooq Abdullah Najim*  and Azhar Mohammed Al-Khazali

555-564 -Allelopathic Effects of Sodom Apple (Calotropis  procera L.) on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Some Poaceous Crops

Awadallah Belal Dafaalla* and Salwa Gadkareem Osman