Potential Usage of Natural Syrian Bentonite (Bayloun) in Phosphate Removal from Aqueous Solutions

Zyad Hatem*(1) Leila Habib(1) and Mohammad Ghafar(2)

Department of Water and soil sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Tishreen University, Lattakia,

Department of environmental chemistry, High institute of environmental researches, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria.

* (Corresponding author: Zyad Hatem  E-Mail : zyad.s.hat@gmail.com. )

Received: 03/01/2018                                Accepted: 04/04/2018


Aleppo Bentonite (Bayloun) is one of Syrian ores used for many industrial purposes. This study aims to evaluate Bayloun validity for phosphate (P) treatment in water solutions. Batch experiments were carried out to study P sorption on Bayloun surfaces where initial P concentration had ranged between 5- 100 mg.L-1, and kinetics study was applied where contact time effect is taken place from 5 min to 24 hours. Besides, pH effect and ion strength effect on phosphate removal efficiency were also studied. Results proved that Bayloun had good ability to P removal from water solutions with 50 – 80% as P concentration gradient 5 to 100 mg.L-1. Desorbed P ratio were no more than 0.5% describing the high affinity between P and Bayloun, moreover, it was confirmed that adsorption models of Freundlich and Dubinin- Radushkevich had high linear regression (R2> 0.9), describing the heterogeneous surfaces of Bayloun. It was shown restricted effect of pH and ion strength on removal efficiency, as a result of ligand exchange mechanism phenomena between P and Bayloun surface. In the other hand, high linear regression value of kinetic models (R2> 0.9) and standard error ratio (<10%) explained that models predictably describes chemisorption phenomena, but the low value of Klag and K2 indicated that adsorption occurs quietly slow. Bayloun efficiency can be explained by iron oxides and calcite content. This research showed that Bayloun ore was capable to be used for environmental purposes and pollution treatment processing.

Keywords: Aleppo Bayloun, Removal efficiency, Phosphate kinetics.

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