Effect of Some Plant Growth Regulators on Micropropagation of Two Desert Truffle’s Perennial Host Plant Species’: Helianthemum almeriense (L.) Mill and Helianthemum violaceum (L.) Mill.

Hijazi Mohammed Husein Mando*(1) Bassam Omar Bayaa(2) and Fahed Izdine Albiski(1)

(1). National Commission for Biotechnology (NCBT), Damascus, Syria,

(2). Plant Protection Department, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Aleppo,

(*Corresponding author: Eng. Hijazi Mohammed Husein Mando. E-Mail: hijaz.mando@gmail.com).

Received: 16/12/2017                                Accepted: 19/01/2018


The effect of two cytokinines: Kinetin and Benzyladenine were studied on micropropagation of two host plant species of desert truffle: H. almeriense and H. violaceum. This experiment were conducted at the National Commission for Biotechnology laboratories in the seasons 2014 and 2015, Damascus, Syria. Murashing and Skoog medium (MS) with seven different concentrations of each studied cytokinin and control treatment: 0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 mg.l-1 was used. The recorded parameters were: number and length of shoots, number of leaves, number of roots, degree of hyperhydricity, and the degree of callus formation. Results showed that the treatment of Kin at 1 mg.l-1 concentration gave the best results for both species considering all the recorded parameters together, as this process resulted in: high shooting (5.88, 7.5 shoot) for both species i.e. H. almeriense and H. violaceum respectively, high elongation (34.95, 29.58 cm) respectively, high leaves formation (87.5, 91.8 leaf) respectively, good rooting for the first species and acceptable for the second (33.5, 13.12 root) respectively, perfect degree of hyperhydricity for the first species and acceptable for the second (0, 0.375 degree) respectively, and acceptable degrees of callus formation for both species (1.375, 1.25 degree) respectively. Finally, more than 93% of H. almeriense rooted plantlets were survived after the acclimatization stage, so did more than 91% of H. violaceum rooted plantlets, where at the end these plantlets were ready for inoculation, and then for being transported to the field.

Key words: Micropropagation, Rockrose, Desert truffle host plant, Kinetin, Benzyladenine, Helianthemum almeriense, Helianthemum violaceum.

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