The Bacterial Fact of Sawa Lake in Samawa City Southern Iraq

Asaad Al-Taee*(1)  Eman Al-Emara(1) and Anwar Maki(1)

(1). Marine Science Center, University of  Basrah, Barah, Iraq.

(*Corresponding author. E-mail:

Received: 12/10/2018                                Accepted: 16/12/2018


Bacteriological investigation has been performed for samples collected from Sawa Lake. The samples included: water samples, sediment samples, crystallized gypsum, which forms the walls of the lake, aquatic plant samples (Chara sp.), Zooplankton samples (Arctodiaptomus salinus) and fish samples (Planliza abu). The bacterial analysis included, heterotrophic bacteria (HB), total coliforms (TCs), fecal coliforms (FCs), halophilic bacteria (Halococcus sp. and Halobacterium sp.), endophytic bacteria, sulfate and sulphite reducing bacteria, Clostridium perfringens and Vibrio sp.  The results showed that, only HB and halophilic bacteria are present, while the lake was clear from any types of sulfate and sulphite reducing bacteria and pathogenic bacteria in the winter season.

Key words: Sawa Lake, Halophilic bacteria, Pathogenic bacteria.

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