Vol 5  No 3  September 2018

  Vol 5 No 3 September 2018
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Detection of Genetic Variation in Malus communis Mother Fields and Within Their Seedlings Using SSR Technique

Ola Al-Halabi* and Bayan Muzher

10-20 Effect of Several Factors on Rooting of Kiwi (Actinidia chinensis( Wooden Cuttings Using Plant Growth Regulators

Imad Bilal* and Fadel Al-Kaiem

21-36 Determination of Some Alkaloids in Catharanthus roseus L. Callus  In Vitro

Aysar Almemary*, Bashar Z. Kassab Bashi, and Ayad Chachan Aldaoody

37-43 Comparison of The Effect of  Cogon Grass Extract and Kinetin on Microtubes Production of Two Potato Cultivars Using Tissue Culture

Zainab AL-Hussain* and AbaAljasem AL-Jibboury

44-63  Molecular Characterization of Jabali Goats Using SSR

Hessain Ekkeh*, Ghinwa Lababidi, Hussien Alzubi and Moatasembellah Dekker

64-83 Competitiveness of Syrian Apple Exports

Maya Youssef Al-Abdala*, Safwan Mutha Abou -Assaf, Remal Slman Saab and Samar Hossam Aldeen Al-Ashaoush

84-97  Economic Assessment of Legumes Crops Cultivation in Hama Governorate – Salamieh District

Moammar Dayoub* and Rdah Fatom

98-112 Area Estimation of Wheat, Barley and Chickpeas Crops in Sweida Governorate Using Remote Sensing (RS) Technique

Eyad Ahmad Elkhaled*, Omar Hasson, Basel Waked, Jalal Ghazaleh and Ali Ismail and Ghadir Hmeidan


113-124 Combining Ability and Heritability of Some Productivity Characters in Some Hybrids of Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) 

Jamila Dirbas*

125-134 Effect of Peanut Seeds Size and Plants Spraying with Bread Yeast (Saccaromyces sereviciae) on Biological Crop and Some Productivity Indicators

Mohamed Abd Elaziz*

135-146 Genetic and phenotypic Analysis of Some Productivity and Qualitative Traits of Some Syrian cotton Genotypes in Hama Governorate

Mohamed Abd Elaziz  and Mohamed Nael Khattab*

147-154 Some of Productivity and Quality Characteristics of Italian Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.) (Super Simonia Hybrid) in Response to the Cultivation Under the Conditions of Al Qardaha and Banias Regions in the Syrian Coast

Manar Mohammad Alreyahi(1) and Majd Mohammad Darwish*(1)

155-165 General and Specific Combining Ability and Genetic Parameters of Single Crosses in Corn  Zea mays L.

Haitham Abdul Sattar AL Mamarry*, Wathek Abdul Majeed, Aziz Hameid Majeed, Saleh Kalel Saleh and Raed Jasem Mahammed

166-176 Studying Functions and Utilisations of the Vegetation in Al-Kahf Protected Area (Tartous-Syria)

Zuheir Shater*, Bassima Al Chikh and Dimah Najjar

177-188 The Effect of Adding Organic Residues, and Foliar Spray with Boron and Zinc on Some Soil Characters, Fruitlets Ratio, and Some Fruit Qualitative Traits in Starking delicious Apple Cultivar in Sweida

Samer Kiwan*, Nadim Khalil and Bayan Muzher

 189-200 Removing of Heavy Metals from Sewage Water Using Chitosan Extracted from Crustacean Waste

Adel Al-Dubakel, Sabah Al-Shatty* and Jalal Al-Noor

 201-209 Comparison Study of Alum and Coagulants (Ferric Chloride, and Poly Aluminum Chloride (PACL)) on Turbidity Elimination in Water Stations

Adawya Abdul-Kareem*, Kamal Nada, Abdul Kareem Al-Wazan, Shhad Riyadh Zaki  and Manal Malik Sadoon

 210-216 The Impact of Landfill on the Revival of Ancient Oases in Southern Tunisia

Nissaf Karbout*, Donia Gandoubi, Nathem Brahim, Mohammed Mousa, and Habib Bosnina

 217-228 The Efficacy of Some Plant Extracts, Pesticides and Natural Enemies in Controlling of Tetranychus urticae Koch Populations on the Greenhouse Tomato

Ibraheem Aziz Sakr, Mageda Muhammad Mufleh, Randa Ahmad Suliman *

 229-235 Isolation of local Bacillus spp. Strains and Testing its Efficiency Against Wax Worm Galleria mellonella L. Larvae in Laboratory

Mohammad AL-Allan*, Nouraldin Daher-hjij, Nabeel Beig, Mahabba Ghannam and Adel Almanoufi

 236-243 Effect of Constant Temperature on The Development and Survival of Immature Stages of the Predator Hippodamia variegata (Goeze) (Coleoptera:Coccinellidae)

Mohammad Ahmad, Majeda Mohammed Mofleh and Hiba Makhlouf*

 244-258 Immunofluorescence Expression of PCNA Marker in Melanic Tumors of Compared With CD31 Marker

Raouad Yousef Moussa*

 259-273 – Morphological and Histological Study of the Gonads Maturation Stages in the Chub Mackerel Scomber japonicus (Houttuyn, 1782) in the Coastal Water of Latakia

Waad sabour*