Vol 5 No 2 June 2018

  Vol 5 No 2 June 2018
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The Effect of Different Doses of Gamma Rays on Growth and Productivity of Local Garlic Allium sativum L. Var. Yabroudi in Syria

Osamah. Al- Abdallah*, Nabeel Al- Ayoubi, and    Rawaa Babilie

10-22 Determination the Optimal Harvest Date for Some Apple Varieties under Swieda Conditions

Bayan Muzher*, Ola Al-Halabi1, Alaa Alzgair, and Samer Abou Hamdan

23-34 The Effect of IBA (Indol-3-Butyric Acid) Dose Applications on Rooting of Hardwood and Softwood Top Cuttings of White Mulberry (Morus alba L.) and Black Mulberry (Morus nigra L.)

Hussam Baroudi*, Georgous Makhoul, and Hafez  Mahfoud

35-44 Effect of Foliar Application of Tecamin Flower on Some Vegetative Growth Characters of Tomato Plant Under Water Stress Conditions

Aziz Mahdi Abd Al-Shammari, Mohammed Ali Abood, and Ghassan Jaafar Hamdi*



Determination Some Pregnancy Toxemia Indicators in Shami Goat During Peripartum

Abd Alnasser Al-Omer*, and Yassin Almohsen

52-69 Economic Possibilities to Achieve Self-sufficiency of Wheat in Syria

Khetam Idris*

70-81 Effect of Seed Rate, Spray with Sorghum Water Extracts and Weeding on Wheat Yield (Triticum durum L.)

Salwa Al-Mohammad, Ibtissam Jassem* and Mai Lubbous

82-95 Main Economic Characters of Production of Non-Irrigated Apples and Grapes in Syria

Maya Youssef Al-Abdala*, Safwan Mutha Abou -Assaf, Remal Slman Saab, and Samar Hossam Aldeen Al-Ashaoush

96-104 Biological Treatment of Rice Straw and Glucose Production Using Bacillus sp.

Soad Atiya* Shahlaa Fartoos, Hassena Muaibed and Labeeb Kadhum

105-113 Path Coefficient Analysis and Relative Importance of Some Fodder Yield Components in Pearl millet [Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.]

Ghassan  Al Lahham*, Elias  Aweel, Razan  Al Najjar, Majeda  Rwely, Ghrood  Al Assod, Riad  Balish and     Mohammed  Ali

114-127 Improving Local Population of Vicia sativa Using Individual Selection

Mohamad Nael Khattab

128-138 Screening Sorghum Varieties Under Different Climatic Conditions in the Central Highlands of Yemen

Mohammed Dows*, Ahmad AL-Mowlem, and Rashad Basha

139-157 Evaluation the Performance of Promising Settlement Population (SBR) of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) at Ain Malilah Sebkha in Algeria

Yacine Boubazine*, and Ammar Ouffroukh

158-168 The Effect of Natural Zeolite Addition on Wheat productivity and Some Soil Fertility Characteristics under Rain-fed Conditions

Rami Kaba*, Hilal Ghayerly, and Mohammad Khair Saadoun

169-178 Effect of NPK, Biofertilizers (Bacillus Subtilis) and (Glomus Mosseae) Additions on Yield and Growth of Maize (Zea mays L.)

Abdallah Karim Jabar, Ghanim Bahlul Nuni, and Mahmoud Radwan Mahmoud*

179-189 Use of Non-Conventional Water in the Production of Safe Fodder Crops

Mahammad Manhal Al-Zubi, Moaammar Dayyoub, Wasim Adla, Rabiaa Al-Hayek, Mostafa Badda, Nada Ghaiba, Omar Jezdan and Ilham Taameh

 190-202 Effect of Selenium, Sulfur and Phosphor fertilization on Shoot Dry Weight of Maize (Zea mays l.)  Grown in Two Different Soils

Hayfaa Al-Tameemi, Najla Al–Amiri*, and Mohammed Hassan

 203-211 Toxicity of Pruning Residue Ash for Apple, Grape and Olive Against Cowpea Seed Beetle Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) under Laboratory Conditions

Rehab Esber, Ziad Chikh-Khamis and Ebraheem Al-Jouri*

 212-221 Effect of early exposure of dimethoate on reproductive potential in male mice

Samira Mousa Sasi* Nagiah Mousa Al-Ghoul, and FtemaMohammad Al-Shakshouki

 222-233 Classification Study of the Sub-family Conocephalinae and Phaneropterinae (Tettigoniidae:Orthoptera) in Syrian Coast

Ali Ramadan, and Rami Hasan*

 234-242 The Role of Slow Rust in Limit Wheat Leaf Rust Damage in Syria

Mohammed Kassem*, and Amar Bayaa