Vol 4 No 4 December 2017



1-17 Effect of Mineral, Organic Fertilization, and Application Depth of Phosphate Fertilizer on Phenological Phases of Grapevine Cultivar, Al-Helwani

Mahmoud Al-Shihadat*

18-26 Determination the Microbial Content of Shami Camel’s Milk

Abd Al-Naser Al-Omar*, Fatten Hammed, and Mohamed Zuheir Salam

27-38 An Analytical Economic Study of Consumer Demand for Vegetable Oil in Damascus City

Fayez AL-Mikdad*, Osama AL-Janadi, and Ahamad AL-Rifaee

39-48 Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activity of Cactus (Aloevera)  Leaves Extract Against Pathogenic Bacteria

Alya Jameel Ali* and  Nada Fawzi Abdulkareem



Utilization Chicken Gizzard Lining Immobilized Pepsin for Soft White Cheese Manufacture

Mohammed Zyarah Eskander*

59-78 Using Simulation Model PGSGC to Predict the Productivity of Raifed Wheat Genotypes at Different Zones in Aleppo

Ahmad Shams Aldien Shaaban*, Abdullah Al-Yousef and Ahmad Haj Suliman

79-101 Response of Some Spectral Vegetation Indices (Broad and Narrow Band) under Irrigation and Nitrogen Fertilization Factor on Wheat Crop

Eyad Al-Khaled*, Yousef Nemr  and Iman Alhumaer

102-118 Using Gradual Drought Technique to Discriminate Moisture Stress Tolerance Capacity of Some Barley Genotypes

Ahmad Shams Aldien Shaaban, Abdullah Al-Youssef*, Naim Al-Hussein, Yaman Jabbour, Saleh Saleh, and Hiba Al-Atrash

119-132 Use Some Mathematical Models to Describe the Infiltration Process in Different Land Uses and Different Moisture Levels

Magda Bashir Elbeshti*, Ali Ahmed Belhaj, Abeer Fayez Alkrekshe, and Siham Ibrahim Asker

133-139 Efficacy of the Predator Serangium parcesetosum Sicard and Chilocorus bipustulatus L. (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) for Controlling Coccus pseudomagnoliarum (Kuwana) and Saissetia oleae (Olivier) (Hemiptera:Coccidae) In Cages, Syria

Shadi Deeb, Rfik Abboud*, Magda Mofleh, M. Ahmad

140-144 First Record of Labidostomis diversifrons Lefevre Beetle on Pistachio Trees in Syria

Mazen Boufaur* and Bohamdan

145-154 Methods for Maintaining Insect Cells Sf9 and its Morphological Characterization

Manal Saleh*

155-169 The Chemical, Microbial and Sensory Characteristics of Refrigerated Chicken Breast Meat Treated with Sodium Lactate and Tri Sodium Citrate

Chaea Othman1, and Zaid Kh. Khidhir*