Vol 4 No 2 June 2017

Pages Contents
1-14 Effect of Partial Root-zone Drying and Ridge Height on Water Use Efficiency of Potato Solanum tuberosum L. in Maareb Province, Yemen

Hazem Hezam, Ahmed Al-Ashwal* and Bandar Mohsen Ahmed Almangathy

15-30 Effect of Fertilizing on the Nutritional Status of Helwani Grapevine, (Vitis vinifera L.)

Mahmoud Al-Shihadat*

31-51 Analytical Study of Consumer Prices Indices Using Cluster Analysis, Syria

Safwan Mutha Abou -Assaf* Remal Slman Saab, Maya Youssef Al-Abdala, and Samar Hossam Aldeen Al-Ashaoush

52-63 Chemical and Manufacturing Study on Rosa Damascene

Khuloud  AL-Mubarak* Faten  Hamed and Lina A. Al-Maghrabi

64-73 Estimation of Benzoic Acid and Trace Elements in Some Fresh and Processed Foods in Basra Markets-Iraq

Shamaail A. Saewan* and Sawsan A. H. Al-Hilfi

74-89 Zeolite Effect on Two Saline Alkaline Soils and the Productivity of Some Forage Crops under Deir Azzor Governorate Conditions

Arij Khuder* Awadis Arslan, and Omar Abdulrazzak

90-105 Taxonomic Study of Genus Atriplex spp. in Syrian Flora

Basem Al Samman* Abdullah Abo-Zakham, and Yousef Wejhani

106-119 The Effect of Deficit Irrigation and Mulching on Cotton yield and Water Use Efficiency

Galia Abdel Majeed* Abdel Naser Aldarir, Mohamed.Ameen Alo, and Awedes Arslan

120-128 The Effect of Different Levels of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Manure Biogas on the Productivity of Maize and Some Soil Properties

Lina Maydaa, Zuhair Zaher, Nabila Kridi* and Haitham Eid

129-140 Quantitative Characteristics of Honey Dew Excreted by Forestry Trees and Their Magnitudes to Honeybee Apiaries in Homs Governorate

Raed Almuhammad, Nouraldin Daher-Hjaij* and Feras Al-Ghammaz

141-149 The Effect of Bolters Cutting in the Improvement of Morphological and Quality Traits of Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris L.)


Faddi Abbas, Mahmoud Sido, and Entessar Al-Jbawi* and Mohammad Ali Ali

150-159 The Effect of Different Rates of Two Pesticides (Benomyl and Abamectin) on Growth and Number of N2 Fixation Bacteria Cells (Azotobacter and Burkholderia spp)

Merfat Ben Mahmud* and Eman AL Ferjani

160-170 – Distribution of Citrus tristeza virus in Syrian Coast

Ensaf Akel* and Imad Ismail

171-178 Evaluation of the Susceptibility of some Tomato Hybrids used in Greenhouses of Syrian Coast Against Bacterial Stem Pith Necrosis Disease

Abdullatif Al Ghazzawi* Mahmoud Abu Ghoura, Nabeel Al Ahmad Bek, and Raghda Al Baghdadi

179-183 First Record of Two Beetle Species of Mesquite Trees Prosopis juliflora (Sw) D.C. in Yemen

Ismail Abdullah Muharram* Mohammed Saleh Al-Nossari and Ahmed Mohammed Sallam