Evaluation of Afforestation and its Ecological and Tourist Effects in Dahr al-Quseir Area (Homs / Syria)

Issa Noufal(1) Raed Al Muhammad*(2) Khaled Fahed(2) Ahmad Al Mukdad(3)

 (1). Natural Resources Directorate, Agricultural Research Center in Homs, General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research (GCSAR), Damascus Syria.                 (2). Forestry Research Department, GCSAR, Damascus, Syria.                                     (3). Environment Research Department, GCSAR, Damascus, Syria.           (*Corresponding author: Eng. Raed Al Muhhamad. E-Mail: raedmd1973@gmail.com).

Received: 09/10/ 2015                           Accepted: 19/03/ 2016


This study was conducted in Dahr al-Quseir (Homs/Syria) meanwhile the afforestation project during the years 2011-2014, to evaluate the status of afforestation with Castanea sativa and its adaptability with the environment, as well as to identify certain aspects relating to human activity and their effect on afforestation. The study showed the survival and adaptation of the planted forest species with the new climate and soil factors. This was evident through composition, structure of vegetation cover. The study also showed that the random human intervention resulted an imbalance in growth affecting tree height that averaged 6.02 m in case of uncontrolled human intervention versus 12.9 m for the controlled intervention. The average of tree height was 8.67 m when the plants were naturally grown. Tree diameter decreased to 24.33 cm in case of random human intervention, 29.38 cm for controlled intervention, and 27.67 cm under the natural conditions. However, the western side predominated the other ones in terms of tree height and diameter, whereas the vegetation cover surpassed at the eastern side. Moreover, the study revealed that the location had an ecologically important role for soil protection and climate mitigation, besides a considerable human presence represented by tourism.

Keyword: Castanea sativa, Afforestation, Exposure, Height, Diameter.

Full paper in Arabic: Evaluation of Afforestation and its Ecological and Tourist Effects in Dahr al-Quseir