Modeling Growth and wood Productivity of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehn. Trees in Al-Ghab region

Bashar Tobo (1)*

(1). General Commission for Scientific Agriculture Research, Latakia, Syria.

(*Corresponding author: Bashar Tobo  E-Mail:

Received: 20/01/2022                          Accepted:23/03/2022


The research was carried out in 2019 at the Management and Organization Center, which is located in the village of Mardash of the city of Suqaylabiyah on the eastern side of the Lattakia mountain range. This research aimed to studying the growth and biomass of Eucalyptus camaldulensis  Dehn. in Al-Ghab region. 21 circular samples were taken in 2017, the area of each sample was 400 m2. The following measurements were taken for each sample: trees number (N), diameter at breast height (dbh) and total trees height (H). Ten(10) trees were chosen covering all diameter classes, to estimate the form factor and to construct the biomass. Wood volume and mean annual increment of Eucalyptus trees were calculated. In addition to the above, total biomass was calculated using an exponential function. The results showed that mean of the form factor of Eucalyptus trees in the study area was about 0.41, while the wood volume value reached to 249.18 m3/ha with tree density of 208 trees/ha. The mean of annual increment was 3.89 m3/ha/year.

Keywords: Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehn., Wood productivity, Form factor.

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