Assessment of the Vital Force and Physico-Chemical and Sensory Properties of Banana Flavored Soy- Yoghurt

Enas AlMghawesh(1)*, Samer Slik(2) and Hussam Okkou(3)

(1). Food Tech Dept, General Commission for Scientific Agriculture Research, Damas, Syria

(2). Food Sci Dept, Damas University, Damas, Syria

(3). Biodiversity Dept, National Commission for Biotechnology, Damas, Syria

(*Corresponding author: Enas Almghawesh, E-mail:

Received: 1/03/ 2022        Accepted: 30/03/ 2022


This study was carried out to develop a new type of functional food in the line with the nutritional and health requirements of consumers. Research was performed in 2021 in the laboratories of food sciences department of the National Commission for Biotechnology. Three types of fruit flavored soy yoghurt were manufactured: soy yoghurt 100% as a control, soy yoghurt + 0.3% banana flavore, soy yoghurt +0.6% banana flavore. All samples stored at 4±1°C, then microbiological, chemical, and sensory properties were conducted for the manufactured samples.The results of microbial analysis indicated that adding banana flavor by 0.6% raised the vital force of the processed soy yoghurt to (6.156) cfu/g with a significant difference p≤0.05 compared to other samples, and this sample has the highest values of sensory assessment, and the highest ratios of total solids(12.14)%, and acidity (0.866)%. As for the control it has the lowest vital force of the starter culture enumeration,and the lowest values of sensory evaluation, while the average of fat was the highest (2.879)% among the manufactured samples.

Keywords: Functional foods, probiotics, soy-yoghurt, flavorings.

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