Effect of Insect Growth Inhibitor IGR (Methoprene , Flufenoxuron and Nomoult) on the Cabbage White Butter Fly(Peris brassicae) ( Lepidoptera: Pieridae) Under Laboratory Conditions

Omran Abugila* (1) and Fathma Husien (1)

(1). Usversity of Omar Al-Mokthar, Faculty of Agri., Plant Protact.,Dept.Libya.

(*Corresponding author: Omran abugila, Email: omranabugilah@gmail.com).

Received: 16/05/2022         Accepted: 9/10/2022


The aim of this research to  study  the effect of the insect growth inhibitor with four three different concentration of growth and development   against cabbage  white butterfly (Peris  brassicae) under laboriatory condation  ..The results showed that the effect of  insect growth inhibitor  was observed at the the all tested rate . The highest mortality of the Fourth larval stage was at concentration of 50 ppm, whil the lowest mortality was observed.  at the rate 30 ppm.In treated larvae ,there was an obvious delay in the period of larval and pupal development , in addition to larval and pupae malformation and various deformities in adult stage.

 Keywords: IGR, (Methoprene Flufenoxuron and Nomoult cabbage white butterfly (Peris  brassicae).

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