Classification of the Scolytus species that attack fruit trees in the southern region of Syria.

Abeer alabdallah(1),  Wajih alKassis(1)* and Abdulnabi Basheer(1)

(1) Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Damascus, Damascus, Syria.

(*Corresponding author:  Dr. Wajih al Kassis.

Received: 26/05/2021                          Accepted: 5/09/2021


Fruit trees are exposed to many insect pests, especially after the recent drought, the most important of these insects are those that attack wood, among them the most widespread are wood bark insects, and due to the lack of studies on this topic, it was necessary to study the species that attack these trees in several regions. The study was conducted to survey and identify species of Bark beetles (Scolytus spp) from Scolytidae in southern region of Syria in many places (Damascus, Countryside of Damascus, Homs, Alswida and Daraa during  2018 – 2020, Samples of adults were collected during the period from April to October. All specimens were identified by using international keys of Scolytidae. Adults were classified in 3 species S.amygdali, S.mali, S.rugulosus.

Keywords: Classification, survey, Scolytidae, Scolytus ,southernregion -Syria.

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