Comparison of Some Pecan Nuts Carya illinoinensis (Wangenh.) K. Koch Genotypes in Oil and Protein Seeds Content in Lattakia Governorate

Mahasen Tawaklna (1), Safaa Sabbouh(2), Wael Mtawj(2) and Ammar Askarieh*(2)

(1). Administration of Horticulture Research, General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research, Damascus, Syria.

(2). Agricultural Scientific Research Center in Lattakia, General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research, Lattakia, Syria.

(*Corresponding author:  Ammar Askarieh. E-Mail: )

Received: 28/06/2020                                Accepted: 17/08/2020


The research was carried out during the two years (2018-2019), 27 types of pecan nuts scattered in different locations of Lattakia were identified, the studied type’s fruits were collected at full maturity and the seeds were extracted from them, for determining the percentage of protein and oil. The percentage of protein was calculated using the Kildahl method and the percentage of oil using the soxhlet device, the data were subjected to the Duncan test using the Genstat-12 statistical analysis program and the averages were compared at 5% level of significance. The results showed that the protein ratio ranged between 6.84% in type 23 seeds and 32.4% in type 10 seeds  which significantly outperformed the rest of the models, and the fat percentage ranged between 49.09% in type10 seeds , and 83.1% in type 8 seeds  which significantly exceeded The rest of the models, it was noted that the correlation between oil percentage and protein percentage in the studied pecan types seeds is an inverse correlation relationship with a correlation coefficient (- 0.73), We recommend to propagated and plant the distinct types in farmer fields, to improve quantity and quality.

Keywords: pecan nuts, oil, protein, Syria.

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