Effect of Some Treatments on Rooting of Laurus nobilis L. Wild Genotypes Cuttings in Latakia Governorate

Ammar mouhammad said *(1) and Talal Amin (2)

 (1). Department of Forestry and Environment , Faculty of Agriculture, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria.

(*Corresponding author: ammar mouhammad Email: ammarsaid19991@gmail.com).


The study was conducted in 2018 and 2019 seasons on some genotypes of wild laurel which distributed at Al-Samrah and Al-Nabaaen sites in Latakia governorate, Syria in order to identify the effect of site, tree gender (male or female) and indole-butyric acid IBA on rooting ability of semi wood cuttings of bay laurel. Cuttings were taken in September 2018. IBA 4000 and 0 ppm was used. Results showed that the study site had an effect on rooting ratio (%), Al- Samrah site was superior to Al- Nabaaen. Rooting (%) of female cuttings were superior to male. It was hard to rooting laurel cuttings without hormone treatment, because of that no rooting was detected in the control treatment (without hormone application). An interaction was found between studied factors in rooting (%), while neither study site nor tree gender affected root length or root number. Overall results indicated the ability of using IBA (4000ppm) for successful rooting of laurel cuttings. Taken cuttings from female tress would improve rooting ability (%) more than twice compared to the male trees rooting ability (%). Best results were obtained when taken cuttings from female trees of Al-Samrah site with the application of 4000ppm of IBA, and the rooting percentage will reach 68.78%. 

Key words: Laurel, Rooting, Indole- butyricAcid, Semi wood cuttings.

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