Effect of Humic Acid Application and Different Irrigation Intervals on Growth and Productivity of Blue Panic (Panicum antidotale)

Awad Mahmoud Al Aswad*(1)

(1).Department of Ecology and Forestry, Faculty of Agriculture, Al-Furat University, Deir Ezzor, Syria.

(*Corresponding autho:  dr.awadalaswad@gmail.com)

Received: 10/05/2020                    Accepted: 02/07/2020


The research was conducted at the Forestry Nursery of the Directorate of Agriculture in Deir Ezzor Governorate during the growing season of 2019. The objective of the experiment was to study the effect of humic acid application and different irrigation intervals on the growth and productivity of Panicum antidotale. The experiment was implemented in a Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) by planting panicum seeds in polyethylene bags filled with a mixture of soils to  sand (2:1) in four replicates. Also, three irrigation intervals (7, 14, and 21 days) and two humic acid application treatments (none addition and application of humic acid) were used. The growth and productivity parameters were recorded at each cut, where two cuts that were taken during the season (one cut each two months). Results indicated that irrigation interval of 7 days was significantly higher than the other irrigation intervals in plant height (cm), number of tillers, and fresh and dry wright (g) in both cuts and the study season. Application of humic acid surpassed the treatment  without humic acid addition significantly and recorded the highest values of plant height and fresh and dry weight of plant in both cuts. The studied parameters were significantly affected by the interaction between irrigation intervals and humic acid application, whereas irrigation interval of 7 days and application of humic acid was significantly higher than the other treatments and recorded the highest values of plant height of (56.75 and 50.28 cm), plant fresh weight of (18.35 and 18.95 g) and plant dry weight of ( 9.43 and 10.24 g) at the first and the second cuts, respectively;      

Key words:  Panicum antidotale plant, Humic acid, Irrigation intervals, Fresh and dry weight.

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