Effect of levels of organic fertilizer and biochar on productivity of potato plant (Solanum Tuberosum L.)


                                Mohammad Ibraheem(1)⁎ , Ali Zidan(1)  and  Haitham Ead(2)

(1) Soil and water sciences Department, Fac. of Agric. TU, Lattakia, Syria.

(2) General Commission of Scientific Agricultural Research- Tartous -Syria.

      (*Corrsponding author: M. Ibraheem. E-Mail mohamadali.87@hotmail.com).

Received: 12/10/2020                                 Accepted: 29/3/2021


This research work was carried out at the Agricultural Center for Scientific Research, in Tartous, in spring season 2020, as this experiment included (9) treatments, consisting of interaction between three levels of organic matter (O2= 5, O1= 2.5 , O0= 0 ) kg/m2, and three levels of biochar  (B0=0, B1=1, B2=2) % by weight of soil. The results showed that both organic matter and biochar singly and in combination, had a positive effect on productivity of potato tubers and with an increase in the percentage of large tubers and decrease in the percentage of small and medium tubers. Also, the complementary effect between organic fertilizer and biochar was also positive, as the traditional farm treatment of, organic fertilizer + 2 % biochar, achieved the highest yield of potatoes (62.7 ton.h1) with (229%) increase, compared with the control treatments which gave (19.03 ton.h-1) only.

Key wards; Potato, Organic matter, Biochar, productivity.

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