Effect of Beans and Clover Leaves Addition to the Diet of Layer Hens on Some Eggs Characteristics

Hasan Youssef Hoseen* (1) Tawfik Dalla(1) and Fahim abd al aziz (2)
(1). Animal Production department, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tishreen.
(2). Department of biology, Faculty of Science, University of Tartous, Syria.
(*Corresponding author: Hasan Hoseen . E-Mail: hasan.husain.628@gmail.com).

Received: 05/07/2019 Accepted: 21/10 /2019


This study is aimed to study the effect of addition beans and clover leaves to the diet of layer hens. The selection criteria were: egg shell, weight of the egg yolk color and color of the legs, The research was carried out in the 2016/2017 season within a special camp for raising layer hens in Tartous, The results showed that the use of fodder additive in layer hens feed resulted the thickness of egg shell and weight of the egg compared with the non-additive added to the feed, The treatment of M2 was the best for all studied indicators and with significant differences is the use of feed additives (7% Medicago Sativa), followed by M6 (7% Medicago Sativa+ Vicia Faba). The thickness of shell was 34.26 mm at the M2 treatment. 33.92 mm at M6 compared with non-coefficient M0 30.86 mm. The weight of the egg exceeded the M2 treatment where the average weight of the egg was 65.452g, followed by the treatment M6 with an average weight of the egg 64.526 g, compared to the M0 non-factor 62.696 g, Also, treatment M2 outperformed the rest of the treatments in terms of yolk color, where the proportion of carotene was 20.445 µg /g yolk followed, treatment M6 where the proportion of carotene was 19.848 µ / g yolk compared to the control M0 untreated 18.577 µg /g yolk. As for the color of the legs, the treatment M2 outperformed the rest of the treatments and the degree of discoloration of the legs at 3.5 degrees followed by treatment M6 by 3.3 degrees compared to the untreated witness 2.3 degrees.

Keyword: Hy Line Brown, Clover (Medicago sativa), beans (Vicia faba) thickness of shell, weight of the egg, carotene.

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