First Record of Lamellodiscus Elegans (Monogenea: ‎Dipletanidae) Species on The Gills of Diplodus Vulgaris Fish ‎‎(Perciformes:Sparidae) Bred in Al-Sinn Fish Farm

Amal  Ebrahim  Dayoub*(1)

(1). Department of Environmental Protection, Higher Institute for Environmental Research, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria.

(*Corresponding author: Dr. Amal Ebrahim Dayoub. E-mail:

Received: 08/07/2020                               Accepted: 03/09/2020


This study was conducted for the first time at Syrian coast, by the aim of investigating the fauna of monogenean helminthes of economically important marine fish/ Genus Diplodus sp., breed in Al-Sinn fish farm, and their dynamics between natural and cultured environments. The study showed that fish samples (18 fish) of the genus Diplodus caught from Al-Sinn fish farm, belong taxonomically to two species: Diplodus vulgaris (Linnaeus, 1758), and Diplodus cervinus cervinus (Lowe, 1838). The results of the microscopic examination of wet smears taken from fish gills of Diplodus vulgaris, and Diplodus cervinus cervinu, showed the presence of a single species of monogenean helminthes belongs to genus lamellodiscus sp. (L.). L. elegans infected the gills of Diplodus vulgaris with a prevalence rate of 88.88%. The results of this study confirmed the interference of the parasites community in the natural marine environment and in the cultured environment. The Lamellodiscus elegans is one of the pre-recorded species on the gills of Diplodus vulgaris in the Syrian coast. The fingerlings of the fish that are raised were obtained from marine environment, not artificial hatcheries which could explain this interference between the two environments.

Key words: Lamellodiscus elegans (Monogenea), Diplodus sp., Al-Sinn fish farm, Syria.

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