Using of Nonlinear Programming in the Development of a ‎Computer Program to Achieve the Best Economic and ‎Nutritional Fodder Mixture of Broiler Chicken

Ahmad Issa Suliman*(1) Mahmoud Moustafa Alio(1) Walid Ahmad Alrahmoun(2) and Ali Hasan Nisafi(2)

(1). Department of Agricultural Economy, Faculty of Agriculture, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria. Email:

(2). Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria.

Received: 26/03/2019                               Accepted: 07/05/2019


The aim of this research was to obtain the best balanced feed mixture of locally available fodder, to meet the needs of the broiler type chicken, at the lowest possible cost. The nonlinear programming method, which is based on the optimization methodology, has been used mainly in finding solutions through MATLAB program, in order to build and develop a computer program for the formulation of optimal fodder mix, which respects the scientific principles in all economic and nutritional aspects, to obtain the best growth rate and productive performance of the first stage (1 to 3 weeks). The study showed that the best fodder mixture was the following: (yellow corn, 48% soybean meal, wheat bran, di calcium phosphate,  salt, limestone and premix), which were respectively in kg (531, 337, 98, 16, 4, 10 and 0.8), at a total cost estimated at 154,400 Syrian pounds per ton, according to the February prices of 2019. While the cost of this mix in the market was 180,000 Syrian pounds per ton, this meant saving 25600 Syrian pounds per ton. The results of the study indicated the importance of following the scientific methods in the formulation of balanced feed mixes, which comply with health and environmental conditions, and the need to expand the use of modeling methods (optimization) for the formulation of economic feed mixes, and the management of available resources in the best way.

Key words: Poultry feed formulation, Balanced feed formulas, Optimization, Nonlinear programming.

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