Immunofluorescence Expression of PCNA Marker in Melanic Tumors of Compared With CD31 Marker 

Raouad Yousef Moussa*(1)

(1). Homs Agricultural Research Center, General Commission for Scientific Agricultural Research (GCSAR), Damascis, Syria.

(*Corresponding author: Dr. Raouad Yousef Moussa. Email:

Received: 09/04/2018                                             Accepted: 03/08/2018


PCNA is synthesized in early G1 and S-phases of cell cycle. Tight linkage to cell proliferation has led to the investigation of its role in the evaluation of tumors for prognosis. The aim of this study is to use computerized image analysis to measure PCNA and CD31 antibodies in a series of canine melanocytic tumors to assess density of marked cells by these antibodies, and to correlate density of marked cells with malignant degree of these tumors through comparative study between CD31, PCNA and microscopic aspect. 12 dog melanic tumors were diagnosed during the period 2001–2010 in Pathology Department USAMV Cluj-Napoca, for PCNA expression study, and 10 samples of them were treated with CD31 marker by immunohistochemical for comparative study. Immunohistochemical method is staining the tissue sections by primary antibody CD31 and develop process with DAB Chromogen and alkaline phosphatase Chromogen. Immunofluorescence method is staining the tissue sections by primary antibody PCNA and develop process with fluorochrome-conjugated secondary antibody-Rhodamine. Images were captured by using a microscope (Olympus BX51). All dog melanic tumors were positive with PCNA marker. 58% were positive according to Proniewska’s classification. All melanic tumors had a low grade of PCNA according to John’s classification. The high values of mitosis concurrent approximately with big values of PCNA percentages in majority cases. The malignant melanoma had high PCNA percentages than melanocytoma. The epithelioid type cell had big PCNA percentages comparatively with other type cells. There wasn’t any relationship between necrotic zones and infiltrated lymphocytes and PCNA percentages. The high percentages of PCNA had in majority cases a big number of micro vessels /fields marked by CD31. The malignant melanoma had a big number of vessels/field and high percentages of PCNA than melanocytoma. There wasn’t any relationship between grade of PCNA and percentage of vessel area / total area, Average of perimeter and average of vessel area. PCNA and CD31 markers had a significant effect in evaluation of aggressive of tumors.
Keywords: Immunofluorescence, dogs, PCNA, CD31.

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