Some of Productivity and Quality Characteristics of Italian Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.) (Super Simonia Hybrid) in Response to the Cultivation Under the Conditions of Al Qardaha and Banias Regions in the Syrian Coast

Manar Mohammad Alreyahi(1) and Majd Mohammad Darwish*(1)

(1). Department of Field Crops, Faculty of Agriculture, Tishreen University, Latakia, Syria.

(* Corresponding author: Dr. Majd Darwish. E-mail:

Received: 05/06/2018                     Accepted: 05/08/2018


The research was carried out at Al Qardaha and Banias regions in the Syrian coast, according to the randomized complete block design RCBD, with three replicates, during the season (2016/2017). The effect of site on plant growth, development and productivity traits of faba bean hybrid (Super Simonia) have been studied by measuring some of phenological traits (days from planting to germination, and days from planting to flowering), vegetative growth and productivity parameters (number of branches pods/plant, number of seed/pod and 100 seeds weight) and seed total protein content (%). The results showed a significant difference in the response of Super Simonia hybrid in growth and development traits under two sites (Al Qardaha and Banias) conditions, and the plants in Banias site were significantly superior in most of the studied parameters. The research concluded to greater compatibility when Italian faba bean hybrid (Super Simonia) was cultivated under Banias site conditions as compared to Al Qardaha site, according to that the faba hybrid could be planted in Banias region and other areas which have similar environmental conditions.
Keywords: Vicia faba L., Syrian coast, Productivity, Total protein.

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