Area Estimation of Wheat, Barley and Chickpeas Crops in Sweida Governorate Using Remote Sensing (RS) Technique

Eyad Ahmad Elkhaled*(1) Omar Hasson(2) Basel Waked(2) Jalal Ghazaleh(3) Ali Ismail(1) Ghadir Hmeidan(1)

(1). General Organization of Remote Sensing (GOSR), Damascus, Syria.
(2). Directorate of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Sweida, Syria.
(3). Directorate of Planning and International Corporation, Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform (MAAR), Damascus, Syria.

(*Corresponding author: Dr. Eyad Al Khaled. E-Mail:

Received: 05/08/2017                      Accepted: 14/12/2017


Remote sensing is one of most important technology that provides information on large areas in a short time. The study was carried out in Sweida governorate with the aim of calculating the area of strategic crops and its distribution for the agricultural season 2014/2015 by classifying satellite images-type (BKA). The images were received by the station at General Organization for Remote Sensing in Damascus, Syria. The spatial resolution of the satellite BELARUSIAN SPACECRAFT is 10.2 meters. The results showed that the spread of the three crops (wheat, barley and chickpea) was generally on the four sides of the governorate, especially barley crop. Chickpeas and wheat concentrated in the west and center but in scattered areas. The area of wheat crop according to image classification was 30494 ha which accounted 8.97% of the studied area (Sweida governorate without Badia). The degree of approach to the proportion of the Ministry of Agriculture was 95.19%. The area of barley crop resulting from the classification process was 16705 ha, which accounted 4.92% of the study area. While the area of barley according to the statistics of Ministry of Agriculture was about 15933 ha. The area of chickpea crop resulting from the classification process was 26063 ha which represented 7.67% of the studied area. The results showed that the accuracy of the total classification was 82.4%, which allows satellite image to be used in calculating the area of strategic crops and determine its locations and distribution.
Key words: Crop area estimation, Supervised classification, Wheat, Barley, Chickpeas.

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